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Army Fluff The Ruby City of Cuexotl..

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by CaptainKirk, Feb 22, 2013.

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    As is known by most in this realm of eternal conflict, traveling by sea may be one of the most dangerous things you can do... The Winds of Chaos can capsize the most steady of vessels, giant sea monsters can be seen more often than Orks bickering, and when you 'abandon ship' for fear of the wreckage, fish the size of sharks and sharks the size of whales both lurk a few meters from the surface, hoping to score an easy supper. Aside from all the aquatic terrors that await your impending doom, there is the rare chance that you see white sails on the horizon, hoisted by marvelous pillars atop a finely crafted warship of the High Elves; however, if this be the case, you should pray for the mercy of the sea monsters...

    But say you keep a steady line, you manage to escape the clutches of death that await below the surface, and you are able to avoid the keen and terrible eye of the High Elves, and you somehow find yourself able to venture across the great pond and into the less than steady waters of the Churning Gulf. You would then find yourself nearing one of the most hostile environments known to man, second only to the ever-changing realms of Chaos themselves! As you near the lush green continent, the towering Guardian Statues of Ancient Gods rise up above the jungle, infinitely aware of your cautious advances to shore. Before you even reach the shadow of these great monuments, a tide of poison-soaked darts blankets the sky as the Skinks of Nahuontl attempt to repel your presence. The closer you come to the guardian city, the more conscious you are of the thousands of Lizard-like creatures that are now filling the beaches. At this point, more than ever before, your heart begins to break. Despair seeps in through ever crack of your skin and chills run through every pore of your body. The terrible screams of monstrous beasts lying within the jungle crack your mind. With no hope left, you let the cold embrace of death take you. After having come so far, after having avoided so many other dangers, you have reached the point of no return. What lies beyond this fierce defense? What is being guarded so religiously? What is it that draws thousands of Men and Elves, Dwarves, Orks and Goblins, so many Ratfolk, wandering Wizards and troubled Trolls to their doom?

    Those not native to the land may never know...

    Few have seen the sights beyond the shore. Many do not know what lies beyond the Inlet of the Eternities. Only a handful of mortals have breached the delta that leads to the Red River. And only one has ever seen what lights the glowing waters that carve through the jungle, and this fair Elven Champion failed to live out the night. All rumors of this place have died. All secrets of the glorious riches and eternal wealth have been silenced. Hidden, behind impenetrable walls of vines, beneath air so thick and full of poison that even a great Lord of Nurgle would choke on his own sick, lies the forgotten city; a city of legend and a city of myth. Beyond the reach of mortal hands lies the Ruby City of Cuexotl.

    Here on this page you will find all the significant links to the beginnings of my army as well as it's many adventures. Heres to hoping that the progress of my army can keep someone entertained!

    my Lizardmen Plog: http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/the-hosts-of-cuexotl-the-ruby-city.10427/
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    Wow great introduction. :smug:
  3. Scalenex

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    Indeed. It makes me not want to read your battle reports though. If your LM are that mighty, the fights they get into will all be extremely one sided. :mad:

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