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KoW Twilight Kin vs Salamanders [Invade - 1500]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, May 22, 2017.

  1. Itepixcauh

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    The last month due to my opponent having some problems, I couldn't play the game I had to. Sadly that means we both got 0 league points.

    Good news is I managed to get an old friend of mine back into the game, he was actually the one person that introduced me into KoW in the first place and now I get to switch roles, check it out:

    Twilight Kin

    - Army Standard Bearer with Banner of the Griffin
    - Dark Lord on Dragon

    - Regiment of Dark Knights with Caterpillar
    - Horde of Spearmen
    - Horde of Crossbowmen with Piercing
    - Regiment of Blade Dancers with Hammer of measured Force (this things are REALLY scary)
    - 2 Troops of Gargoyles

    Very balanced army, with a lot of everything. I really like this list for a good reason, I designed it actually.


    - Skylord
    - Mage-Priest with Surge and Inspiring Talisman
    - Hearld on Raptor with the Banner of the Griffin

    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Blood of the Old King
    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Wine of Elven-kind
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs with Brew of Courage
    - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers with Catterpillar

    - 2 Lekelidon

    My armies is basically the same as always but I designed this one to survive a first charge, I know I can't beat his speed (was designed to fight the other elf player) so my main focus is take the charge and destroy him in return. I'm also testing two lekelidons vs one lekelidon and Hunters.


    This time there will be no pictures as the the scenography was just cut outs and a mess, sorry.


    He chose to deploy in a wide line, placing the Knights in a nice corridor, I on the other hand chose a more compact formation still trying how to do flank denial the right way and failing BTW


    Being Invade and having first turn I decide to go for it hard, I make sure I'm out of any charge of everything except the Gargoyles and the Dragon, I figured out that if the gargoyles were going to chaff me up, better take that out as soon as possible and if the Dragon wants to take a front charge into my Ancients he is more than welcome to do so. My Skylord is sent on patrol mission to be usefull later on.

    On the shooting phase I surged the Blue FE as far as possible into the forest to try to reach the crossbows as fast as I could, I'm not looking forward to been shot up for 6 turns.



    Well it turns out I suck at pre-measuring as much as I do at deploying, those damned Blade Dancers move 7 and I totally forgot about it or cared to ask my opponent so yeah, they got a charge into my Lancers. I'm prepared to say them goodbye at this point.

    One of his troops of gargoyles charges my FE on the forest to protect his Crossbows another turn and the other just flies to the middle of the board. His Dragon flies to the flank of my Ancients (should have deploys my FE on the flank, each time I say that to myself and still screw it) So now my Ancients don't have a lot of options with the Spearmen pushing in front of them, not the best target for them to be honest.

    The crossbows unleash into the FE and deal 5 points of damage, not enough to do anything yet but I'm getting there faster than I would have liked.

    The combat goes as predicted and the BD deal a horrible amount of damage to my poor Lancers and waver them and thanks to the damn gargoyles I don't have a flank charge on them.



    My main concern is the Ancients, if I lose that unit without doing any damage my army is done. I realise I have enough gap in front of the dark Knights to escape the line of sight of the Spearmen and I do just that, that buys me a turn from that huge block so I can chaff them up well. I will have to take the charge of the Knights but the unit was designed to do just that, with both the Banner and the Brew of Courage they are a nerve -/20 inspired and that is very solid.

    The dragon is around 12 inches from my FE, so i decide to give the longe surge a try hoping to get into combat and ground the thing. I turn and move 6, leaving me needing a 7 and of course I fail to do that.

    I counterchange the gargoyles hoping to overrun enough to get out of the Blade Dancers front arc and prepare my one of my lekelidons to shoot the other gargoyles, which he does with ease.

    The combat goes well too and I kill the other troop and overrun a lot, that is just perfect, next turn those crossbows are mine.



    He takes the obvious charges, Knights into the Ancients, Blade Dancers into the Lancers again and he also goes for a charge with his Spearmen into the Lekelidon, confident of killinh him and reforming to face the back of my Ancients.

    The Dragon decides to be sneaky and fly over my FE to shoot them, he clearly forgot about Surge here.

    His shooting is not really good this turn putting just two wounds on the blue FE and another 2 into the Nimble FE that now sit at 7, and that is just not the best place when they are going to face a dragon.

    The combats go as follows, the Knights manage to make quite some wounds into the Ancients, something like 7 and of course isn't even enough to roll, the Blade Dancers take the lancers up to sky high numbers and are now covered in lizard blood. The Spearmen on the other hand only manage to make like 5 wounds and in the subsequent roll only manage to waiver the brave lekelidon, those things are actually hard to kill.

    The nerve roll on the Lancers deserves a separate paragraph, as the dreaded double 1s see the board and the lancers get to fight another day, YES, YES, YES!



    Well that last turn was just perfect for me, and now I just hope the new Sotek dice don't betray me when I need them the most.

    I of course countercharge the Ancients, and thought to do the same with the Skylord on the flank but in the last minute I decide to move him away to help in the other side of the board and I thought the Ancients were capable of dealing with the knights with ease in a grind.

    I turn the FE to face the dragon and get surged in easily. I charge the other FE into the Crossbows and the Lancers into the Dancers while the other lekelidon moves into scoring zone.

    I'm sure I've done something wrong in my rituals as Sotek was clearly looking away. The Ancients put eight wounds into the Knights but fail to do anything, the lancers manage to get 7 into the Dancers but with the same result in the Nerve Roll. Both Hordes of FE (even activating the BotOK) put wounds on their targets but way below average.



    He really doesn't have a lot of options and just countercharges with everything.

    Combats go well for him, the Blade dancers finally manage to rout the Lancers and reform to face the FE, the Spearmen kill the lekelidon too and reform to face the Ancients, the Dragon rollswell and leaves the FE in a very tight spot needing only 5 or 4 to kill them but thanks to Inspiring they hold and finally the Ancients take 2 wounds from the disordered Knights but this time they can roll, they need 11 or 12 twice to kill them, first roll is an eleven i make them re-roll that, and guess what? yes, a TWELVE.

    When I get back to the temple I really have to get those sacrifices going hard.

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  2. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    So now, most of my army is gone, but you know could be worse, could be raining.

    At least my Nimble FE have managed to survive and are now on a great position to kill the Dragon with a little trick, this move only works against 50mm front units and is to sidestep and turn a little so the leader point is on the flank, a quick surge seals the deal.

    The Skylord and the other FE charge the Crossbows hoping to kill them once and for all and the lekelidon moves just enough to see the Dancers and the Hearld moves back to chaff the Knights and provide Rallying to the FE. Thankfully the sudden and unexpected death of the Ancients means his Spearmen are stuck facing the wrong way and won't be problem for now.

    Shooting goes amazing and the lekelidons continue to prove amazing managing a couple of wounds on the Dancers, that was enough to kill them.

    Tha FE on the Flank of the Dragon do short work of him and overrun, the other FE with the Skylord also kill the Crosbows, thank Sotek!



    With the field evened he decides to go for the objective and charges the Herald while the Spears reform to face the action.

    The poor Herald is demolished by the Knights, he decides to overrun and I realise that if he overruns enough the Knights will stick out from the Spearmen exposing their flank, luckily FOR ME he rolls high and the knights are exposing about 1 inch of their juicy, juicy flank to a surge charge from my amazing Nimble FE.



    Well, with the turn of events I'm feeling brave and advance my units towards the centre and charge my Skylord into the flank of the Spears, he is not going to kill them but maybe he will take the bait and countercharge him, and even if he doesn't a turn charging in the flank of the Horde for free sounds good to me.

    The FE do their trick and annihilate the wounded knights, reforming to face the Spearmen and waiting to die like true heroes.

    The Skylord does his job really well and even manages to Waver the Horde! He is just full of awesomeness.



    Nothing he can except to move the ASB to try and protect the flank of the Spearmen. He didn't even reformed to face the Skylord because that would have exposed the flank or rear to the FE.


    He had position his ASB really well and the only way I could get my FE on the flank even with nimble is taking him first, so I surge charge him while the Skylord repeats his last turn move.

    Skylord keeps poking wounds but this time I'm not as lucky and the Horde stands still ready to kill something. The FE fail miserably to kill the damn ASB, I did a ridiculously low amount of wounds.



    The Spearmen do what the should and charge the battered FE and finally after leaving a trail of burning death all over the field they perish.

    We decide not to roll for a turn 7 as the game is pretty much decided. The Salamanders managed to turn back the game against all odds thanks to the Dragon Lord failing to rout the Fire Elementals.



    Itepixcauh always dreamt of Fire since his civilization changed, each night he dreamt of blood and fire, of past battles, of challenges to come...

    The fire inside him decided he needed to remember the last time he faced the elven threat in their lands, that time they were repelled against all odds and driven back to the shadows. Maybe next time they won't be so fortunate.

    He trusted Fire above anything else, he must meditate and consult his dream with the others. Defeat wasn't an option.
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  3. Dragonfire
    Cold One

    Dragonfire Well-Known Member

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    This was awesome to read! I need more Salamanders! :)
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  4. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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  5. BAE

    BAE Well-Known Member

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    Well done mate - a very good read. I never ceased to be amazed how one roll can often allow a game to entirely turn. Those roles don't ever win the game for you, but they provide an opening that a good player can exploit.
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