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AoS Warzone Houston GT - Battle Recaps - 5 Games with Seraphon

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Caleb ex nihilo, Jul 21, 2019.

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    Battle recaps of my 5 games at Warzone Houston last weekend. Last GT with GHB18!

    Game 1 vs Stormcast (Chris Schelling)
    Game 2 vs Khorne (Spencer Burgett)
    Game 3 vs DoK (Andrew Carlson)
    Game 4 vs Nighthaunt (Ryan Couch)
    Game 5 vs Fyreslayers (Zachary Kennedy)

    My List:
    Slann (Great Rememberer)
    Skink Priest (Betrayer's Crown)
    Old Blood on Carnosaur (Doppleganger)
    3x10 Skinks
    8 Razordons
    6 Ripperdactyls
    Shadowstrike Starhost

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