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AoS What should I get next?

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Twinner, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Twinner
    Jungle Swarm

    Twinner New Member

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    Hey guys, I just got into Lizardmen (Seraphon) for AoS. This is what I got, hat should I get next? I would like to play competitively and casually so advice for both would be awesome.

    60 skinks + 2 skink priests and 1 skink chief
    40 saurus warriors + 1 saurus leader
    20 temple guard
    1 slann mage-priest
    8 cold one riders
    5 terradon riders
    3 kroxigor
    3 razordon hunting packs
    1 stegadon
    1 Engine of the Gods stegadon
    Kroq-Gar on Carnodon
    Saurus eternity warden
    1 bastliadon (magnetized)

    Thank in advance.
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  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Well, it depends a bit which way you want to choose.
    I'd probably go for another Start Collecting box. That will allow you to try out a Firelance (you would convert one Knight to a Scar Veteran on Cold one), another Carnosaur to use in a Bloodclaw, and some additional warriors.
    So that's a great deal if you want to expand the Saurus side. You could also get a Sunblood for that.

    If you want to go Skink heavy:
    Get a Starpriest and /or some Rippers.

    Lots of combinations - including some strong lists - possible with what you have. If you add just a few more models for synergy.
    You can already play Shadowstrike, Eternal Starhost and Thunderquake and you do have a Slann, which is good.
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