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AoS Why do dice hate me? (Seraphon vs. Nighthaunt)

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Just A Skink, May 27, 2019.

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    This is a battle report in only the loosest of terms.

    A friend of mine and I played a very basic game of AoS yesterday night. I wanted to give Seraphon a shot at an "actual" game, and he tried the Nighthaunts from the Soul Wars box (he's really a SCE player). It was a straight up kill game with some terrain. I know this can be tough for Seraphon, but like I said, we just wanted to play. He had no rules for the spooky boyz, short of their warscrolls and the Death allegiance/atefacts from the core book. I used Seraphon allegiance & the Coronal shield. We set it at around 850pts. My army is far from optimized, b/c I just wanted to play what I had built so far (or at least partially built).

    - Skink starpriest (General)
    - Skink priest
    - Saurus Scar-vet on CO (Coronal shield)
    - 5 Knights
    - 10 Warriors
    - 20 Skinks
    - Bastiladon (Solar Engine)

    - A Knight of Shrouds on Ethereal Steed (General w/ misty cloak- a real pain in the butt artefact)
    - A Lord Executioner
    - A Guardian of Souls
    - A Spirit Torment
    - 4 Grimghast Reapers
    - 5 Glaivewraith Stalkers
    - 20 Chainrasp Horde

    I had LOADS of ridiculously low rolls (which is my normal for all dice games, sadly). I failed numerous attacks/wounds/saves, LoSaT's, shots for bastiladon, and spells/rituals. The only thing I did roll well, was for who goes first each turn and the coronal shield (which helped save my butt more than once). My buddy rolled much better than usual, but waffled a little bit at the end with the dice.

    In short, the chainrasps are the stars. With the Knight of Shroud's command ability giving an extra attack to a unit, the chainrasps can be crippling.
    My Saurus lasted about one full turn (of two combats) as they guarded the basti, and were killed by half the chainrasps. My knights charged the general who misty cloaked out of combat, and were then shredded by the other half of the chainrasps. At that stage I thought I was done, but I did get off a LoSaT on my Scar-vet who got in on the Guardian of Souls.
    Meanwhile my skinks bogged down the Glaivewraith stalkers in range/melee and eventually killed them after like three rounds (I end up with 12 left).
    The flying feature on all Nighthaunts is tough, as my friend got in on my starpriest and priest with Shroud Knight and Reapers. Knight killed my starpriest, but the priest survived. I managed to LoSaT the priest next round onto the Guardian as well.
    Chainrasps and Executioner got in on bastiladon and took it down after two rounds of LOTS of attacks, but the bastiladon had killed several of chainrasps and the Executioner too.
    My Scar-vet is the MVP for me. He (along with some help from the priest for a bit) killed the Guardian, the 4 Reapers, damaged the Knight general and killed all but three of the remaining chainrasps.

    At the end, Nighthaunt had a wounded Knight of Shrounds, three chainrasps, and an untouched Torment. I had 12 skinks.

    We both know we made some mistakes and forgot some rules (he mixed up some rerolls for the spooky boyz and I forgot some save rerolls on my lizzies), and I likely played strategically poor. He had never played Nighthaunts, but was surprised how tough they were right out of the box. He agreed that my saurus warriors/knights seemed too weak until I started to kill his army with the Scar-vet. Then he joked that he was way too tough. Both of us thought the bastiladon was okay, but doesn't feel very "behemoth". However, I will remind you... DICE HATE ME.
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    Me too brother, me too..
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