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Tutorial Writers' Wretreat or Crytics' Crypt? (love needed)

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by spawning of Bob, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Infinity Turtle

    Infinity Turtle Active Member

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    Just an open question:

    When writing about lizardmen, is it more effective to aim for a more "hive mind" simple thought process and build complications from observations and analysis...?

    Or at least what are some thoughts on different approaches; are some more interesting than others, or simply another route?

    (Just going through another creative writing phase and hoping to channel some thought and effort into Lustria)
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  2. Aginor

    Aginor Well-Known Member

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    I dislike the hive mind idea for Seraphon/Lizardmen.

    I thinking is this way:
    A Slann thinks extremely complex and takes many things into account, plus he magically scans possible futures for solutions. From the other Lizards' point of view, he is closer to a computer than anything else. Half of the time they don't get the decisions but since is is always right they do it anyway.

    Skinks are about as clever as humans. Some are more clever than humans. I think those are good main characters for stories.

    Most Saurus are not particularly bright, I'd say below average humans. But with more experience they grow more intelligent as well. Some of them are spawned with more intelligence and those usually become leaders. Those are also more likely to become Oldbloods.
    Saurus most often think about war and fighting. It is their main purpose so their thoughts might be centered around that. However they still do other work and they can focus on those tasks. They still probably need Skinks to tell them what to do exactly though.

    Kroxigor are basically Hodor. They can think, but only very simply, they need other Lizards to tell them what to do.
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