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AoS 1500 pts slann, 2 basti, rippers vs mortek crawler and arkon

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Earle Doudera, Dec 28, 2019.

  1. Earle Doudera
    Jungle Swarm

    Earle Doudera New Member

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    My list 1490 points
    Slann, incandescent reatricies
    Skinks star priest
    3x 10 skinks
    2x bastilidons
    6 rippers
    2 bastilidons
    Baelwind vortex

    His list 1500
    Allegiance null myriad
    Bone harvester
    10 Guard
    Death horses
    Mortek crawler
    2 morghast

    6 objectives, burn them at the end of a turn to get a point. the longer you wait to burn the more points they give.

    TURN 1
    I gave him first turn after setup. he inched forward slowly and killed my slann in the bottom left corner with the catapault. wow. (in future, i think maybe taking first turn to buff slann with baelwind vortex, summon starlight, and look out sir is a good idea) he moved his bone harvester down the left side, i think this was a huge mistake and he should have moved him towards the center

    my turn, Skink starpriest casted baelwind vortex then arcane bolt failed
    bastilidons moved up, the red one with the ark of sotek completed a charge and met the horses while the solar gun didnt make a charge. I sent ripperdactyls up to the right and they charged the big flyer guys.
    ark bomb killed a deathrider and hurt the catapault and arkon. rippers killed big flyers. in combat the basti held up and killed another deathrider

    TURN 2 i won the roll off and went first (yay double turn)

    I teleported skink on the vortex to the right and did aetherwind pendelum through arkon, death horses, and mortek crawler. his battle trait dodged the damage on arkon. next, i rolled a 12 for arcane bolt and did d3 dmg to the crawler but he blocked it with his allegiance ability. green basti fired at archon before failing another charge. ripperdactyls got a charge in on the guard. in combat i ended up killing more death horses and hurting arkon. some snakes hit the crawler too. i burned his objective on the top right for 1 point.

    his turn, he killed the red ark of sotek bastilidon with the crawler... 200 pt model kills over 500 points of mine. wow. he moved the bone harvester closer to the skinks on the bottom left which killed them all. he took the point and burned it for 1 point. he also burned his top left objective for 2 points and he burned his top center point for 2 points.

    TURN 3 i won the roll off

    I killed arkon and the last of the death horses. and i burned bottom center and bottom right objective for 4 points each.

    Game end seraphon victory 9 - 5


    this is my friend's second game in AOS, it looks like ill be playing with him often so i want to give him some pointers. i dont know his army that well...but from the looks of it i think his harvester should be surrounded by bodies going down center lane.

    does anyone have any other feedback for him and me?
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  2. Tyranidus
    Jungle Swarm

    Tyranidus New Member

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    I play both Seraphon and Ossiarchs but Seraphon are my first love. Playing both though I can say that I believe the Ossiarchs will always struggle against the Dinos especially in large objective count games. Seraphon can be wherever they need to be at any time while the Ossiarchs have to walk everywhere and they don't walk very fast. Your buddy sniping the Slann was the right choice and a crushing blow it is never good when the Slann dies let alone before it does anything.

    Given your recollection of events, my advice for your friend is being hyper-aware of the mobility of the Seraphon and approaching the mission with that in mind. Maybe he should have burned 1 or 2 of his 3 objectives to then focus on assaulting yours. This mission in particular I think is really good for Seraphon so it is a tough one. But our teleporting ability is something that can overwhelm even seasoned players. At my store even now I can often play circles around people with even just a competent list when they bring the big guns. Seraphon are a tricky foe and cannot be underestimated even with our old battletome.
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  3. Carnikang

    Carnikang Well-Known Member

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    I have to ask, were you making sure his catapult stuff was legit? The Steele and Cauldron can only be used once a game each, and depending on what he was doing, he would have had to roll exceptionally well to slay your Slann first turn.

    He would have had to roll a 10+ on his unwounded Crawler to kill the Slann, as the Cauldron could not do it at all. Not outside the realm of possibility.
    Otherwise, I think you both did well. I think him familiarizing himself more thoroughly with the army will only improve games, while you will be able to adapt and learn how to fight such an army.
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  4. Earle Doudera
    Jungle Swarm

    Earle Doudera New Member

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    He did the default attack and hit me twice for 5 dmg each. I missed both saves. He killed the bastion later with the once per battle shot since it was damaged by then
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  5. Nart

    Nart Well-Known Member

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    You should always hide slann behind LoS when you face Crawlers or place him out of range, including movement. Rectrices are also a poor choice for slann (and for any hero probably), since it doesn't negates damage. It should work as revification ability at the end of phase, like Necron lord in 40k, to be worthwile. Until then -1 to-hit is best option. When slann survives first turn, cover+balewind+gift of heavens will make him alsmot invincible to Crawler's standart fire.

    I think, Chameleon skinks are best to deall with crawler. Just put them from ambush in 3" from crawler and it is shut down for 1-2 turns, since its melee attacks are weak. A unit of 10 skinks can try to charge it after LoSaT too. Alternatively, it will force Ossiarch player to guard his Crawler, further hindering his mobility and objective control.
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  6. Logan8054
    Cold One

    Logan8054 Well-Known Member

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    I would start Slann in farthest corner from the battle field teleport him in range of stuff for spells and buff EOTG. 1st see what result you get with your extra dice for the EoTG, if 14-17 drop a free unit of Rippers and place a blot toad on turn 1. Cast the Palisades to counter the Crawler put your squishy targets or EOTG/Priest behind it. Use the Skink Priest roll to see if you can get reroll saves etc. Then teleport back to corner cast your Cogs and Balewind, sack remaining spells to summoning for turn 2. Then move and shoot. If your EOTG got an 18 go for broke if any other result just ignore the roll do the same. Key is to still hold objectives, so keep the EoTG alive and pumping out free summoning plus slann is now got hopefully 16 points a round first summon i would probably do btw is a Astrolith bearer for a free +d3 points and +1 to casting and unbinding.

    Allegiance: Seraphon
    - Mortal Realm: Shyish

    Slann Starmaster (260) - General
    - Command Trait : Great Rememberer
    - Spell : Stellar Tempest

    Engine of the Gods (240) - Ethereal Amulet

    Skink Priest (80)
    - Priestly Trappings

    3x 10 x Skinks (70)- Boltspitters & Star Bucklers

    2x Bastiladon (280)

    Chronomantic Cogs (80)
    Balewind Vortex (40)
    Prismatic Palisade (30)
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