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AoS Advanced SCB-off

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Imrahil, Aug 4, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    Since last week I have decided to start exploring the armies of the Start Collecting Boxes some more.
    I made a some of lists around the SCB I already have.

    Those lists need to be tested to see if they need altering. So I will report those battles over here and try to recap what can be altered for better result.

    - Sylvaneth vs Seraphon

    Grrr, Imrahil
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  2. Imrahil

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    Battle report Sylvaneth vs Seraphon

    For this battle I used the following lists:

    - Sylvaneth
    - Seraphon

    For this time I used a different battlefield to play on.
    I pulled out one of the isolation foam boards to function as the field outlines(31"x23")


    During set up
    Sylvaneth chooses the ruined building as the Scenery piece for the Place of Power ability(friendly units wholly within 6" do not take battleschock tests).

    Sylvaneth win the roll off and decides to go first.

    Turn #1 Sylvaneth

    The Branchwych casts a Mystic Shield on the Dryads (which I forgot about during the Combat Phase:oops:)

    After this she moves toward the ruined building for the high ground ;) The Dryads line up beside the building to fill the gap and stay in the 6" range of Place of Power. The Treeman moved up along the building in line with the Branchwych.

    Turn #1 Seraphon
    During the Hero Phase I picked The Hunter's Steed to be active(actually for the whole battle). The Scar-Veteran uses the Battalion's ability on the Warriors to rearrange around the lynchpin. This positioned them 5" forward to get into range for charge earlier. In movement the all units move straight ahead


    Ready for charge. All units make the charge which is good for the bonus in the Combat Phase.
    The Warriors and Scar-Vet charge the Treelord and the Knights into the Dryads.


    The Treelord gets his Groundshaking Stomp off on the Warriors so they will fight last.
    The Scar-Veteran uses a Command Point for the Saurian Savagery ability on the Warriors.

    The Knights strike first and kill 7 Dryads.
    The Treelord attacks the Warriors, afraid of the Saurian Savagery combines with the Attacks and to hit bonusses. He kills 6 of them.

    Then the Scar-Veteran came in with his weapons and it was until the last attacks(his Massive Jaws) that I remembered He had the Eviscerating Blade and applied it on the Jaws. He dealed a total of 15 wounds(Treelord failing 15 saves) of which 6 were negated by the Commandant Ability The Earth Defends(6+ FNP) that was cast at the start of the Combat Phase.

    The Dryads only manage to wound 1 Knight o_O

    Finally the Warriors were able to fight and dealed a misserable 1actual wound to the Treelord.


    The Warriors past their Battleshock test helped by the Scar-Veteran burning another Command Point.

    Priority roll goes to Sylvaneth again.

    Turn #2 Sylvaneth
    At the Hero Phase the Branchwych cast her Unleash Spites which due to the Chalice of Nectar(cast with 3D6 discard 1D6 of your chosing) is cast on a 10. Killing 2 Warriors, 3 Knights and dealing 2 wounds to the Scar-Veteran.

    Due to the Heartwood Host 's ability the Treelord regains a wound(and I forgot to heal an additional D3 for casting a spell succesfull:oops:)

    In the Combat Phase the Treelord again rolled a 4+ on the Groundshacking Stomp to prevent the Scar-Veteran from attacking early. The Branchwych managed to kill 1 additional Warrior and the Knights killed 6 Dryads.
    The Treelord failed to do any damage to the Scar-Veteran, the Warriors deal 1 more wound to the Treelord.

    The remaining Dryads can't Only damage 1 Knight. The Scar-Veteran can't get the job done with neither the Celeatite Warspear nor the Clawed Forelimbs. The Massive Jaws get it done with a massive overkill of 15 damage:eek:


    Both Warriors and Knights pass their Battleshock tests.

    Turn #2 Seraphon
    Now the Seraphon can try to end the battle.

    In the Hero Phase nothing happens. Movement is restricted to the Scar-Veteran. Who is moving around the Warriors to charge the Branchwych in the back. He makes the charge by the edge of his teeth.


    The Command Ability ... Makes the Knights count as if they have charged for bonus purposes. The Scar-Veteran killes the Branchwych and the Dryads are unable to Hurt the Knights. In return they kill 3 Dryad leaving the Dryad Alpha alone on the battle field.


    The roll for priority goes toe Seraphon

    Turn #3 Seraphon
    The Warriors move up the ladder of the ruined building to devile the Place of Power.

    With nearly the same move as before the Scar-Veteran gets behind the last Dryad. He has no chance against this overpowering creature.


    Major victory for Seraphon

    - If you're not a combat heavy army let your opponent start the first turn.
    - If you do need to take the first turn, don't advance to much.
    - the Dryads would perhapse have been a better blockade If they stood at a couple of inches back so more of them would be in reach for combat.
    - I found playing a game with 2 armies and all their rules a bit confusing at moments. If you were to play with only one army it will be more clear to not forget bonusses or triggers.

    - the Seraphon list is a Powerhouse in close combat. The Sauri are perfect in the Coalescent and Koatl's Claw constalation.
    - the Sylvaneth list is maybe not the most suitable for these models. The D3 heal after a succesfull cast spell has only effect on the Treelord.

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    Grrr, Imrahil
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