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8th Ed. Another Tournament Approaches 2500 pts

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by livewaaaaagh, Oct 17, 2019.

  1. livewaaaaagh

    livewaaaaagh Member

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    Hello all!

    By now, you've seen me battle twice here in NE USA (if you live near by, let me know and come join up!)

    It's tournament #3 that approaches, and the expected opponents this time are 2 High Elves (1 that usually brings a big horde of BotWD White Lions, the other a mix of Frostheart + Phoenix Guards), 1 new Ogres player, 1 Skaven (who either goes no magic, non-competitive but fun lists, or brings Stormfiends and WL Cannons, no middle ground), 1 Dwarf, 1 Empire and 1 Chaos player who I've had to play against each time with his unkillable Chaos Lord.

    Here's the list I'm thinking of:

    Slann - w/ Focus of Mystery (Light Loremaster), harmonic convergance & reservoir of eldirtch energy
    + standard of discipline + channeling staff.
    Thoughts: Love this load out. I've always brought wandering deliberations for all-comer tournaments. but switching it up today for Light and focus of Mystery.

    Saurus Scar vet on Cold One - w/GW, Light Armour & Scared Stegadon Helm + luckstone.
    Thoughts: A load out I've had a lot of success with. 1+ with 1 rerollable save and a lot of damage. Has been MVP past few games and tournaments.

    Saurus Scar Vet on foot - w/ Sword of Striking, Enchanted Shield and Egg of Quango
    Thoughts: I like the idea of support for the big block of Saurus. Or should he go into a "death star" (not really, but..) Temple Guard?
    Haven't used the Egg yet, so it'll be a trial of sorts!

    Skink Priest lvl 1 - Heavens. with dispel scroll.
    Thoughts: Might make him lvl 2 and drop a few Temple Guard...

    33x Saurus Warriors with HW/S, FC.
    Thoughts: Nice block of saurus. Nothing more.

    10 Skinks w/ javelins and shields.
    Thoughts: Lot of shooting, lot re-directs for those White Lions, , etc, etc.

    5x Chameleon Skinks -
    Thoughts: These have never disappointed.

    5x Cold One Riders
    Thoughts: A bus that goes beep beep for the Cowboy.

    29x Temple Guard W/FC + Jaguar Standard.
    Thoughts: 29 is a lot of Temple Guard. It's going to be hard for almost anyone to get through.

    1x Ancient Stegadon w/Engine of the Gods.
    Thoughts: I'm personally not a fan of the double blow pipe. I'd rather go baby steg with the big bow and hope for the best, or Engine of the Gods. Here, I'm opting for the latter. Why? Well, I don't have a salamander/razordon, so I'm hoping here the spell, in addition to the reduction in casting for the Slann, and combat support.

    I'm keeping most big monsters at home because of the Ogre, Dwarf, Empire, Skaven.... these are just too many possible cannons out and about.

    Happy to hear feedback and stay tuned!
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  2. Warden

    Warden Tenth Spawning

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    Looks like a fun list!

    I like the EOTG include with the slann, if nothing else maybe he can take a cannon ball or two away from your saurus and temple guard units which look like they will be your actual moneymakers in this list. And that cowboy saurus of course. :D
  3. Karnus

    Karnus Well-Known Member

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    Looks good except I thought focus of mystery only granted loremaster for high magic?
  4. livewaaaaagh

    livewaaaaagh Member

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    Sorry that was a typo! It was high.

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