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AoS Battle Recaps - WarGamesCon Austin Tx - Top Seraphon Player!

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Caleb ex nihilo, Aug 21, 2019.

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    I was top Seraphon player... yet went 2-3 on the weekend! Lol

    Pretty sure I only won those two games due to my first opponent forgetting Smashin'Bashin' and me getting a miracle Purple Sun cast in game 3.

    Some brutal matchups that countered my list pretty hard.

    I ran my normal list with Shadowstrike, 2 EoTG, a Bastiladon, Astrolith, Slann, and a Purple Sun!

    List was built to deal with hordes. Only faced one horde all weekend.

    Game 1 - 04:55 - vs IronJaws in Battle for the Pass
    Game 2 - 17:17 - vs Fyreslayers in Places of Arcane Power
    Game 3 - 26:58 - vs Skaven in Starstrike
    Game 4 - 38:33 - vs IronJaws in Duality of Death
    Game 5 - 47:18 - vs Khorne in Scorched Earth
    Wrapup - 59:51 - Complain about Seraphon... lol
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