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AoS Best unit for Hunty bounter

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by Kakalou1, Jun 27, 2022.

  1. Kakalou1

    Kakalou1 Member

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    Hi everybody,

    Since the MAJ what are you thought about the best unit to put in thé bounty hunter battalion ?

    I was thinking that non gallileo unit dont suffer from the +1 dammage !
    This is why Kroxigors and Stegadon in TL can be very nice.
    Maybe salamanders ? Now that they are not given any vp with this +1damage it's even more reliable BUT very fragile.

    What do you recommand considering the New battle tactics ?
  2. Erta Wanderer

    Erta Wanderer Well-Known Member

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    kroxigor. you are swinging into mass infantry and the moon hammers are going to smash face
  3. cyberhawk94
    Cold One

    cyberhawk94 Active Member

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    Stegadons are good as you said,

    Saurus Knights are absolutely amazing in it though, since it fully doubles their damage, and they are so cheap.

    3x5 Knights as your battleline in any Coalesced army in Bounty Hunters is 330 points, and an average of 37 damage charging into 4+ save GallyVets unit, before adding in All out attack, Starvenom, Carnosaur's CA, or anything else

    Their big weakness is no rend, but Starpriest and Starseers can really help with that.

    For reference, I had a game against Nighthaunt the other day, 5 Knights charged 20 Chainrasps, and with no buffs but All out attack, deleted the entire unit before they could swing. And that isnt super hot dice either, the average is 18 wounds to that unit.

    I think I am bringing bounty hunters every game, and its either going to be 2x5 Knights, 3x5 Knights, or 2x5 Knights + A Stegadon, Kroxigor, etc as the 3rd unit
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  4. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    I agree that saurus knights are really good for bounty hunters. Lots of attacks, each one that passes through means double damage.
    But on this specific example we must consider that chainrasp is the only NH unit with 5+ save, so (even if they have a good ratio points / value) they are a weak target: 2/3 of your successful attacks are going to hurt them.
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