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AoS Doubles with SCE vs DoK & Free Peoples

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by A_Reptile_Dysfunction, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Took my scaly boys to a doubles game, at Warhammer World itself, with my buddy playing SCE and our opponents playing DoK and Free Peoples. Each of us brought a 1000pts and we played the ‘Shifting Objectives’ Battleplan. Inspired by @Killer Angel and his slick looking BR’s here’s how it went!

    Here are the lists we played:


    • General
    • Master of Star Rituals
    • Gryph Feather Charm
    • Meteoric Convocation
    2 x 5 Saurus Knights
    3 Salamanders
    3 Razordons
    3 Handlers
    Stegadon with Bow
    Bastilodon with Engine

    Not much theory craft went into this list other than ‘here is what I have on round bases’ as I wasn’t sure how anal WHW was with this. Turns out, they’re not unless it’s an official tournament.


    2 x 5 Liberator
    2 x Celestar Ballista
    5 Evocators

    Not 100% sure if the hero’s are correct as they didn’t do much other than relocate things on a 3+. One of them had an artefact that once per game let him auto-relocate a unit. Hah! Eat my LoSaT SpaceCast!


    Bloodwrack Medusa
    Hag Queen on Cauldron of Blood
    10 Bloodsisters
    5 Bloodsisters
    AEthervoid Pendulum
    Balewind Vortex

    Not sure what traits/artefact he had but they were Hagg Nar as they had a 5+ Fanatical Faith save, re-rollable due to the Hag Queens Blessing of Khaine Prayer.

    Free Peoples

    Freeguild General
    2 x 20 Handgunners
    20 Freeguild Guard
    Luminarch of Hysh
    Freeguild Regiment Battalion

    Again no idea what artefact/trait he had or if the Luminarch had a White Battlemage or not.



    4 of the SCE units were placed in the heavens so half their force was deployed before I dropped a unit of Knights at Obj 1 & 3. By then we knew we could play for Obj 2 & 3 and ignore the Freeguild Battalion on the left flank while we dealt with the DoK.

    1st Battle Round

    Primary Obj - 3


    They got first turn and didn’t do much other than run forward and secure all 3 objectives. I think they pulled off a prayer but the Bloodwrack failed it’s spell and took a wound from something by rolling a ‘1’. The Luminarch rolled a 2 and missed!

    Them 5-0 Us

    I LoSaT’d the Stegadon into an open pocket and Alpha’d 1” toward the Luminarch. The Starpriest failed to get of Convocation or Celestial Rites. He relocated a unit of Liberators to give the Steggy a hand. We moved our centre and right flank forward while the Knights retreated away from the 40 Handgunners overwatching the Obj. SCE dropped in the Ballistas and a hero and shot the Bloodwrack to death. Razordons killed 2 Sisters and the Bastiladon killed 2 more from the bigger unit. Salamanders caused 2 wounds to the big unit but their 5+ re-rollable fanatical faith and 6+ Aura of protection from the Luminarch saved them both before I could roll for damage and ‘It Burns’! The Stegadon shot the Luminarch dealing a couple wounds before charging in, with no Liberator support, leaving it on 2 wounds.

    We controlled the Primary Obj to make it 5-3

    2nd Battle Round

    Primary Obj - 3


    We got the double turn. I LoSaT the Steggy back to the front line to help with the centre. Starpriest failed everything again. The left hand knights came up to join the party while the Knights and Liberators on the right charged the sisters and the Libs up top managed a charge on the Luminarch. The Ballistas tried to take out the Luminarch to get rid of it’s Aura of Protection but only did 1 leaving it on a single wound! I shot everything into the Cauldron and took it down to 8 wounds as it saved 4 from the Aura alone! (more on this later) The deep striked Evocators charged the cauldron, the Steggy and friend’s failed and only the Razordons made the charge to tie up the bloodsisters. In combat the Evo’s only dealt 4 wounds to the Cauldron as they struggled to get past the 4+/5+/5+ before losing 2. The Libs finally took down the Luminarch and the Sisters wiped the Razors. Blows we’re traded on the right and I think a Sister survived.

    3 more points to make it 5-6


    He activated his Avatar of Khaine and gave a brew to the nearby Sisters. His Sisters were still within 3 of an Evocator so couldn’t move and the Handgunners moved up to support. The Handgunners rolled really well and blew away the remaining Evo’s and the others took some pot shots at the Liberators. With the Evo’s gone it meant the Cauldron was free to charge the Libs and the Sisters the Salamanders and Bastiladon.
    The Cauldron with Avatar smashed all but one of the Liberators and the Sisters dealt a wound to the Basty and slaughtered the Sally’s. The Handlers went MVP mode and killed a sister between them and the Steggy piled in and stomped a couple more. The last sister fell to a cold one to the face.

    They got 2 points to make it 7-6.

    3rd Battle Round

    Primary Obj - 2


    Their turn for the double mashings. With everything tied up in combat the Handgunners unleashed on the Steggy reducing it to 2 wounds. The Sisters swiftly slapped the Handlers and dealt 2 wounds to the Basty before the Steggy took out a sister or two. The Cauldron squashed the last Lib.

    With 2 snake ladies to my 1 Stegadon they controlled primary for a total of 4 points, 11-6

    Our turn our freed up Libs went to seek revenge for their fallen brothers and the surviving Knights went to get numbers on the Obj. I LoSaT’d the Basty to snipe his Freeguild General while forcing the Handgunners to lose yet another buff if they wanted to shoot back. The Ballistas shot the Cauldron but those saves kept it alive.

    One of the Stormcast heroes charged into the Sisters and the Libs went for the Cauldron finally taking it out.

    4 more points taking it to 11-10.

    4th Battle Round

    Primary Obj - 2


    They took the turn and ran the Handgunners towards the Obj. The other unit shot away a couple of Knights hiding in the ruins.

    With 11 Handgunners in range they took the Obj for a total of 4 points, 15-10.

    On our turn he used his 3+ relocate and his one use artefact to drop the Ballistas around Obj 2 blowing away some Handgunners on the Obj. The Basty LoSaT’d back home side and set 12 more Handgunners on fire from the unit on the hill.

    The Libs and Steggy charged in and stupidly my partner rolled for the Libs before the wounded Steggy and it got pistol whipped to the beak and died. When all was said and done there were only 9 Handgunners on the Obj to our 10 models so we took 4 points to make it 15-14.

    5th Battle Round

    Primary Obj - 3

    With only a smattering of Handgunners and a unit of Guard left after learning where the Primary Obj was they conceded as at best they would finish with 16 points to our 18/19.

    Post Match

    Close game all in all and although not built with the intention in mind our armies meshed well together offering versatility and manoeuvrability.

    Our opponents seemed like great guys however upon checking they misplayed some of their rules which would have massively changed the outcome of the game.
    1. Luminarch of Hysh has a damage table, and when put to 2 wounds it’s aura wouldn’t have reached the Cauldron. This matters because it saved 4 wounds in my shooting phase with the 6+ Aura of Protection effectively giving the Cauldron an extra 4 wounds. It survived the Evocators attacks on exactly 4 wounds dealing 7 wounds back to them. The Cauldron then went on to kill 5 Liberators, and the Sisters that we’re also tied up in that combat went on to kill my Salamanders. So at the very least due to that one ‘mistake’ he was up 4 wounds on a Cauldron and we were down 7 wounds of Evo’s, 10 wounds of Libs and 9 wounds of Sally’s.
    2. He misplayed his Fanatical Faith rules. Everyone gets 6+, cool. 5+ if within 7” of your general. But his general died on the first turn and his general had to be the Bloodwrack in order for him to take Bloodsisters as battleline so none of the many 5’s should have counted.
    3. The ‘Blessing of Khaine’ prayer allows him on a 3+ to pick a unit and that unit can reroll its Fanatical Faith Save. However he never rolled for the prayer each turn and instead used it like a static ability. Also he was rerolling for all units not just a single unit.
    Main takeaway from that is to use the resources at our disposal better when playing in a competitive environment and to know/be familiar with other armies rules so I don’t get bitten by this kind of thing

    Anyway, hope if you read this it was worth it!

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  2. Killer Angel

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    Close match, indeed.
    A pity for all those mistakes (?) by your opponents...
    I can see one, but three is a little too much, you should know better your army.
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  3. Aginor

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    Good job winning nonetheless, and thanks for the report!
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