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AoS First REAL Match! Seraphon v Stormcast Eternals

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by dinoSTARZ, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. dinoSTARZ
    Cold One

    dinoSTARZ Active Member

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    I played my first real match (I've played twice before but against the shop owner and his friend who I could tell were letting me win to help motivate and teach) on Saturday and it was against someone who has seen my army and tried to build against it (within the point values I had built- 1400).

    I had:
    40 skinks (boltsplitter/shield)-200
    40 warriors (spears/shield)-360
    5 knights-100 (lances, wardrums, banner)
    5 knights-100 (lances, wardrums, banner)
    Skink Starpreist- 80
    Old-blood on carnosaur 280 general, gave himself the command trait, took incandescent rectrices as the artifact, and whatever thing gives you re-roll to save on 1's trait
    Bastilidon 280

    He had a bunch of hero guys I don't know the name of but 2 units of retributors, a 10 pack of longbow guys, couple liberators. He kept his retributors in reserve to lightning down into a spot ( I think with the intention of getting behind my lines with them).

    We rolled "Knife to the Heart" where you try to control your own objective and get the others at the same time.

    We started most of our units close to the bottom left corner of the diagonal split, 24" apart, with his archers holding his objective. I had my 40 warriors near mine with the starpriest support, but everything was lined pretty much 12" from the diagonal, with the two units of knights split up on either end. I finished placing first, and elected to have him go first.

    Turn one: Stormcast are slow as butts and they walked like 5" up towards my bastilidon, so still 19" away. He decided to stormbolt in (I've since heard you don't get to decide when you do this) his retributors into the back of my army behind the objective but only one unit got to come in. Huge problem for him, as he had those three all alone now.
    On my turn I got one down with my 40 skinks, and then moved everyone back from the line to keep the distance from his other liberators coming up the left side.

    Turn two (he got the first turn every round this game): Killed the retributors with the skinks and warriors that were able to get in range (he was right on the edge of the board by terrain, so I could actually only get like 8 warriors to reach on the pile in). Learning from the past, he sent in his second set of retributors closer to his own army near my bastilidon. WHICH I PROMPTLY TELEPORTED to the other side of the field and shot at some of the liberators but rolled a snake eyes on the 2D6 which sucked. Everyone else moved up to the right side away from his threatening retributor/liberator/lord celestant on the left.

    Turn 3: He goes first again and totally cheats (but I didn't know this at the time), firing double with all his arrow men with longbows (guess that only works on crossbows) as well as doubling those shockwave bows so the basti faces like a billion saves and a pack of liberators finishes him off with lay low the tyrant so he obviously didn't get to do much at all (which made me think I might lose this even with the lucky retributor unit kill). The other problem was that I failed all my charges (even a 3"). I teleport my 40 warriors near his archers and fail that charge too (but that's sort of expected).

    Turn 4: He starts using a bajillion hero powers, knocking over terrain, hitting lightning shocks on my skink/knight units, and locks up my saurus warriors with one unit of liberator that I couldn't finish off, making me unable to get to his archers to get them off the objective. I was, however, lucky and able to teleport the carnosaur to the back line with a 6, so he moves and charges into his heroes and archer men. BEAST those archers and battleshock took care of a few more. On the other side of the field, this guy has some run+ charge boost so eventually his retributors got into play to take out a pack of knights, though all the while skinks and the second knights are moving up into his stuff for the final push into his objective.

    Turn 5: He kills the carnosaur with a celestant prime and some other fatty but WAIT! Incandescent Rectrices saves the unit even though it's placed out of the action. ONE dingus dang old liberator made it through 18 spears (with +1 to hit), and 9 bites TWO combat phases so I was never able to push the warriors into the objective to get him off of it, but sooooo close. After the battleshocks for the archers ended this turn they were totally gone and the heroes were both half dead. Finish off the retributors and between those two units, one pack of liberators, and the archers, it ends up giving me the points lead (THANK SOTEK for the carnosaur making his roll to stay alive) for defeated units and that's how I ended up winning despite some really poor dice rolls and never getting starting initiative when it mattered.

    It was a really fun game and it felt good to out maneuver him considering in any head to head fights I was mostly getting wrecked, and likely would have much worse.

    Looking forward to my next one!
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  2. KoulaqKhan

    KoulaqKhan New Member

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    Awesome Batrep and you handled everything great, that Lizard Space and time jump really helps to alleviate issues when you get bogged down or flanked!
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  3. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Good job!
    SCE are a pain to fight since they just have everything: mortal wounds, range, good saves and good melee.
    But we can outmaneuver them and it seems you did that well. Nice report! Always nice to see the SCE getting their golden butts kicked. :)

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