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8th Ed. Hadrotitan (Conversion + Fan Lore)

Discussion in 'Lizardmen Discussion' started by Ge32, Feb 17, 2023.

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    How are my hobby-loving friends
    This time I want to bring you a personal edition I'm doing of a Parasaurolophus that Polymorfminis has designed for Blood Bowl, and that I wanted to edit for personal use, using resources that can be obtained in 3D, plus some personal modifications.

    This figure will not be for sale as it is a 3D conversion.

    I have called it Hadrotitan, since the Parasaurolophus belongs to the Hadrosauridae family, but this creature is not a Parasaurolophus, it simply resembles that specimen.


    This giant will carry a hybrid of giant battle rules, mixed with scaly skin and projectile resistance, and with a crew of sliders that will be shooting from above.
    They will be the same size as the old giants (about 13cm tall) but will not be the size of the new Gargantuas.


    Now I share with you some images of how my project is progressing, there will be two models, two versions of the same unit that will look completely different (in the future):

    Hadrotitan-04.jpg Hadrotitan-05.jpg

    Here I leave the links so you can get everything:

    Hadrotitan: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/giantsaurus-fantasy-sport

    Lizardmen Ram; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4379423

    Skinks mounted: https://cults3d.com/es/modelo-3d/juegos/taurosaur-saurian-ancients

    Original Skinks: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/saurian-skinks-warriors

    I think with all the parts I've put on it, that's enough and it's time to start really sculpting the figure to make it look completely different from the original model.

    Now I will share with you a little bit of its background and history, which I personally like to recreate stories that go along with the original Lore.



    It was the first race created by the Old Ones before the first generation Slann.
    Although it seems to contradict the official accounts, the truth is that this has been forgotten.
    Created with Old Ones engineering and genetics from a specimen of the planet's wild reptiles, the Hadrotitan were tasked with building the first Temple Cities to house the next creations of their masters.
    Destined to move huge stones and lay the foundations for the larger structures, the Hadrotitan were the first to follow the grand plan dictated by the Old Ones.

    Being the crossbreeding of wild creatures and Old Ones genetics, their lack of intellect and great clumsiness interrupted the progress of the great constructions they were destined to build. The Skinks, creatures that saw the light shortly after the first Slann, had to take on the task of guiding the giants in their work.

    Too big and clumsy, constructions that had taken years to emerge crumbled to dust, entire cities had to be rebuilt. The Hadrotitan's clumsiness began to be a nuisance to their creators.
    It was for this reason that the Old Ones decided to create the Kroxigor to replace the giants, with a greater capacity for motor mastery and intellect and a similar physical strength.

    The Hadrotitan were no longer needed and began to migrate into the jungle.
    Deprived of their masters, some became prey to the most enormous and terrifying creatures of the jungle. They grouped into small communities and little by little their numbers dwindled into oblivion.



    Cut off from the rest of the Lizardmen, their communities had to band together to face the demonic creatures roaming the jungle.
    Great demons perished in singular combats, small creatures of the disformity were completely destroyed and crushed by the strength of the giants, but still the invading horde was so huge, that they slaughtered without mercy, rushing like an army of hungry ants on their prey, so it was that the great Alpha of the community was devoured by a variety of demons servants of multiple gods.

    The remaining Hadrotitan made the decision to go to the nearest temple city, Huanabic.
    Thousands of Saurian Warriors fought to the death, Slizons and dismembered Saurians bathed the gates of the sacred temple with their blood.
    And from the jungle a dozen giants broke through, the jubilation and the morale of the Saurians was noticeable when they saw such allies arrive to the combat. And there they repulsed the invaders.
    But the fervor did not last long, for the demonic wave they had eliminated was only a prelude to what was to come.
    The host invaded the city, slaughtering everything and everyone until great demonic creatures burst into the hall of the High Priest Mage and first generation Slann Chieftain Blotlbova.

    Quote: [The great Blotlbova cast his most potent spell and unleashed lightning and igneous storms, opened breaches to other dimensions, and finally became a column of pure energy that projected toward the stars, devastating everything around him with an apocalyptic flash.

    The enemy was destroyed, yes, but so was Blotlbova and her city. Anything near the epicenter evaporated, and even distant buildings collapsed]. Warhammer Armies: Lizardmen (8th Edition)

    Only a few of the most enormous creatures were lucky enough to survive such a catastrophe. And even fewer are those still alive after the great war against Chaos, and reminiscent of the first giants to set foot on earth.



    Little by little their species became extinct and today very little is known of those mythical giant creatures that served the gods.

    A Stalian survivor of the expeditions to Lustria, affirmed how a giant with a crest on his head, crushed a whole regiment throwing huge stones at them, and when he was close enough, he began to grab one by one, fracturing the bones of their legs and making them explode in his hands. Those who sought to escape, he would throw them through the air with a proportionate blow from the remains of some kind of battering ram, or they would simply burst from the impact of the blow.
    Bullets from arquebuses ricocheted off their scale-covered skin, pikes got stuck in the branches and vegetation of the jungle. And the only survivor, hiding inside a log, managed to survive by throwing himself into the river.
    Maybe it's just a crazy story of an old drunkard.

    Among the native creatures of the new world there is talk of the existence of the last pair of these solitary giants, whom they called Uai'Pak and Qi'metzin, friends of Eslizones.
    But none really know where they live, when they will appear, or if they are still alive.



    The names of the two Hadrotitan are based on the names borne by the race of giants mentioned in ancient Mexica accounts and during the Hispanic invasions of the Americas, called Quinametzin for the Aztec culture, and Uay Pach for the Mayan culture.

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