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Army Fluff High Elves vs Lizardmen (FLUFF)

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Arli, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. Arli
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    High Elves vs Lizardmen
    Entocl crossed the jungle with amazing speed as he neared the city of destiny, Xhotl. The priest Yolotli ordered the chameleon squad to go ahead of the rest of the army because Entocl and his spawning could move much faster in the depths of the jungle than could the slow steagadon or the clumsy saurus. As the city emerged from the forest depths, Entocl knew that the message bringer was sometimes killed for his message to the old ones and slann. Entocl would meet his fate with determination. The group of chameleon entered the temple as descended the stairs into a large natural amphitheater. The walls around the center stage were covered in gold that were angled so that the light was cast upon the group of ancient slann that sat in the center of the area. Surrounding those slann was temple guard. Pacing in front of the slann, a lone old blood spoke to the assembled slann. Entocl had never heard a slann speak. It was said that you heard them inside your mind if they chose to speak to you at all. Entocl and his brethren stopped before the great slann, Ueman, the ancient one. Dropping to their knees, they averted their eyes and awaited the order to speak.
    In a deep rasping voice, “Report !” the old blood Cuetzpalli ordered.
    “The cursed elves were repelled, Old one.” Said Entocl without raising his face from the floor.
    “Repelled. Repelled! THEY WERE TO BE DESTROYED!!!” boomed Cuetzpalli as he drew his mighty weapon and struck it against his shield.
    “The elves magic was defeated by Yllotli and the Engine of the Gods! The elves brought forth a dragon mage, which yolotli was able to destr-urk” Entocl stuttered as the Ueman began to rip the story of the battle from his weak mind.
    Images flooded through Entocl’s head. Entocl’s group of chameleons had happened upon two groups of elven scouts hiding in a dense section of forest. As Encotl was approaching one group, a second group of scouts fired upon the chameleons. Focusing their fire on the scouts, Encotl had to let the second group of elves move forward toward the block of saurus warriors. Encotl lost none of his brethren to the elven fire and managed to all but destroy the group of elvish scouts. Once those elves were destroyed, Encotl began advancing on a group of elvish spearmen that were crashing through the jungle toward some skirmishers that were advancing from the Engine. Encotl could hear the triumphant victory drumming from the Saurus warriors and they destroyed their enemies. Encotl could see the bodies of elvish cavalry falling to the suarus force.
    Entocl also was aware of the lone terradon that fled from the Elven archers. As the terradon flew past, Encotl could see the ruined corpses of the other terradons surrounding the elven war ballista.
    Encotl’s head felt as if it would explode as a voice filled his head. “WHAT OF MY PRIESTS?” it demanded. Encotl thought of the hollow explosion that he had heard amid the battle and wondered if the priest Momoztli had lost the favor of the gods while casting. As Encotl left to make the report, Momoztli was staring off into the heavens whilst speaking to himself, surely his mind gone. Encotl then thought of the wizard Yolotli, whom had taken leadership of the army after the demise of the general Itztli. Yolotli could be heard screaming as the Engine of the gods fled from a charge of elven swordsmen. This after a dreaded dragon mage had fallen to the engine!
    “ENOUGH!” said the slann as it left Encotl’s mind leaving him writhing on the floor of the amphitheater.
    “THIS HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH!” Boomed Ueman’s mental command to all around him. “THESE FAILURES WILL BE DEALT WITH!”
    Miles away, Yolotli was leading the remaining army toward the city. Momoztli was being lead back by a collar around his neck as he had a tendency to wander in the wrong direction since his favor with the gods had failed him. Suddenly, Yolotli and Momoztli feel to their knees and cried out in pain.
    “YOU HAVE FAILED THE OLD ONES FOR THE LAST TIME!” reverberated in the heads of all that were present.
    With a flash of light, both Momoztli and Yolotli fell over dead. The remaining skinks lead the stegadon back to the Xhotl.

    It was a Draw if it was not clear from the above fluff.
  2. lizardninja
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    Nice fluff
  3. The Hunted

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    Please post more than just 2 words lizardninja.

    As the words 'nice fluff' don't add much to the topic/discussion or forum in general.
    Just explain parts you like, things you didn't like. Good things about this fluff, bad things.
    Maybe just ask for more. But, please, the words 'nice fluff' don't make the cut...

    The Hunted

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