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KoW Kroak and Eternity Warden: 1K, 1.5K and beyond

Discussion in 'Salamanders Army Lists' started by Kaughnor, Jun 25, 2021.

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    Hi all, it has been a long long time since I've been active on this forum. New AOS 3.0 has my creative juices flowing though (not to mention the wicked awesome new Kroak plastic model). So I have little to no experience with aos except for loving the models and playing fantasy back in 8th edition. I still am a 40k player mostly. That said, I love saurus guard and the eternity warden model.

    This is a list I came up with after reading the new rules. Is it any good? At 1K it goes as follows:


    Eternity Warden - amulet of destiny, thickly scaled hide

    Scar - Vet on Carni - Arcane Tome, Spear - Also this model takes the spell lore enhancement flaming weapon.

    Battle Line:
    2 x 5 Saurus Guard

    Total: 1k points
    The idea I have behind this core 1k points to build from is this, I want to throw kroak into the mix/middle of the board to fight, cast spells, and win games for me. 2 groups of guard and a eternity warden to pass wounds onto. The scarvet moves about either casting flaming weapon to give his 6 attack spear 3 damage on the charge, or casting shield on the eternity warden if kroak needs to be casting other spells.

    The idea I have all revolves around the eternity warden. 7 wounds with a 3+ save and 5++ ward save seems top shelf. That along with the multiple ways to heal him up every round in 3.0. I figure with shield cast on him he has a rerollable 2+ save along with a 5++ ward save to help keep him going. I can also use the new defence command to give him +2 save to maintain the 2+ reroll-able should -1 rend hit him.

    Am I out to lunch trying to build a list around Kroak and Eternity Warden to muck about in the middle of the board rather than staying in the back? To be fair the scar vet is there for the fact I love the model.

    Going up to 1.5K: I'm, thinking this:

    Add in:
    Astrolith Bearer
    5 Saurus knights
    2 salamander units

    I have really no experience with AOS, but with Kroaks new models, I want to build a list around him where he really shines, both in combat clearing out melee and flinging spells about.

    So there ya all have it, is the above idea('s) any good and viable?

    Thanks all if you made it this far!


    Damn, I posted in wrong forum, Ill sort it out now.

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