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40K Lizardmen/seraphon in 40k part 3.1:¨the terrors of the jungle ¨

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Krai’kotak, Nov 15, 2020.

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    hellow there fellow children of the acient here we are again ......WOooooohhhh!!!!! i did it it took me 4 months but i finished(kind off) the third part of this.first of all I want to thank all the people how has been supported this project with likes and comments that type of thing is what make me continue(I know 6 likes is no that much but for me is very exciting knowing that are people who like my job) the second thing its i decided to split this article in two or more parts......but anyways this is done gossh this finally ended.

    the next Theme is the human society in seraphon prime (we will explore the main “cities” [if we can call the mess of shacks, housing blocks and pre-built buildings full of extraction machines and refineries that are the largest communities in seraphon prime city] life in these, beliefs, doctrine of life and combat of human settlements and what is the current objective of these.enjoy!

    If you want me to explore any aspect of seraphon prime(life of a common soldier,administration of the society,etc) or maybe one of the creatures of the jungle more deeply leave it in the comments and remember any opinion and suggestion is welcome

    the first part is here:http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/lizardmen-seraphon-in-40k.24931/

    Second part here:http://www.lustria-online.com/threads/lizardmen-seraphon-in-40k-part-2.24972/

    Here we go pals

    “I have been to many hostile worlds many …… deathworlds the volcanic world of alastian whose tectonically unstable surface prevents us from establishing permanent colonies, the oceanic world of busterio whose nine moons generate tsunamis and tides thounsands of meters tall,catachan and it’s lethal ecosystem,but I never been in a world like this”

    “M...Ma..Madam are you sa...saying this is the deadliest planet”

    “I never said that soldier, I said this planet was different it seems that this planet resists colonization the humid air and the rain corrode the metal the roots breach the foundations it’s almost like the planet wants to stay wild and untamed”

    —conversation between the lady inquisitor sulxhuan of the Ordo xenos and the corporal leinder when they were isolated after a failed assault to the xeno city know as xhel’phi

    “Forgive me master the spirit of this machine must be furious with me I have fail you “

    “Keep calm young novice this planet this…jungle irritates and disturbs the spirits of the machines in a unatural way”—conversation between the tech priest Tenio and his aprentice after the 7th malfuction of a Leman Russ tank

    Seraphon prime it’s a large planet two times larger than holy terra it only has three continents Lustria(and minor lustria),vazta and Fulcia (acord to the legend the names come From the names of the daughters of the captain of the first ship to land in the planet)

    The first of the three Lustria is a mega continent(bigger than all holy terra continents combined covering 45% of the planet)divided in two great lustria and minor lustria both are located in the equator with a warm and humid weather the whole continent is covered in jungles and swamps and here are the largest deposits of gas and here is where the main imperial efforts are found,the largest xenos populations reside here.

    Vazta is the second largest continent and it’s located in southern part of the globe with a hot and dry climate, mainly covered in deserts and sabanas the xenos also inhabit this continent(note:there is several biological difference between this population and the population that inhabits lustria)

    Fulcia is a small and cold continent completely covered in mountains and with a dense mist this continent is empty but there is ruins similar to the ruins found in the two others continent and here is where the imperium have been able to collect most plaques and artifacts (because there is no seraphon to defend them)

    The lustria continent is the main objective of the imperium the climate is humid,hot and rainy all the year with minimum changes in the different stages of the year the biomes present in the continent are swamps,jungles and (in the few mountains of the continent)rainforest.the entire ecosystem is hostile not only to external visitors but also to itself even the smallest insects or even some plants are capable of kill a human.


    —¡¡¡¡¡SOLDIER DON’T DARE TO TOUCH THAT FLO..ARRRRAAHGHh!!!—.sargent Teibel to the soldier Malko just before fallinang into the trap of the Ampher orquídea AKA “red flower of dead”a highly nutritious plant with red flowers, when an animal eats(or touches) it’s flowers its roots type A (this plant has two types of roots) that spread through the ground around the plant (presumably the subject touching the flower is standing on top of them) are retracted revealing a pit dug by the plant itself with its roots in the bottom of this pit are the type b roots that are completely covered with thick thorns, if the fall and the thorns don’t kill ir , the unfortunate victim will die of starvation when he dies his body will be decomposed and consumed by the plant that explains how nutritious the flowers of This plant the largest herbivore creatures can easily get out of the pit so they are the only ones who live to learn from their mistake.

    There is many plants in the planet are toxic,poisonous or like depicted above have lethal ways to defend themselves(or like the ampher orquidea hunt) other great example is the bulpios This is a kind of moss that grows in caves and rocks near subterranean rivers in the souther part of lustria the moss constantly segregates a thin toxic fog After 3 minutes of exposition a human will start to have nauseas and lost of balance after 5minutes of exposition a human will start to lost consciousness after after7 minutes some humans will die and other will pass out after 9 minutes all human would be dead.

    Other very know vegetal life form in seraphon prime is the oloxty or oloxius(a native word pronunced in gothic) is the main vegetable life form and covers at least 39% percent of the lustria by itself in his roots grows the fungus that generates the precious gas.

    The bush “malastis” is a comon plant both in lustria and minor lustria it’s one of main feeding source for the herbivores

    (There would more parts kind of a bestiary exploring the plants and animals more deeply)


    The fauna in seraphon prime is mainly composed by reptiles one of the most comon especies is the glodion or glodin a medium sized animal of 2meters tall and and 3.5 length its herbivore and lives in the midland jungles of great lustria eating the bushes of the bottom of the threes,they travel in herds of 7 to 15 members mostly females usually with only one third of the whole population being males(usually an Alpha male and his stronger offsprings) when threatened this creatures usually escape but when the danger is not great the males will try to stomp over their enemy’s and hit ‘em with their massive muscular tails running around their foe and striking it with their muscular tails.

    Xaltcopi or in low gothic “gut-burner” this small(10-24cm) red lizard has a very dangerous Weapon when Bites a living being injects a particular venom,the corpses examined by the medics and lady inquisitor sulxhuan The venom burns the veins and scorches the flesh slowly but surely kills the victim the venom works in three stages Stage one: the host will feel like the flesh near the Bite is being touched by a burning piece of iron stage two(15 - 30 minutes after initial infection) the victim will feel a indespicable sensation Of burn in the stomach the corporal temperature will raisestage three(only the strongest humans will get to this stage the body can’t be touched with bare hands and the victims will pass out in some cases nouse bleeding and coughing blood is also observed. When the dead bodies are opened the organs have burning marks. The “gut-burners”are omnivores and usually eat moss small insects or other smaller lizards only attacks anything larger that himself when it feels threatened one of the most lethal traps of the lizardmen is putting a hidden mechanism and a wooden cest full of “gut-burners”and insects to keep them feed in a stretch path between the trees soon the lizards will make a nest in the spoon when a squadron of soldiers pass the spoon will drop the lizard and they will bite the enemy and the climb to the spoon again. Obviusly the humans will probably destroy the nest but that would make the lizard even more angry and if they not the trap would be ready again.

    —¡¡¡sir look a camp fire there must be the rest of the company…… it smell like they are cooking some meat!!!—conscript faises to the lieutenant Bleik just before interrupting the meal of a pack of salamanders and being slaughtered

    The salamander is and amphibious creature who lurks the swamps and an distant cousin of the small “Gut-burners” both are capable of creating a liquid so flammable that a mere contact with oxygen it burst in flames in the case of the gut burner the liquid is injected with its bite and its activated by the oxygen in the blood in the case of the salamander the liquid is spilled out by the mouth of the creature and ingnited by the oxygen in the air.

    “Notes of the inquisitor Sulxhuan entry number 307th...)today I asked why the soldiers call the native fire breathing lizards “salamanders” they told me about the conscript Laus a Hiever who once heard of the giant drakes of the planet nocturne and when he saw the giant lizards who breath fire he name them that way……fool him the drakes of nocturne are thrice the size of a seraphon salamander and the amount of fire it can produce....””end of the entry

    The seraphon salamander is a pack animal living in groups of 9 to 18 members the salamanders usually select a section of swap or lake usually in a radius of 200 meters or more if the pack is large)and then spread Through the area alone hunting and live lonely until a large prey or large number of preys enters it territory if that happens the whole pack would join to hunt the foe coordinated attacks to bring down large creatures throwing fire and ferocious bites to the foe.

    As they got elder the salamanders adquire experience,size and more control of their fire.If a certainly individual reached a certain age and size he would become what the locals would could an Ancient salamander

    Thrice the size of a normal salamander and with a brutal cunning. An acient salamander will usually remain sleep on the center of the packs territory and will only emerge to lead the pack against a great prey.

    —“the ground shaked the animals screamed the jungle bursted with activity and then they apear tall like baneblades stomping soldiers throwing them like ragdolls,the autocanon shots bounced on they scales……*the soldier starts crying........... I ve seen nothin’ like that in my life.....and.....and I spect never seeing it again”—

    Conscript Freihus talking about a Stegadon stampede

    The stegadons are some of the largest creatures in serphon prime this towring behemoths are a the top of the food Chain, they eat only plants but their massive size and legendary strength dissuades most predator of attacking this hulking beast.

    Their behavior will change of group to group some prefer wandering the jungles alone others may be prefer stay in a small pack of 4 or 5.

    They eat plants of any kind usually their are not agresive but when they feel endangered a stegadon is one of the most deadly beings of the jungle, a stegadon is an hulking beast of 4 meters tall and 8 meters long with a height of 25 tons (legends of the locals talk about larger specimens)armored with thick scales and armored plates across their body and muscles strong enough to move theirs massive body at 30 kmph in charge when a stegadon enters a battle it do its with the force of a battering ram and only the most disciplined of forces may attempt to challenge it force,quote:

    Report of the commander sasario:

    We haved 2 autocanons one lascannon sustanied fire of at least 270 lasguns seven grenade launchers. 5 heavy bolters , 23 hellguns and 6 leman russ

    All firing on that bloody thing ....gasp I be seen that same amount of fire power thorn apart buildings and fortifications i ve seen entire platoons wipe out by half that firepower but that bloody thing managed to survive by 3 minutes more than enough to charge our lines and butcher us all”

    The lizardmen uses this towering behemoth in times of war attaching plataformas in their backs to transport skinks with ranged weapons and Artillery.

    (More information on the upcoming article “stegadons:behemoths of the jungle”)


    “They were ridin’ birds mate fuckin birds and they take down ma whole squad”

    Pilot Aziel of the hatser grey bloods 752th winged detachment”

    Agile and cunning predators the terradon are a reptilian being capable of flying, usually pretty coward and evasive creatures the terradons ussualy lives on the few mountains of seraphon prime or in the high cliffs of the western shore of lustria mostly hunting fishes or other small animals they live and travel in large packs like sea birds.

    But when raised and trained by the xenos the terradons gain a much more brave and aggressive temperament,the trained terradons its larger than its wild version also more muscular and brave this because their constant training for war and hunt.
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    I like how you implement new creatures and slapping in seraphon in 40k as a giant wild planet, its pretty nice to read other's fluffs. Really enjoyed reading your piece hope to see more of your work.
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    you will do soon(maybe not that soon)thanks for the support and for your like means a lot : )

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