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8th Ed. Nakai the wanderer and the Colatl

Discussion in 'House Rules' started by Kor-Lot-Ko, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Kor-Lot-Ko

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    I found these in an old notebook today. they're hand-written rules for Nakai the wanderer and the Colatl. I wrote them a while ago, figured i'd see what you guys think of them. I made some adjustments to compensate for the changes in rules.

    Nakai The wanderer.

    360 pts. Lord

    M WS BS S T W I A LD Unit Type Monstrous infantry.
    6 5 0 6 5 4 2 5 8

    Special rules: +3 Scaly Skin, Cold blooded, Aquatic, Terror, Hatred (chaos), stubborn.

    Rend: In a challenge, Naki can substitute all his attacks for a single special attack. If he does this, the challenger must pass an initiative test, or be caught in Naki's fearsome grip. Then, They must take a strength test on 2D6. If they pass, they suffer a single wound with the armour-piercing special rule. If they fail, they suffer D6 wounds with no armor saves allowed.

    Magic Items:
    Plaque of Tepok
    A magic tablet gifted to the wanderer by the skink priests of Tlaxla, it protects him from harm, both magical and mundane
    Talasmain. The Plaque of Tepok gives Nakai a +5 ward save and magic resistance (1)

    War-mace of Thornax
    Retrieved from a long-forgotten temple, the war-mace is enchanted to release a burst of light and sound every time it tastes blood
    Magic weapon. The war-mace of Thornax is a great weapon. In adition, if this weapon inflicts an unsaved wound in close combat, all units in base contact w/ Naki Suffer -1 to WS and I.

    So, that's Naki. Here's the Colatl


    450 pts. Rare.

    M WS BS S T W I A LD Unit Type Monster.
    4 4 3 6 6 5 5 4 7

    Special rules: Cold Blooded, Terror, Fly, Large target, Forest strider, Scaly skin +4.

    Enchanted defense: The Colatl has a +5 ward save in close combat, and a +3 ward save against shooting.

    Magic magnet: The colatl's mere presence draws magic towards the battlefield.
    Friendly wizards gain +1 to all channeling attempts.

    Arcane monster: The colatl is known for it's ability to use the elements to defend itself.
    The colatl can cast the spell Tempest, but at strength 4 (5). It counts as an innate bound spell with power level 5. This spell can be cast even if the colatl has charged or been charged, or is engaged in close combat. However, when doing this, it can only target a unit in base contact.

    And the colatl. What do you guys think?
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  2. Scalenex

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    Nakai seems balanced, but probably want to add "until the start of the next friendly Lizardmen turn" as a duration for the penalty with Nakai's magic mace. You should probably also give Nakai Predatory Fighter.

    If this was published in a WD or other official publication you would need to specify Hatred to say (Daemons of Chaos, Warriors of Chaos, Chaos Dwarves, and Beasts of Chaos) but that's nitpicky.

    With both Stubborn and Magic resistance I see Nakai as natural leader for a Kroxigor Deathstar. Just in case you should probably specify how he would join a Skink Cohort.

    Without going into math, 360 points seems like a fair price.

    The Coatl seems a little steep at 450 points. Maybe if you changed the channeling attempt bonus to D3 power dice and Dispel Dice.

    I would lower the Scaly Skin and improve the Ward save but that's a personal preference. I think everyone has a different image of Coatl. I see them as a pretty soft monster with lots of magic but other people seem them as badasses with a little magic. You seem to be splitting the difference which is fine.
  3. Kcibrihp-Esurc

    Kcibrihp-Esurc Well-Known Member

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    I've always wanted Nakai and the Couatl but I've never been sure of just what it would do, I've always viewed it as sort of a Magical being which exists between worlds, you know, Ethereal and stuff

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