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AoS Sue and the Seraphons! my first AoS short story!

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by samheim, Aug 20, 2019.

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  1. samheim

    samheim Well-Known Member

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    The night was delicious mix of warmth and a crisp breeze on Sue's boob's that she
    proudly show cased, ever so slightly peeking over the top of her tight corset.
    Her tight jenkin's hugged tightly to her shapely bottom and legs, and sword sheath slapped
    loosely against her thy as she walked quay side of the Quogmia coast.
    Sue had not enjoyed her time at the tavern. It was full of lecherous jerks who drank
    with their eyes deeply from her ample bossom. She decided it was time to leave when
    one fat man had pressed up against her with his crouch against her firm buttocks,
    his ridiculous small and excited pinkie must have only been all of a Halflings thumb in length.
    Tossing a copper coin to the bar tender Sue left, her eyes catching briefly on the
    young serving girl on her way out, who gave her a look as if to confirm Sue's frustrations.
    Sue walked along the loose cobbled streets of the small port town, the brightly coloured
    birds were singing loud and exotic songs in the hot late summer night.
    All of a sudden she noticed a strange flickering of orange light illuminating from one
    of the small abodes that lined the loose cobbled road. The light looked unnatural,
    incandescent and had a greenish hue to it. "Magic" gasped Sue, in a soft sharp whisper.
    She quickly dropped into a stealthy hunch, and began to creep towards the thin glass
    windows of the shack. She reached the wooden wall and leaned up against it.
    Carefully she moved closer to the window, and carefully peeked throught it.
    Her heart froze! starring back at her was the aged eyes of an old man. He had a long white beard
    and was wearing a pointed gold hat.
    The wizards robes were pulled up around his waste and his hand appeared to be occupied pleasuing himself.
    "You've been watching me all along!" cried Sue!
    The wizard moaned a response "No no.. please young thing, I didn't mean you any harm, aahh I was just
    looking for... oh by all the moons of sigmar!"..
    The perverted Wizard and continued unabated to play with his magic stick, in a matter Sue
    found most disrespectful.
    At that moment, a strong and dominant voice sounded "fear ye not me lady, I will save you from this beast".
    Sue turned round surprised, her lips making an o shape. She turned to face a man who
    was tall, his firm tight muscles fighting to stay contained in his chequed patterned shirt.
    He had a good full head of hair and very solid square jaw, his bulging man hood was
    strapped in place by a solid cod piece of what looked like exotic dwarven make.
    Sue gingerly obliged and took a step back.
    Chadsun Thunder Cook, drew from his waste a wooden baton of some 12 inches or so in length.
    Jumping through the window in one fell swoop, he grabbed at the wizard by the scruff of the neck.
    "no plz plz" the wizard begged, Chad bashed hard at the Wizards legs with his wooden pipe
    "How dare you offend a Lady's honour" roared Chadsun. "How dare you!" he swung again.
    The unfortunate wizards legs and bottom, were now deeply bruised and sore,
    "no I am so sorry, I am a bad bad man, I promise never to look at any woman ever again!"
    Sue had crept closer to the window, her boobs, squished up against the window frame
    to form large bulbous bulbs of loveliness, in the hot summers night.
    Chadsun drew back his arm again "I make it so you can't ever offend a ladies honor again you fiend!"
    "No more!" screamed Sue.
    Tho the wizard was totally evil and did deserve to die, without question. Sue was
    as gracious and kind and wonderful as she was beautiful.
    Chadsun spoke in a firm commanding voice "My lady, this man how can he be allowed to
    continue, when we know he will continue in his wickedness?".
    The wizard groaned rolling on the floor, trying to rub the bruised areas of his flesh.
    "i.. i, i can give you something of great value, if you let me live" the wizard uttered.
    "its alright, I can take care or myself" Sue said in a vexed voice.
    "Forgive me my lady, how uncouth of me to assume you would need my help.".
    "Its ok, but don't ever do it again" snapped Sue.
    "Now tell me what this is you have to show us" Sue commanded to the Wizard.
    "Its under there" the wizard pointed to a make shift table.
    "Under the cloth".
    "Allow me my lady", Chadsun reached over to pull the table cloth away, the potion vessels and
    dinner plate dropped loudly on to the floor.
    Underneath was revealed to be a cage with metal bars. A bright yellow lizard was sitting in what looked
    like in an uncomfortable position inside. The skink raised its head and its eyes independently focusing on
    Sue and Chadsun at the same time.
    "Take me back" the Skink Star Pirate hissed in a tired raspy voice.
    To be continue!
  2. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Ok, i will try to give my little piece of constructive review.

    1 - Sue. Interesting choice of name for the female protagonist. Mary Sue comes to mind and we all know how much bad a MS can be for the goodness of a story. This is almost surely wanted so it will be interesting to see the development.

    2- the premise is also interesting. A skink prisoner of the old wizard? How did it happened? So many questions that need to be answered and that's a nice cliffhanger.

    3- you need to cut down the sexual references / allusions / acts. A single one can be a fun quirk (for example, keep the old maniac vojeur wizard), but the piece is filled by them, to the point they are seriously detrimental to the plot. Some of them are even clumsy ones ("bulbous bulbs of loveliness"?).
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  3. samheim

    samheim Well-Known Member

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    "TAKE ME BACK!" the skink became agitated all of the sudden and reached out and grabbed
    at the bars, and began to shake at the cage violently.
    "TAKE ME BACK" spittle and sliva sprayed from its mouth
    "shhh shhh" Sue tried to calm the reptile.
    "Stop it and calm down, and I will release you" Sue bargained.
    "No! don't open the cage..." Eligbert the gold wizard yelped pulling himself up against the
    side of his bed, in the small 1 room dwelling.
    "What have you done to this creature, where did you get him from" Sue pelted all at once.
    "I.. i well I bought him, .. one of sailors brought him back from somewhere I don't know."
    The skink was shaking the cage but with less urgency now.
    "Enough" Chadsun reached down with the key he had found on a shelf next to some other
    ornaments, the key had been tied to the tusk of a wooden beast, of some sort.
    He opened the lock and placed one hand on his sword hilt.
    "I will let you go little one, but I can also put you back as well if you don't behave".
    "ME BE GOOD, ME GOOD, I MAKE PROMISE" the skink pleaded.
    With that, chadsun click the key on the padlock and removed it.
    With blazing speed, the skink swung open the cage door and bounded across the room,
    The skink was to fast for Eligbert to defend himself from it. Even if he had been,
    his plan to place his hands in front of his face would have done very little to protect
    him from the skinks plans to bite his captor as hard as he could on his leg.
    The Wizard let out a loud and choked scream.
    "Quickly, get him off!" Sue barked to Chadsun.
    They both grabbed at the skink, arms and tried to pry him off the Eligberts leg, but it was
    no use. The skinks powerful mouth was stuck in place.
    Red crimson blood had run down the wizards robes and now pooled wetly on the floor.
    With a weak voice Eligbert crocked
    "Its cold blooded, pour the cold water from that bucket over their on it, it will slow its metabolism".
    Sue stood up and walked over to the corner of the room where there was a wooden bucket.
    The heat of the Quogmia night seemed at odds with the bucket full of ice crystals. The smell of ozone
    from the bucket could only mean it had some sort of enchantment on it, to keep its contents at odd's
    with melting.
    Sue grabbed the bucket and threw it over the vengeful skink. Moments passed and the
    lizards eyes started to appear heavy. Gradually the skinks mouth began to slacken and its
    small hands started to open where they had been tightly wrestling with Chadsuns wrist.
    And then with bump, it fell backwards on to the floor and started to noisily snore.
    Eligbert had gone white with ordeal, now he had lost at least a pint of blood. Chadsun grabbed the wizards dirty bed sheets and began to
    cut them into strips to dress the wound.
    "This will have to do, until we can get you to a cleric." Chadsun stated.
    "I.. I what are you doing, why did you come into my home" Eligbert said, delirious with pain. "You caused all this trouble, I should turn you to lead".
    "Isn't that a bit beyond your spell lore, can't imagine a wanker like you being able to focus on books with out drawings of nudes in them for very long"
    Sue offered.
    "You idiots do you know, I am Eligbert hoffstein, respected member of the sailsberg town community and transmutation mage of high renown."
    "Enough, of that waffle, before you pass out, die or we leave and let you go to sleep, I want to know what that lizard creature was saying. Otherwise I am going
    to leave and place it by your fire place and lock the door."
    "no no, I will say" Eligbert said quickly panicking.
    "I have only had him for 2 weeks, like I said I bought him from the port docks, from some sailors. I don't know anything about them, other then they were
    of a swathe complexion and their ship had a yellow flag with a picture of a cutlass in red on it. They spoke poorly and in broken accents.
    I traded them 40 gold pieces for the Skink. I wanted him because I have heard ancient rumours of a race of Lizard men like creatures who inhabited a land
    decked out with limitless gold. Me being a gold wizard, you can probably make the connection yourself why I am interested in that."
    "What did he mean the sun fall?" Sue said pointedly.
    "I don't know, he keeps banging on about that. Put him back in his cage and when he wakes up ask him."
    "No, no more cage." Chadsun said in a firm voice.
    "Are you a fruit cake, can't you see that dangerous snake thing almost took half my leg off?"
    "Yea well, he didn't bite my leg, that's your problem if he thinks your as asshole." reasoned Chadsun.
    "He probably be less pissed off now, he gave you a good bite, also I don't want him to view me as another captor as I want to find out where it is he
    needs to go home to. Also about the sun falling sounds pertinent as well."
    "right" agreed Sue, wrapping her arms around the skinks waste and leaning him up against a stool by near to the fire place.
    "How hot does he need to be to start talking again?" She placed some small cut logs on to the fire place and pourded a little fuel from an nearby lantern
    on to them. She then touched a candle to the logs. The flame became to crackle and slowly started to engulf the logs.
    Taking a nearby cloth from a cupboard she began to pat off the water crystals from the reptile.
    The 3 new aquaintences paitently gazed at the skink. The heat from the fire made the small home rather uncomfortable in what was already a warm night.
    Eventually Eligbert, exhausted from his ordeal began to fall asleep. Much to Sue's annoyance he began to snore far louder and more obnoxiously then yellow primordial
    beast they had laid out in front of the fire.
    The skinks eyes began to open again, almost in a direct contrast to how he had closed them when the bucket of water had be thrown over him.
    He gradually began to pull himself up, and then turned his head to look directly at Sue.
    "So, do you have a name for yourself?" Sue asked, not sure if she should be expecting an answer.
    The lizard tilted its head slightly and its long forked tongue flicked out to taste the air

    "Choo Choo"
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  4. samheim

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    Vullox Pus Farter UnKeeper Of Silent Promises, wiped the gore from his huge decayed bronze axe.
    Bits of the sailors cadavers rested upon his filthy green armour. He opened his mouth to speak, and a long trail of slime poured out. The dead sailors
    bodies had already begun to turn a yellowish purple colour.
    "Oi, you fuck's, check below the deck fir that yellow star cunt again".
    One of the Blight Lords responded his mouth half full of sailors meat. "We looked every where, it's gone. or it ain't never err in the first place anyway".
    "Look you thick cunt, I ain't ask for your fucking opinion, look again."
    The crew of the Rotten Cunt Juice, made themselves busy, and huge heavily armoured feet and tentacles began to start their search all over.
    Vullox's brain tho heavily decayed by the plague father was still able to conclude that they had been to slow in the tracking of the Porto Prance vessal.
    They had followed the ship from the isle of clear thoughts, thru the pure sea, shrouded in the plague fathers poison mist, unfortunately they had not been able to
    make good time. He pondered for a moment, if maybe the Prancers had already done his job for him, and thrown the skink over board. Didn't seem very likely.
    That means they had to have stopped somewhere to off load cargo. And it could only be about a days sailing at the most from where he was now.
    "fuck it, bless this ship and scuttle it, I want it to foul these seas". The water around the Rotten Cunt Juice and the boarded Prancer vessel had already
    started to turn a pungent green colour. Dead fish risen up from the depths and floated on the surface of the effluent water. Vullox gazed towards the stern
    of the Rotten Cunt Juice, the back of the ship had a huge giants head binded to it, with long pink and purple tentacles, magically kept alive by Nurgles blessings and used to propel the ship by gulping and
    spitting out water. The poxed sailors finished their search and began to load back on to their own craft.
    "Set sail, we head dead south"!
    With that the giants cheeks began to contract and suck in the blighted water.
  5. samheim

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    Vullox walked down the stairs to his quarters and closed the door.
    A nurgling busily ground some warpstone and began to roll it with some tobacco into a cigarette, Vulloxs own form now to blessed to perform anything
    that required fine motor skills.
    The nurgling placed the joint in Vulloxs mouth and lit it using a conjured green flame.
    Vullox puffed merrily on the blunt. He then took a swig of his frothy cup of sick mans mercy ale. Brewed from intestinal fluids of plague victims and
    finest fermented oats, toasted twice.
    The warp dust toxins filled his head, and he could feel his brains throbbing against the inside of his skull, He began to hallucinate, back to a time,
    before he received Nurgles gift. He was sure that he didn't get everything wrong, he done what he could. They wouldn't understand, but he did. And
    what he did had all been done for them. His eternity to spread corruption, was worth it, if they didn't have to suffer.
    His mind bent away from the clean untainted hamlet he use to call home, and filled with poison images of his many misdeeds. There was no going back. Embrace what he had become or disintegrate into a bubbling mass of spawn.
    His mind now too shot to pieces to focus on his anointed task, he bellowed in a booming super natural voice, to drop anchor. Nurgle would bless his laziness and weakness to addictions. He felt his bowels loosen, and he shat nosily in his chair.
    He then closed his eyes, and fell into a deep warpstone dust induced comatose stupor.
  6. samheim

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    The Rotten Cunt Juice sat dead and stinking upon the sea.
    And Vullox dreamed a perpetual dying mans dreams. He was perpetually trapped in the moment before death, his body would rot and fall away only to be
    restored in hideous new forms. What was death for him anyway, his soul would never be free, it would merely find its way to Father Nurgles great pot.
    To wallow with the rest of the filthy forever.
    The waters around the ship had now almost solidified into an island, and sprouts of tentacles had started to shoot from the thick as tar green waters.
    The propulsion system had a look of shear horror on its face, as its flesh began to be picked at by warped sea creatures.
    The nurgling tugged at Vulloxs eye lids, jabbing its tiny fingers in his eye ball to wake him up.
    Returning to consciousness , he opened his mouth, and roared "Anchor up, dead south!".
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    "Well Choo Choo, you certainly have a fitting name, after what you did to the wizard" smiled Sue.
    "Wizard is bad, man, make me eat snails" the skinks face grimaced.
    "Well thats not very good" agreed Sue.
    "What's the meaning of this make sun fall" inquired Chadsun.
    "Fly men come and make Sun Fall" said Choo Choo.
    "Fly men?" replied Chadsun.
    "the dirty ones, come and make sun fall, I need go home, tell Tamilanque, wake old one, old one eat fly men."
    Chadsun rolled his bottom lip over his top lip, "no, not really making sense of this".
    "Well, where is home" Sue interjected.
    "Star ship is home in Yska"
    "Yska!" exclaimed Chadsun, "That's across the Tendril Sea!",
    "That's 400 leagues away!" Chadsun continued.
    "If we start now, we won't arrive for months!"
    "Home does seem a little far away Choo Choo" said Sue in understanding tone.
    "Choo Choo go to forrest, and call friends and friends, help take us to home."
    Sue looked at Choo Choo, in the same way someone looks at a dog after it has tried to explain with woofs that it has found something
    of interest and it would like you to explain to it why it found it interesting.
    "err, well.. the jungles round here are pretty dangerous, I am not sure we would be able to help you Choo Choo, people are not as good
    at surviving in the wilderness as you probably are." Said Sue.
    "Yes, you slow Choo Choo down, make Choo Choo slow, but you save Choo Choo, so Choo Choo save you from fly men."
    "Well that's very noble of you Choo Choo but I am sure we be jus..." Chadsun was interrupted by what sounded like cannons firing one after the other in the distance,
    However instead of the normal sound of whistling cannon balls, this was far more intense, it almost sounded like some evil creature screaming.
    "get down!" Yelled Chadsun.
    Vullox squinted as the port of Sailsberg appeared faintly in the horrionz.
    "Turn to port, arm the guns."
    Scores of Blight Lord Sailors assisted by hundreds of nurglings began to set the large rusted hell cannons and train them on the small port town.
    "Cannons Fire!" Yelled Vullox.
    36 Hell Cannons fired in sequence. Their demonic amunition guiding itself across the sea to its destination on the sleeping horizon.
  8. Paradoxical Pacifism
    Skink Chief

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    I like the dynamic between the Skink and the other two human characters. It's pretty interesting.

    I feel like the sexual content is a bit over done and ill-mature. It doesn't add to the story, and at worst, takes away from it. As @Killer Angel mentioned, these kinds of sexual allusions and jokes are fine as long as they don't drown out the story.
  9. Killer Angel

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    Have you taken a look at our short story contest (currently running)?
    You could consider to join the next one. ;)
  10. samheim

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    "Your excellence Tuti, some of the scouts have not returned. The decision to begin the ritual of accession must be made now."
    "Your excellence Pedandro, I respond by saying, we must wait"
    "Your Excellence Tuti" Luhumi interjected "We can not risk the safety of the passenger. If the dark ones are here, and they are to become knowledgeable of her presence, they
    will send everything they have."
    "Yes, yes, I am aware Your excellence Luhumi, do not forget, the responsibility to enter the star chamber and read the prophecy of Fulfilment Of The New Sun was given to me. It's prophesied we will wait
    until the moon has died 3 more times."
    "I call this council to an end" Tutti croaked in a dry voice.
    The 6 Slann Star seers began to retreat from the great stone tablet they had been using as a table. And made their way back to their indivual basking chambers, in
    the city sized star temple.
    The temple of the Restful One, was no ordinary Seraphon construction. This ancient temple had existed long before the world that was had even been
    first populated. It had travelled a long quiet journey through the stars over many many millennia, for it's passenger was being taken to a special event.
    It had landed in Yska in The Realm of Ghyran, when it needed to collect fresh water for it's many blessed spawning pools. The temple was attended to by
    many Seraphons, However these Seraphons were a far more ancient race then any that had lived in the world that was. Distinguished by their bright
    yellow colour and also being considerable more autonomous owing to their close proximity to the passenger.
    Around the great temple its huge armies had established a perimeter for several leagues in all directions, Yellow skinks darted in and out of the surrounding jugle,
    fetching and returning supplies back to the temple.
    The temple had been stationed on the yska peninsula for 3 months so far. The great ritual of accession, needed to recast the temple into space required vast
    resources of magic and materials.

    "xulu missing, savol missing, Tomlx missing, choo choo missing" Xavi the skink cheif listened to his staff officer update him.
    More scouts had failed to make it home. He expected some to meet awkward circumstances, but this was ridiculous.
    "Right, ready air troops, I go to, help, look-whats going on here." Xavi waited patiently while his mount was checked over by some of the Ripperdactyl maintenance teams.
    The winged primordial was hungrily grabbing at some of the large leafs the maintenance teams were feeding the herbivore. As it didn't eat meat, it meant they had to be constantly
    fed 6 times a day. Xavi climbed on top of the winged creature and gave the signal to the other 2 dozen air troops, with that he kick his mount on the side of its belly, it started to
    run across the long tall grass, flapping its wings in great sinewy arch. Xavi tugged on his mounts neck, and with that it pulled up gradually, leaving the ground,
    He then tapped his foot against the Ripperdactyls left leg, and it brought its legs up and folded them neatly into its belly, he then heaved once
    again on the beasts neck, and with that, they soared into the clouds.
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    Chadsun tugged on Eligbert's shoulder.
    Eligbert came to with a start "Wh, what.. who's there"
    "Ohh my leg."
    "Come on, we have to go now, how you managed to sleep with cannons blowing up half the town!" Chadsun exclaimed.
    "I, I can't walk, you have to help me."
    "Come on, get his other arm," Sue said, positioning herself under the burdensome wizards shoulder.
    "My, satchel, grab my satchel."
    "Choo Choo, take Eligbert's bag over there will you." Sue pointed to the back of a chair that had been positioned by the fire. The satchel seemed to be
    bulging full of what ever it was full of.
    The skink dashed and lifted the bag off the chair and carried it, in his arms.
    "GO NOW!" Choo Choo hissed in an excited voice. Opening the door to the abode, revealed a scene of true horror. People ran screaming, Much of the town was on fire
    It was still a couple of hours until sunrise, but the streets were well illuminated by burning house's everywhere.
    Choo Choo went through the open door, and waited in the street while Sue and Chadsun hurriedly manoeuvred the wizard through the open door.
    "Let's head to the mouth of the jungle, it seems to be in the opposite direction of where the shells are landing, we can hide there" Chadsun grunted, trying to heave the
    Wizard as fast as he could down the cobbled streets towards the trade road that lead through the Quogmia Jungle.
    Sue and Chadsun hurriedly tussled the Wizard as fast as they could.
    "Ouch!" cried Sue, she looked down to see a large fat fly had bitten her on her forearm. Choo Choo turned his head and spat out his tongue, it flicked
    out, at the speed of what seemed like lighting to Sue, it landed on her arm and then just as fast retracted dragging the fly back into Choo Choo's mouth, where it was followed by
    a gulping noise.
    People were screaming and shouting every where, Eligbert strained his head to look back towards the town, he could just make out that the "Hot Clam" brothel seemed to
    have suffered a direct hit, his head rolled forward and he began to weep bitterly.
    "Come on, we need to get as far from here as we can, before the guns have a chance to reload and fire again!" Chadsun shouted.
    "Ready the long boats, mi lord?" 1st mate Fulgrot gurgled to Vullox.
    "Aye" Vullox replied. The timing looked just about right to him, if the long boats left now, they should arrive just as the sun started to rise.
    The burning town was an excellent marker for his troops to row towards.
    "Mi Lord, I shall accompany you in the raid." Vullox hadn't noticed Kirkah Maggot Arse had shuffled up next to him.
    "Maggot Arse, don't summon anything on to the fucking long boats again like you did last time, you almost single handedly managed to loose us that engagement."
    "I don't see what the big deal is" replied Kirkah, "Yea the long boat went down, but then I cast another spell and it fill ther guts up with air, and they all float back
    up again like buoys"
    "And we lost half a day sailing trying to pick all the men back out of the sea again." Vullox said, his throat making a whistling noise, from a new hole that had appeared.
    "Half a day, well.. " Kirkah was about to remind Vullox about his own belatedness but then thought better of it.
    The first long boat had been loaded into the sea. The crew of 10 Blight Kings began to row, huge rotten biceps contracted and heaved as they propelled the sturdy
    wooden vessel and its heavy cargo through the sea.
    "Open the nests!" Vullox bellowed. 2 Blight Kings walked out into the centre of the ship and slid a heavy wooden beam holding together 2 cargo doors.
    They then began to tug on a pulley. The doors began to lift up and a loud buzzing noise emitted as endless fly's started to fill the night sky around the ship.
    Followed by a much louder, lower pitched more singular buzzing sound. A fly like creature 3 times as big as a cow emerged slowly from the hold and began to
    walk on the deck of the ship towards Vullox, followed by another one a moment later.
    Vullox and Kirkah mounted the disgusting Rot Fly's and followed the long boats into land.
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  12. samheim

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    "Ask that yellow devil to bring me my satchel, there is soothing ointment in there, and then Chadsun can rub it on my sore bottom and legs, since he
    caused my aliments in the first place" Eligbert cooed.
    "I swear if you don't shut up I am gonna beat you again" Chadsun said in a loud aggressive whisper.
    "It's alright, i'll do it" Sue said in an reluctant tone. "Choo Choo pass me the satchel".
    The Skink half hopped and walked to Sue handing over the Satchel. Eligbert done everything he could to stop a wide smile of delight spreading across his face.
    Sue unfastened the satchel and began to rummage through its contents. Choo Choo watched and investigated the items as they were thrown out on to the jungle floor.
    The sun had started to rise and caravans of refugees fleeing Salisberg were now making their way into the Jungle. Most had stopped to rest within
    site of the still burning port town.

    The Salisberg militia which numbered about 200 men, had taken up positions in the burnt out buildings facing the dark sea.
    Walter Mordol commander of the Salisberg defence force, looked on as the sun's first rays of light began to illuminate the new day.
    "Walter, look ship" Peter Frankfurton pointed out to a Silhouette barely visible against the morning shadows.

    "Sir landing craft, incoming north east" Rudolph Ausfart advised the commander.

    "Gud" Walter responded. The ship he estimated was about twice the size of a Living City galleon.

    "Look, yar, Ve have to shoot the swine with the 86 millimeter, aim just below the water line, no higher." Walter snapped 2 fingers in a gun shape and made the gesture of a cannon recoiling.

    The coastal town, due to its geography had suffered frequent raids, and so as the town was not big enough to have full time naval protection, it had
    instead been equipped with an extremely high velocity cannon. Forged in the gun school of Azyr and rumoured to 1 of a set of only 6 compression cannons.
    The Compressor cannon was also fitted with extremely well balanced optics that the expert Salisberg engineers were trained to fully exploit.

    "Range set sir" the 1st engineer barked.

    "Compensating for wind sir" He snapped again, setting the gun a little to the left of the smallish dot on the horizon.

    "Ready sir!" sweat from concentration poured down the engineers brow, his hand grasped at the triggering mechanism, his knuckles white and protruding.

    "Fire ya fire" Walter gave the order.

    The 1st engineer released his hand from the mechanism, and the long thin barrel of the cannon contracted and the whole of the gun carriage was pushed backward digging into the street with the force of the shell being expelled from the gun.


    The 2nd engineer team were now desperately stuffing black powder and cannon balls into the Hell Blaster's barrels.
    Vullox and his men was now only about 50 yards from shore when he heard a very loud pop emit from the shore line of Salisberg. The noize of the shell tearing through the air at incredible speed made him try to duck down into his mount.
    "Fuck men, hurry!" He gurgle screamed, as icy fingers of panic ran up down his rotten spine.
    The shell hit the Rotten Cunt Juice with such force, it tore through its belly on one side and went out the other side. Water started to flow through the breach.
    Nurglings quickly formed chains with buckets.
    Acting commander Sideth The Foul, yapped to the remaining crew, to try to target the source of the shot, with the Hell cannons.
    "YOU SEE THAT, BIG INSECT" Walter Mordal pointed to the rapidly approaching Kirkah and Vullox.

    the Helblaster team needed no further encouragement.


    the HELL Blaster spun into life, black smoke and fire spitting from the cannon tubes.
    Hot lead and gun smoke filled the air around, Vullox. Great pieces of his mount were torn off and fell into the sea. The creature folded its leg's
    into a prone position, another shot from the Hell Blaster punched a hole in its abdomen. Green gunk began to flow like a river from the quickly dying
    Rot Fly's belly.
    Vullox made out from the corner of his eye, Kirkah being thrown from his mount as he took a direct hit to the chest.

    Herbert Freiss, Cleric of Sigmar, hurriedly moved from man to man, touching each of their halberds and bestowing the blessing of Sigmar.

    "MUSKATEER, FORM SQUARE!" Yelled Walter at the top of his voice, his tonsils rattling against his throat.

    The Sailsberge defence force first rifle squadron, formed into 3 ranks of 20 men on the beech just in front of the street where the Hell Blaster spat
    out its fiery challenge to any of those who would dare oppose Sigmar.

    The first long boat had now struck land, and the Blight Kings began to shamble out of the craft and up the beech.

    "PREPARE TO FIRE" screamed Walter, his face now red and eye balls bulging out of their sockets.

    The front rank of the highly disciplined musketeers dropped to their knees and took aim at the oncoming Blight Kings.

    "FIRE YA FIRE" Walters voice now becoming broken.

    The kneeling musketeers let loose with their hail of led balls. Followed a moment later by the 2nd line of rifle men.



    The 3rd line of musketeers walked forward and took the place of the kneeling rifle men, then they to fired, while the new 2nd and 3rd ranks desperately reloaded their rifles.
    The 10 or so Blight kings who had made it to the beech so far, took the full impact of Salisberg defence force 1st rifle squadron.
    Bits of tentacle and arm were torn off. Even Nurgles unholy resilience could only do so much, and many good head shots were made, with some Blight Kings taking 2 or 3 musket balls to the skull.

    Vullox, dropped from his doomed mount and landed heavily on to one of the rear long boats.

    The Hell Blaster cannon was now tearing into the other long boats, Blight Kings were being blasted to pieces before they even hit the shore!

    In the distance the sound of a few cannons being fired from the Rotten Cunt Juice could be heard.

    The compressor cannon pop'ed again, its lengthy reloading and targeting procedure, greatly vexed Walter.
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    Kirkah felt himself sinking into the murky depths. His heavy armour dragging him downwards towards the sea bed. The Hell Blaster round lodged in
    his chest, and still hot, sent great streams of bubbles upwards towards the surface. He landed on the sea floor feet first.
    "Right" he said to himself in a bubbly voice, "Time for some summoning!". He started to laugh at the bubbles coming out of his mouth.
    Up top things were about to take a turn in Vullox's favour. A Hell cannon shell screamed in and scored a direct hit on the Salisberg defence force 1st rifle squadron.
    The men were torn to pieces, with burning limbs and torso's flying every where. The remaining rifle men lost their nerve and started to flee back towards the town.
    Just at this moment the Hell Blaster cannon had spent all its ammunition and needed to be reloaded.
    The halberds were hurrying to form into ranks. Running out from the burnt out houses and on to the beech.
    Walter Mordal drew his rapier and pistol and and stood front and centre in the still forming block of infantry.
    The long boat Vullox was travelling in had now made shore. Of the 100 or so Blight Kings who had set out in the long boats, only about three dozen remained.
    Vullox's heavy feet stomped into the sand and he began to advance with the mob of remaining Blight Kings towards the 130 or so halberds .
    All of a sudden a strange whirl pool appeared in the sea, and a huge cloud of flys began to swarm out. Moments passed and the torrent of flys were still forth coming. There were now so many flys the sky had began to darken.
    Now out of the whirl pool, green cycloptian monsters started to appear and swim the 20 yards or so towards the beech.
    Walter and his men tried to swat the flys off themselves. But it was no use there were just to many of them. The halberds braced as Vullox and
    the blight lords crashed into them.
    Vulloxs huge axe smashed into the shield of 1 man, splitting it in two pieces and also severing his arm. He then with unnatural strength brought the axe
    head back up, cleaving into the mans chest.
    Blight Kings slashed and stabbed at the Halberds with their swords and picks. The summoned demons now joined the fray.
    Men screamed in terror as the futility of the fight dawned on them.

    "BACK MEN, RUN" Walter shouted. The halberds turned and ran. Walter continued to fight on, maybe he would be able to buy time for 1 or 2 more of his men to escape.

    The Blight kings began to pile in. Walter stood alone surrounded.
    Vullox motioned with his hand, and the Maggot Kin lowered their weapons as he approached Walter to face him in one to one combat.
    Walter sword in hand, swung at Vollox. Vullox spun his axe and the blade hit the flat side of the axe head and flew out of Walters hand.

    "You... " Vullox spoke plainly, swarms of flys walking over his face.

    Walter looked at the Lord of Chaos with the eyes of a man who's fate was sealed. He had no fear in his heart.

    "You... " Vullox said again.

    "I hate men like you the most"

    "You give too much"

    "For those who would give nothing"

    Walter continued his blank stare.

    "Besides I have no stomach for killing a hero today"
    Vullox nudged his eye lids and made a smile, looking down towards his own distended entrails.

    The Maggot Kin parted and Walter ran as fast as he could away from the beech.
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    Vullox sucked hard on the warp dust,
    And he was back there again.
    "Alfred, Alfred" Louise called to her husband.
    Alfred was in the corn field, shearing the ears and putting them into bails. He was covered in sweat from the back breaking work.
    "Lou, what it is sweetness?" Alfred replied.
    "I'm going into Sigmuntun to get some sugar and dried fruit, I be back in two days, going to stay with my sister."
    "Again?" Alfred replied.
    "Yes why?" Louise's faced puzzled.
    "Ok ya go, See you in two days, love you"
    "Bye!" Louise waved, and headed down the dirt road towards the stage coach.
    "Mum, mum can we come with you?" Daisy and Lilly called after their mother.
    "No you stay with daddy and he will look after you until I get back." Louise said her voice faint in the distance.

    "Kids, go and play with Rodney Woofington will you, I am busy here".
    Rodney Woofington , a stout looking terrier, gave a look as if to say, "Not those dayum kids again".
    A moment later the poor dog was having his tail pulled by Daisy and Lilly had her arm wrapped around his neck.
    Alfred passed his eye over the rest of his farm.
    "Two more days on corn, 1 day on lettuce, 2 days pumpkin" He said to himself dividing his work load.
    The stage coach reached it's destination. The driver got down and opened the door.
    "I see you have freshened up luv".
    Louise beamed a smile at the old boy. His cheeks rosy and little veins lined his nose, alluding to his alcoholism.
    "Thank you for noticing!".
    She skipped excitedly from the carriage and ran down the main street of Sigmuntun. She walked up the steep steps to the town hall.

    "Louise! over here" A tall slim man beckoned to Louise, the sleeve of his satin suit rolling up, to reveal his expensive time piece he wore on his wrist.
    Louise ran over to him, and kissed him deeply.
    "Why you make me wait so long" The Mayor of Sigmuntun challenged Louise.
    "I can only bake so many cakes" Replied Louise smiling.
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    "Here" Eli passed the little glass vial to Louise.
    "Do this, and then we can be together".
    Louise took the vial and put it in her pocket.
    Her eyes looked frightened.
    "Your not sure?" Eli asked.
    "I do anything for us to be together Eli" Louise reassured him.
    Albert was busy loading the pumpkins on the back of the cart.
    "MUMMY, MUMMY" cried Lilly and Daisy. Alfred looked over the cart to see Louise waving, returning down the dirt road.
    "Ohh pumpkins!" Louise said smiling.
    "Then we will make pumpkin stew for supper tonight!".
    Lilly and Daisy ran up and hugged at their mothers leg.
    Alfred frowned to himself, hoping instead his wife had brought back some chicken or beef from Sigmuntun.
    Louise went into the house, and placed a large pot of water on to the stove. She waited until it was boiling and then placed the pieces of pumpkin
    in the pot, along with the chopped onion and carrots. She sprinkled in the rosemary and then placed in 4 cloves of garlic. She then took the little
    glass vial from her pocket and added its contents to the stew. She hoped the garlic would cover the taste of clear sticky liquid.
    "What do you mean you are not having dinner with us?" Alfred asked stunned.
    "Oh no, I ate with my sister before I got on the coach. It was a big meal of wheat cakes and vegetables".
    Alfred sighed and took his bowl of the soup. Lilly and Daisy took their bowls and spoons.
    Alfred dipped his spoon in the soup and brought it to his mouth. "How much garlic did you put in this?"
    Louise replied. "Oh dear it must have been a large clove".
    Alfred continued to eat his soup. Dipping a large husk of bread into it.
    "So what did your sister Margaret have to say about coming to the harvest festival?" Alfred muttered.
    "Oh she is very much looking forward to coming this year." Louise responded.
    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOUR GOING AGAIN!" Alfred furiously shouted.
    "I forgot to pick up yeast. the cakes won't rise without yeast Alfred".
    Louise called back, running up the road to the stage coach.
    "I promise I only be 1 day".
    Alfred watched the stage coach disappear into the distance, as he used a hoe to turn over the cabbage row.
    It had been a long day. Worse that Alfred felt a bit sick.
    "Daddy daddy, Lillys not well" Daisy alerted her farther.
    Alfred noticed she had red splotches on her face.
    "Ok into bed. We see how you feel in the morning"
    Alfred woke up, Lilly and Daisy were screaming. Alfred tried to move his head, but it was numb. Everywhere hurt.
    He groaned to himself, it must be the flu. That was him set to loose 3 days work.
    "Ok, ok I'm coming" Alfred with great effort got out of bed and walked over to the children's bed.
    "There, don't worry. It's just flu, it will only last a couple of days and then we do something nice when we are all well again".
    Alfred said, comforting Lilly and Daisy and tucking them in.
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    Louise sat in the stagecoach contemplating as the rickety wooden wheels passed over the dirt road.
    She hated the simple farmer her father had married her to. Growing up she had longed to move to the city and meet a man worthy of her culture and education.
    She wanted theater, art, dancing and life.
    Instead she was stuck with some idiot farmer in his hovel, having to peel carrots.
    More awful was when she was forced to have his children. She hadn't lived her life yet, and now she was expected to put aside all her hopes and aspirations and
    accept the drudgery of peasant life.

    Most of all she hated the look on the other women's faces when she attended the church of Sigmar in Sigmuntun. There she was sat with an idiot
    buffoon, in his best potato sack shirt and pants. While they sat with handsome refined men. The kind of men people took seriously.
    She remembered Alfred's idiot smile as he tried to hold her hand in the church. She snapped her hand away. One of the city women saw it and smirked,
    she then turned and told to the other women she was sitting next to, and they looked back smiling and giggling at Louise.
    She felt the anger boiling up inside her like something unbearable.
    Louise closed her eye's and sighed. Thank Sigmar it was over she thought to herself. She was free and freedom was worth anything.
    Two days passed. Alfred sat on a chair near the window. The influenza was not getting better. It seemed to be getting worse.
    "Dadyy, daddy! it hurts" Alfred looked to see a large pox mark had formed on Daisy's arm. Cold terror grasped at his heart.
    "Where is that bitch" Alfred said in a whisper under his breath. Louise had not returned. Groggy and exhausted, Alfred with great effort made himself
    appear composed for the sake of his daughters.
    "Right, girls wait here, I am going to talk to the coach driver to see if he can send a message to papa Edmund".
    Alfred stumbled across the floor coughing and headed out the shack door. Not sure of the time, he sat against the house and waited to see the black coach.
    It normally passed by at about midday on its way to the town.
    The coach stopped
    "You getting on board?" the coach driver asked Alfred.
    Alfred tried to stand and fell over on his side. "My family and I are all sick, can you ask papa Edmund to send help?"
    One of the passengers in the coach began to complain. "Look I paid 6 silver, and I need to get to Sigmuntun before dusk."
    The coach driver replied "I ain't got time for your troubles, I have enough of my own."
    "Wait, I pay you" Alfred said in a weak voice.
    "Ok 15 pieces of silver that's well out of my way."
    "Ok take the money, its in my house in the jar next to the window."
    The elderly coach driver climbed down from his seat and walked into Alfreds house. Paying no attention to Lilly or Daisy's cry's he helped himself to
    the 15 pieces of silver from the jar.
    "Good then, I will notify the clerics as soon as I have finished dropping these passengers off".
    With that he climbed back into his seat on top of the carriage and tugged the reigns. Alfred watched the coach head off into the distance.
    He stood up using the side of the house to steady himself and stumbled back in through the door, crawling with everything he had, he made it to his bed and fell into a deep sleep.
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    It was the dead of night, 7 days had passed, and the pox ate hard into Alfreds body. Great black pox holes appeared in Alfreds rotting limbs and torso. A huge pus filled cyst had
    appeared on the side of his mouth, which burned in agony every time he coughed.
    He couldn't bring himself to look over to the other side of the room. Even tho the darkness of the night obscured everything in the house.
    Alfred thought he heard the door being pushed open. Weakly with all his might he turned his head.
    He thought he made out a hooded figure walk into the room.
    This must be it Alfred thought to himself. He began to recite a prayer to Sigmar.
    "oh saviour be.. "
    "That's quite enough of that.." The figure said with a voice that sounded like it was gurgling.
    "You remember your friend the coach driver, well he did eventually get round to going to see papa Edmund... After he had spent your 27 pieces of silver
    in the Bloated Toad tavern"
    A foul stench beyond anything Alfred had ever experienced before filled his nose, Alfred gagged, he had nothing left to be sick with.
    "Unfortunately papa Edmund was a little occupied with the big fĂȘte he has coming up this week end. But don't worry he took 2 minutes to pray to Sigmar for you."
    Alfred's heart sank. His last shred of hope evaporating.
    "Lucky for you, you got some friends in high places at last Alfred."
    The dark stranger continued to talk.
    "Your lovely wife's lover made a silly error when he bought the poison that Louise poured into your pumpkin stew."
    "He wanted something that would kill you in a slow non alarming way that would look like you died from a natural outbreak of river fever"
    The figure stood perfectly still, Alfred fought to retain conscious.
    "It was actually Farther Nurgles Soul Stench".
    Alfred tiredly groaned "What.. who?"
    "Don't worry about that stuff, what I offering you is this."
    "I will make it so you are able to put things right. Sigmar ain't coming to save you Alfred"
    "No one cares weather you die here in this house and your murder go's un avenged"
    "A few days will pass, and the driver will eventually notify someone. Your house will be burned to the ground. The church will curse your wicked soul
    as proven by you bearing the pox of Uncle Nurgle"
    "Your wife will continue on with the mayor, and many people will offer her condolences to her."
    "She will eventually come to believe somehow she didn't kill you, and add your family's death as another grievance she suffered."
    "You will be forgotten right here."
    Alfred gave a dejected frown, sadness filling him.
    "So.. cough"
    "So... I am offering you something wonderful. A chance to spread new life from death."
    Alfred, thought hard. He felt so weak, but now a new feeling fought hard to sustain him. More then anything he had ever wanted in his life. He wanted revenge.
    Alfred spoke "Please one thing, release my children from their misery."
    "Right you are" Kirkah replied.
    There were no more noises from the other side of the room now. Alfred felt them gone. His heart almost burst from grief.
    "TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO" Walter shouted hidden strength coming from no where.
    "Do you Alfred Vullox give your soul over to the great father of life"
    "Do you take the dark oath" Kirkah ended.
    "nice" smiled Kirkah.
    Alfred exhausted fell into a deep sleep.
    The light poured in through the windows, as dawn broke.
    Alfred opened his eyes. His body covered with sores, his stomach bloated. And yet, he felt no pain.
    Alfred stood up and went to bury his dead.
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    This story is turning more and more interesting... :)
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    I could not have agreed more. I am looking forward for the next part @samheim!
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    Sue rubbed the ointment on to the back of Eligberts legs.
    Chadsun could barely contain his jealousy. "You should have got the lizard to put it on instead."

    Eligbert gave him a look as if to say bad luck.

    Sue in a no nonsense voice said "Look its no big deal. Its nothing I haven't seen before."
    "whaaattt..." Said Chadsun, his body felt light and tingly.
    "Well look hurry up anyway, we have to start moving before what ever army is attacking the
    town decides to come and find us in this forrest."
    At that moment the sky seemed to darken somewhat.
    "SUN FALL, SUN FALL! FLY MEN MAKE SUN FALL!" Choo Choo yapped excitedly, jumping up and down and running half way up a tree.

    "Choo Choo, are those people attacking the town after you" Sue inquired.

    "Yes" said Choo Choo.

    "Why are they after you?" She asked again.

    "See fly men build, big hole in world." The skink replied.

    "How did they know where to find you?" Sue asked again, not really understanding the previous answer.

    "Wait I have a question of far more pressing importance" Interrupted Chadsun.

    Choo Choo and Sue turned to look at Chadsun.

    "Sue, how many men have you slept with." Chadsun's face a mask of virtuous defiance.

    Sue turned red with anger. "HOW DARE YOU!", "YOU BASTARD MAN!" She stood up to run and hit Chadsun. Chadsun moved away fast enough, that Sue was unable to make contact.

    "I just want to know now, so I don't have to waste time pretending to be open minded, to trick you into telling me" Chadsun said walk,skipping backwards into the trees, to escape the oncoming Sue.

    Sue stopped. "I have never been with any man before, the only man I plan to sleep with will be my husband. And I wouldn't be interested in you
    if you were the last man left on the earth."

    Sue's obvious lies made Chadsun feel hollow inside.

    "But I saw how you apply the ointment to that dirty old man, and also you said it's nothing you have not seen before."

    Sue answered "I use to help as a nurse, before I do what I do now, and I use to help bath the sick."

    "Oh I see" Said Chadsun.

    "Anyway how is it any of your business!" Sue asked angrily.

    Choo Choo looked on in bewilderment At Chadsun and Sue. The pair didn't seem to be interested in the one eyed daemons that could now be faintly seen in the distance running up from the beech into what was left of the town.

    "You got to learn to respect a lady's decisions" Eligbert added to the fray.
    Chadsun gave Eligbert a look as if to tell him that he understood his sly game. Then swallowing all his pride responded "I am sorry, you are right, I was wrong. I don't know what came over me."
    Sue shook her head angrily "So Eligbert turned out to be the hero after all then" She said matter of factly.
    Chadsun could instantly think of a hundred things he wanted to respond to Sue's statement with.
    Instead he said "Yes I know, I am very sorry. I am a wicked man after all."
    "Anyway if you are quite finished prying into my own personal matters, we need to lift up Eligbert and continue onwards." Sue said, packing the items from the
    floor back into the satchel and then moving to help get Eligbert back on to his feet.
    Chadsun moved over and got underneath his other arm. Sue gave him an cross look, and the 4 of them continued to push deeper into the jungle.
    The heat of the jungle was stifling. It was difficult to make good footing on the forrests floor. And a couple of times Sue almost twisted her ankle.
    Choo Choo on the other hand moved about as if he spent all his life in the jungle noted Sue.
    With the daemons at their back, Chadsun tried to blot out far worse horrors from his mind. He imagined Sue meeting a strange man for the first time.
    Sue was smiling at the man. They didn't even say a word to each other, and then the man was kissing Sue passionately, in the next scene, the man
    was kissing Sues neck and cupping her beautiful large breasts. He then envisioned Sue watching on with anticipation, as the man removed his tight pants,
    Sue gave a delighted smile, and the man turned around. His manhood was huge! dwarfing Chadsuns own by a good dwarfs nose.
    He done everything he could, to not throw the wizard down and run screaming out of the forrest and into the sea.
    "Men coming" Choo Choo said. Sue looked around.
    "Look! its some of the soldiers from the town!"
    The three men running and covered with sweat approached the party of four.
    "Ya vhats gud?" the man said who was wearing an officers uniform.
    He proceeded to introduce himself.
    "My name ist Walter Mordul, and deese are mine men's, Peter Frankfurton and Rudolph Ausfarht." Walter said in his heavy Salibergian accent.
    "You need helps? mine men can helps you with carrying the vizard. Ve needs to move quickly, some bad things coming from the beech." He added.
    Chadsun was about to speak and tell them that they didn't need their help when Sue spoke first.
    "Oh that would be lovely" said Sue. "We have been carrying him for hours and I am exhausted."
    "Look sir another monster!" Rudolph Ausfart exclaimed pointing at Choo Choo peeking out from behind the trees.
    Walter instantly went to grab for his dagger, his last remaining weapon after the beech conflict.
    "No no, he's with us, he is not a monster, he is Choo Choo!" Sue quickly said reassuringly.
    Walter eased off his dagger "Well if you say my lady I am sure he is fine" he said with a charming smile, winking at Sue.
    Sue flashed a smile back at him.
    "Men helpz thee vizard!" Walter waved his hand.
    Peter and Rudolph took their positions under Eligberts arms and began to confidently carry him onwards into the forrest. Chadsun trailed behind them.
    "So who were the army attacking the beech then?" Sue asked Walter.
    "I don't know, They look like rotting monsters"
    "My men fight bravely but it was no use"
    "Did you hear that Eligbert" said Sue.
    "Walter and his men were fighting against monsters! Aren't they brave men" Said Sue.
    "Yes, wonderful brave hero's" replied Eligbert.
    "Chadsun did you hear that to?" Sue said.
    "Yes" said Chadsun sheepishly.
    "Well don't you think Walter and his soldiers were very brave?" Sue asked again.
    "yes, very brave" Chadsun said in quiet weird quivering voice that broke on a high note.
    A realisation of an event far more terrible then the sun falling out the sky, had now dawned on Chadsun. With Walter about it would be almost impossible
    to make anymore head way into Sue's obviously sworded past.
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