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Army Fluff The darkened ones

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by wolfmage, Jul 27, 2010.

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    The City of Darkness unnamed; forgotton. Finished moments before the cataclsym, built to hold the gateways open.It destroyed them unleashing demons across the world. It contained thousands of sacred artifacts. One of the last acts of the Old ones was that it was sealed away underground impervious even to the assaults of demons. The corruption of the world itself still affected the city, changing the thousands of inhabitants black streaked with red. The city had but two plaques to follow. One was a map showing an unknown world, the other contained two instructions and only two. The first was that in a thousand years they should light the dark torches and follow the path revealed, the second instruction was to march east to destroy the taint released by the cities completion. The meaning of following the path revealed was debated for centuries between the skink priests and the lone slann but at the appointed time the torches were lit and a roar of energy was heard as an incandescent beam crashed through the tunnels opening the city to the world again. The path had been revealed and so the Lizardmen packed up and marched east until they reached the coast where the fleet was constructed and they sailed. After they arrived in ulthuan they were greeted by the elves warriors who they promptly slaughtered continuing east. A recovered map from one of the many battles waged against the elves told them one thing. Their second ancient plaque showed the world as it is aeons after it was made. The darkened lizards continued east and discovered the corruption of man and so waged a brief war on the empire before retreating to the skaven's lands to destroy their corruption. They continue to march, no longer simply east but to wherever corruption lies on a holy crusade to destroy all taint of corruption from the old ones plan and to restore balance to the world and so work to undo what was done in their city all that time ago...

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