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The Great models List!

Discussion in 'General Hobby/Tabletop Chat' started by Killer Angel, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Lord-Marcus

    Lord-Marcus Sixth Spawning

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    Yup. I've been meaning to finish some sisters of silence I've had
  2. Skorp

    Skorp Active Member

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    Glad this thread got revived, would love to see lists from you old timers. I'm glad I've been keeping track of everything since I started. Nice for perspective and deterrent.
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  3. Diablo

    Diablo Member

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    Here is my model list:


    Seraphon 8360p

    1x Lord Kroak
    1x Saurus Oldblood auf Carnosaur
    2x Saurus Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur
    1x Troglodon
    2x Bastiladon (Sonnenmaschine)
    1x Bastiladon (Lade des Sotek)
    2x Stegadon (Engine Of The Gods)
    9x Ripperdactyl Riders
    4x Razordon
    12x Skink Handlers
    1x Saurus Astrolith Bearer
    3x Skink Starpriest
    2x Saurus Oldblood
    34x Saurus Guards
    16x Saurus Knights
    158x Saurus Warriors
    153x Skinks
    5x Chamelen Skinks
    1x Slann Starmaster
    3x Terradon Riders
    4x Fleckkröte
    1x Tiktaq'to
    1x Saurus Sunblood
    1x Saurus Eternity Warden
    3x Kroxigor


    Flesh Eater Courts 7280p

    2x Abhorrant Ghoul King (on foot)
    1x Abhorrant Ghoul King onTerrorgheist
    1x Abhorrant Ghoul King on Zombie Dragon
    3x Abhorrant Archregent
    1x Terrorgheist
    1x Zombie Dragon
    220x Crypt Ghouls
    5x Crypt Ghouls Courtier
    18x Crypt Horrors
    18x Crypt Flayers
    1x Varghulf Courtier

    1x Arkhan the Black (as an ally)


    Beastclaw Raiders 3060p

    1x Frostlord on Thundertusk
    1x Frostlord on Stonehorn
    2x Huskard on Thundertusk
    16x Mournfang Pack
    4x Frost Sabres
    1x Icebrow Hunter

    Gutbusters 380p

    1x Grot Scraplauncher
    1x Firebelly
    1x Butcher

    Ironjawz 960p

    1x Warchanter
    10x Ardboyz
    3x Gore-gruntas
    1x Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork
  4. Schwaaah

    Schwaaah Active Member

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    Here's where I am at for now. Tons to paint, so probably not acquiring any more for a good long while

    Seraphon: ~3500 pts

    · 1 Slann Starmaster - paint in progress

    · 1 Scarvet on Carnosaur - paint in progress

    · 1 Oldblood on Carnosaur - paint in progress

    · 1 Scarvet on Coldone

    · 1 Skink Starpriest - paint in progress

    · 1 Skink Priest

    · 1 Engine of the Gods - paint in progress

    · 1 Astrolith Bearer

    · 1 Eternity Warden

    · 1 Sunblood

    · 24 Skinks - Painted!

    · 10 Saurus Warriors - paint in progress

    · 15 Saurus Guard

    · 7 Saurus Knights - paint in progress

    · 6 Ripperdactlys

    · 1 Bastilodon - Painted!

    · 3 Kroxigor - Needs to be repainted

    1 Gotrek

    Slaanesh ~1350 points

    · 1 Shalaxi Helbane - paint in progress

    · 1 Infernal Enrapturess - paint in progress

    · 20 Daemonettes - paint in progress

    · 10 Seekers

    · 3 Fiends

    · 1 Bladebringer Herald on Exalted Chariot
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2019
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  5. Tk'ya'pyk

    Tk'ya'pyk Well-Known Member

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    Everyone is kicking my butt when it comes to AoS/WFB minis. I had to sell 98% of my fantasy stuff when my wife lost her job in '08. Just got back into AoS recently after a long hiatus.

    1 Skink Priest (old metal model)
    2 Skink Starpriests (one official, one definitely NOT)
    10 (old metal) Skink Cold One Riders (used as Saurus Knights)
    5 Saurus Knights
    10 Saurus
    20 Skinks
    2... um... custom pieces I've been working on which are basically large turtles with a trio of skinks riding on each...
    3 Terradons (some assembly still required)
    1 Troglodon

    Skaven (Clan Moulder):
    2 Master Moulders
    3 Packmasters
    3 Rat Ogres
    32 Giant Rats
    6 Skaven Wolf Rat conversions
    2 Rat Swarm bases

    Legions of Nagash:
    Wight King on Horse (old metal model)
    15 Skeletons
    10 Grave Guard
    Necromancer (old metal Mordheim conversion)

    10 Tzaangor
    1 Great Bray-Shaman on a Disc of Tzeentch (stand-in for a Tzaangor Shaman)
    2 High Elf Heroes (metal sculpts I really didn't want to part with)
    A bunch of old metal GW Chaos Warriors
    About 60-odd Frostgrave Gnolls (plastic and metal - I'm still working out whether to use them as Free Company or Beastmen. They don't really work as either, but Free Company fits them better)
    Perry Bros Plastic Historial Minis: 12 Pikemen, 12 Crossbows, 10 Heavy Cavalry (to use as Dogs of War in an 8th Edition/9th Edition force I'm tinkering with.
    20 old Mordheim Marienburg figures + commander from the Steam Tank (These were the rest of my Dogs of War 8th/9th attempt)

    Now if we're talking 40K, that is a TOTALLY different kettle of fish! My High School buddies played 40K, so I kept two armies for that and am working on a third now. Used to be about 3K worth of Renegades and Heretics, points changes have dropped that to about 2.3K. 2.5K worth of Grot-Themed Orks. About 1K of Khorne-themed Heretic Astartes.
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  6. Imrahil
    Skink Chief

    Imrahil Well-Known Member

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    That's a noble thought i had a lot of times ;)

    I have to take the time to list it all... not sure of what i got on stock :$

    Gr, Imrahil
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  7. Karnus

    Karnus Well-Known Member

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    Models I own:

    2x slaan
    1x tetto'eko
    1x gor'rok
    1x oxyotol the unseen (lost kingdoms proxy)
    4x Skink priests
    2x carnosaurs
    2x old blood/scar vet on foot
    3x old blood/scar vet on cold one
    40x Templeguard
    40x Saurus warriors
    50x skinks
    3x kroxigor (lost kingdoms proxy)
    5x chameleon skinks (lost kingdoms proxy)
    20x cold one riders
    6x ripperdactyl
    2x Salamanders
    3x stegadons
    2x bastiladons
    + a box of misc lizardmen bits I picked up off facebay.

    As for lists? I play a different list every time :p big fan of the dual carno list in the 8th edition tactica.
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  8. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Ok I am sure this list is not fully accurate, but it is a start, everything that I remember from the top of my head:

    Seraphon (painted)

    24 Saurus Warriors
    15 Saurus Knights
    15 Saurus Guard
    1 Astrolith Bearer
    1 Eternity Warden
    1 Sunblood
    60 Skinks
    6 Skink handlers
    2 Bastiladons
    1 Oldblood on foot
    1 Oldblood on Carnosaur
    1 Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur
    1 Scar-Veteran on Cold One
    1 Starpriest
    2 Priests
    1 Troglodon
    1 Stegadon/EotG
    3 Terradons
    3 Rippers/Terradons
    1 Lord Kroak
    1 Slann
    3 Razordons
    1 Salamander
    3 Capybara Skinks (count as Salamanders)
    1 Skink Chief
    10 Chameleon Skinks
    1 Chameleon Skink Stalker
    3 Kroxigor
    3 Jungle Swarms

    Seraphon (unpainted)
    1 Starpriest (might become Starseer)
    1 Oxyotl
    1 Skink Prophet
    2 Stegadons
    3 Rippers/Terradons
    24 Skinks

    Legions of Nagash (painted)
    3 Necromancers
    2 Wight Kings
    1 Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon / Terrorgheist
    1 Mortis Engine
    2 Morghast
    3 Spirit Hosts
    15 Black Knights
    10 Grave Guard
    100 Skeleton Warriors
    Sepulchral Guard (7 models)

    Legions of Nagash (unpainted)
    1 Nagash
    1 Arkhan the Black
    1 Wight King

    Sylvaneth (painted)
    40 Dryads
    5 Tree Revenants
    2 Branchwych
    1 Treelord
    1 Treelord Ancient / Durthu
    3 Kurnoth Hunters

    Sylvaneth (unpainted)
    1 Alarielle
    6 Kurnoth Hunter
    1 Branchwraith
    10 Tree Revenants
    1 Arch Revenant

    Endless spells (painted)
    1 Balewind Vortex
    1 Malign Sorcery box (shared with friend)

    Other models (painted)
    1 Joseph Bugman
    6 Gryph Hounds
    1 Abhorrant Ghoul King
    3 Citadel Woods
    5 Sisters of the Thorn

    Shadespire set (all painted)
    Silver Tower set (all painted)

    Other models (unpainted)
    1 SCE Knight Incantor
    1 Tau Cadre Fireblade
    1 Tau Darkstrider
    12 Blood Bowl humans
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2019
  9. Tk'ya'pyk

    Tk'ya'pyk Well-Known Member

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    Hmm. I notice people are suddenly listing 40K minis. Should I list those out as well?
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  10. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    If you want to. :)

    I only listed mine because I literally have only two.
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  11. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    That would be a long task... :p
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  12. Tk'ya'pyk

    Tk'ya'pyk Well-Known Member

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    It would, indeed. Plus I assume people would want pics of my Renegades and Heretics, so I should really wait until I have some painting work done before I harp on about my piles of Renegade Militia and Disciples...:rolleyes:
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