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AoS 1750 for club tournament - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Seraphon Army Lists' started by Lizko, Jul 17, 2017.

  1. Lizko

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    Hey everyone.

    First time posting. Been lurking here for 6 months since re-entering the hobby after around 8 years of pause. I'll attempt to post pics of my fully painted army at some point.

    My club regularily hosts tournaments and I'm about to enter my first one. I've played 5 games so far with my new Seraphon, most games at 1500 points with oldschool turn sequence and no battallions. Taking a beating most of the time against Sylvaneth and Stormcast (really only played against those two). I've played only once with a battallion - Heavenswatch - which felt fantastic and far more powerful than without any battallion (also won a minor that one time against mixed Sylvaneth/ wanderers). My only issue is I want to try shadowstrike as well, but the requirements for fielding both of those are quite hefty, especially on the leader slots in such low point games.

    This time around the club decided batallions will be introduced again. We'll be playing with the GHB naturally, but without any artefacts (don't ask why) and NO stacking buffs of the same/identical source - 1750 points (battlehost). I have got access to most models with some exceptions, but in the mood for new purchases. I believe I have a general idea of what I should field, but I'm hoping on receiving some feedback and thoughts.

    Out of my 10 potential opponents presumably half will be chaos daemons of some god - We've got them in all colors. There are also a few sylvaneth players and what looks like the odd SCE / Kharadron / Death. Maybe Beastclaw raiders.

    My initial thought was to pick a lot of units with extra damage vs Chaos Daemons. I'll likely be purchasing rippers any day now and go for a shadowstrike. However, there are small concerns at the club about battallions being too strong for some factions, so one of the conditions was to slightly tone down the cheese of lists in this small-scale tournament. Hence I'm trying to make a versatile list that would be fun for both me and my opponents, while not making it too soft - as I'm getting the feel and impression Seraphon do need all the goodies they can get.

    Alright, so here's what I'm considering.


    Skink Starpriest - 100 (in Shadowstrike)

    Skink Starpriest/Priest - 100

    Skink Chief (General) - 60

    Scar-Veteran on Carnosaur - 260


    Saurus Knights x5 – 120

    Skinks x10 - 80

    Skinks x10 - 80 (in Shadowstrike)

    Chameleons x5 - 120 (in Shadowstrike)

    Ripperdactyls x3 - 140 (in Shadowstrike)


    Stegadon 260

    Bastiladon 300

    Shadowstrike Battallion – 120

    TOTAL: 1740

    This way, I think I could pack a punch while also toning it down by having some knights and Carno. These are probably decently useful for some extra mobility and flanking, but overall I feel they tone down the list while perhaps bringing some versatility. The way I see it there is still decent synergy in there too.

    I’ve got access to Starseer, Slann, EoTG, More Bastiladon, Oldblood on Carno, Sunblood and some 20x saurus warriors, but since I can’t take an efficient Bloodclaw (no stacking those scarvet commands) I feel like I could only alternatively run a Heavenswatch. It would probably be fun doing that with a second Basti for example, but I somehow fear it would be considered too good, especially as cheese was asked to be toned down. Then again, maybe this is nothing compared to Beastclaw / Skyfires.

    Assuming I’d go with the list above. Thoughts? What would you change?

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