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9th Age 2500 tournament monster list?

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by Nukes4life, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. Nukes4life

    Nukes4life Member

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    Hey all,
    There is a tournament in two weeks and I was wondering wether this list could work, I really like the taurosaur and the stygiosaur so want to include them even though they are not as competitive. I would like to include the warlord on raptor but dont know what to cut for him. This is what I thought of now:

    Saurian Warlord: Alpha Carnosaur, Army General, Divine Icon, SA - Spear of the Stampede, SA - Starfall Shard

    Skink Captain:Battle Standard Bearer, Blowpipe, Fleshrender, Lucky Shield, SA - Jade Staff, Ancient Taurosaur , Giant Bow
    Skink Captain: Alpha Pteradon, Blowpipe, Dragonfire Gem, Hardened Shield, Skull Splitter
    Skink Priest: Dispel Scroll Level 2 Path of Wilderness

    Saurian Warriors 33, FC war standard, serpent totem
    10 jaguar warriors banner
    10 jaguar warriors banner

    5 chameleons
    5 chameleons
    6 chameleons

    stygiosaur: champion
    ancient taurosaurgreat bow

    Any tips would be appreciated :)

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