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A sub-forum for 9th Age?

Discussion in 'Ideas, problems and feedback' started by NIGHTBRINGER, Feb 28, 2016.


    NIGHTBRINGER Second Spawning

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    I was just wondering if there are any plans to create a separate sub-forum for 9th Age. Although it is not nearly as popular as AoS, 9th Age seems to have significantly more traffic surrounding it than KoW's Salamanders.

    I was thinking that it may be worthwhile to give it its own sub-forum and leave the Lizardmen forum for 8th edition (or earlier) Warhammer. Or are we viewing it as more of a natural continuation 8th edition?

    Just a thought; I'm curious to see what others think.
  2. StealthKnightSteg

    StealthKnightSteg Well-Known Member

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    We have this discussion on a broader scale over on Empire, and the biggest thing going is not make to much sub forums as more of those will make the forum look dead / less active.
    I think the tagging system is great as it is now for 8th (and earlier) and 9th. Seeing the traffic for KoW I would even suggest to cancel those subforums and merge them in with their own tag.
  3. The Red Devil

    The Red Devil Defender of Hexoatl Staff Member

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    Personally I consider it more of a natural continuation of 8th ed. and with the tag system, I dont believe there will be too much confusion around keeping it as it is now.

    In addition, when 9th Age goes out of beta, I believe we will get less posts about 8th as well, since many people sitting on the fence now, will progress to 9th Age.

    Yes, I am surprised on the low level of traffic we have received there, as I received a bunch of requests for a KoW section. I think we will give it some more time, at least until Salamanders have been officially launched before deciding on the forums, but it might be a better idea to merge it into a Tag as well.
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