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Fiction Character Origins: Ruagahnn

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Kcibrihp-Esurc, Jul 19, 2017.

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    @RoseThorn asked for an antagonist's backstory, so I decided on Ruagahnn.
    The next Character Origins will be Norimia & Eliara.

    The world hasn’t seen such a great wyrm in dozens of millennia, a creature so vast it blotted out the sky, greater than any monster to ever walk the earth, swim it’s seas or ply her skies.
    Ruagahnn, greatest of the Dragons. He remembers a time before the Old Ones. A warmer time, When the world was in one piece and no moon stared upon the face of the world. A world that would never have supported creatures like Humans or Elves. No one feared ‘Daemons’ no creature had heard of one.
    Ruagahnn remembered the civilizations that rose back then, greater than Nehekhara or The Empire, more mighty than Cathay or Bretonnia and more learned than Ulthuan or the Dwarfs. They made great creations, monuments and artifacts unrivaled by any artisan born since on this world. Now they were dust in time. Destroyed by invaders from another world.

    He remembered the time before the ‘First’ came down from the heavens, Starborne but Earthbound. He remembers the smell of Suns long dead from them, and the reek of blood from the billion deaths that the Old Ones ordered. He could remember watching their ships descend, coated in flames and lightning, a bright flash from heaven as they materialized above the world and fell to Earth. They released their creations, building cities of stone and murdering the people who came to speak with them. Then the world grew cold, the sun dimmed. He did not know it then but the world had shifted thousands of miles away from the sun that nurtured it. The land ruptured and split.
    The dragons retreated to caves and caverns, retreating from the cold and beginning their slumber. Dreaming of warmth. One day the world would grow warm again, and monsters from the sky and the cold would be a distant memory.

    The world changed while he slept, mountains rose, islands grew out of the sea and a moon appeared in the sky. New species appeared, Elves, Dwarfs, Humans, Ogres and Halflings.
    The return to the old ways that Ruagahnn dreamed of with his brethren never came, and never would. A second moon appeared in the sky, a malevolent green orb composed of Warpstone, and Daemons appeared in their million hordes to kill everything.
    The Elves enacted their ritual to save the world, creating a magical vortex above their island.

    And so Ruagahnn slumbered for millennia, before he was awoken by a group of Chaos Dwarfs, and the greatest dragon returned to the world.
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