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AoS Constellations & Command Abilities

Discussion in 'Rules Help' started by TommyM, Apr 11, 2020.

  1. TommyM

    TommyM New Member

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    Hi, any help appreciated.

    Do I have to pick one of the 4 Constellations?

    Can a unit only use it's Command ability if it's the General?

  2. LizardWizard
    Skink Priest

    LizardWizard Grand Skink Handler Staff Member

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    You do not have to play with one of the constellation subfactions. You do have to decided to be Starborne or Coalesced though.

    In Age of Sigmar second edition, all heroes can use any of the command abilities on their Warscroll or any of the 6 Generic command abilities in the Core Rules. It cost 1 Command Point per use of any Command Ability.
  3. Canas

    Canas Well-Known Member

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    Also in addition to that, certain command abilities can only be used by that hero if he is the general, or get bonus effects when he is the general as opposed to random hero #435. They will specify so.

    Furthermore you get 1 free command point at the start of each turn.
    1 additional command point per battalion that you field at the start of the turn.
    You can also buy additional command points when you build your army at 50 points each (usefull for leftover points)

    And there are of course abilities that may generate additional command points throughout the game when certain conditions are met (e.g. our slann can generate some)

    Look carefully at how many command points you'l have available at any given time and tailor your strategy too it.
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