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AoS Cp points

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by TJ.West, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. TJ.West
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    TJ.West New Member

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    Is it right that only the Slann-general
    Can generate the points ?

    You can summon units of SERAPHON to the battlefield if you collect enough Celestial Conjuration Points. In your hero phase, before attempting to cast a spell with a ->SLANN general<--, you can say that it will carry out Celestial Conjuration instead. If you do so, you receive 3 Celestial Conjuration points instead of being able to attempt to cast that spell. In addition, at the end of your hero phase you receive 1 Celestial Conjuration point if your general is a SLANN and is on the battlefield, and D3 Celestial Conjuration points if there are one or more friendly SAURUS ASTROLITH BEARERS on the battlefield.

  2. LizardWizard
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    Welcome to Lustria Online!

    Correct. Only a Slann General and a Saurus Astrolith Bearer are capable of generating CCP.

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