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El Victor Magnetic Movement Trays FREE

Discussion in 'General Hobby/Tabletop Chat' started by ElVictor, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. ElVictor
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    I`m el Victor a leading manufacturer of Magnetic Trays on Polish forum Border Princess ( independent forum of Warhammer Fantasy Battles/ 9th Age).

    My offer:


    If you want to see my Magnetic Movement Trays read further.

    If you are not familiar with Magnetic Trays or are you using normal trays check this:

    My offer:

    1) High quality, stylish Magnetic Trays (Metal, Plywood and Magnetic Foil)

    a) with edges
    b) without edges

    How to order:

    1) Tell me what size of tray do You need (for which type of models) via PM or e-mail magnetictrays@gmail.com

    I highly recommend the most universal size that is 5 x 2 models (20mm or 25mm) because the tray is convinient to transport or, in a game, you can easily make a reform although I would make any size that You want for:

    - 25x50mm (Cavalry),
    - 40x40 (Monstrous Infantry),
    - 50x50 (Monstrous Beast),
    - 50x75 (Monstrous Cavalry),
    - 50x100 (Chariot),
    - 100x150 (Monsters),
    - 60 or 75 round (Warmachines).

    2) Other stuff (Optional)
    You can buy only tray that consist of metal or metal+plywood (cheaper)
    You can choose colour of the sheet metal
    You can choose if the metal is plain or rough
    You can buy 3x2 magnets


    10€ for each - no matter the size of the tray and about 10€ shipping. We are shipping worldwide.

    Some opinion about me (from polish forum Border Princess).

    My thread is on forum from 2012 and reached 269 replies and 31597 views (12.10.2017)

    " Fast, efficiently and without problems - i recommend the seller "
    "I`ve just received the order from Victor.
    Very good quality.
    Contact - first class
    I do recommend"
    "I join to satisfied clients. I honestly recommend."

    To sum up

    If you have any question about magnetic trays or any other feel free to ask, if not what are You waiting for - make and order [​IMG]! via PM or e-mail magnetictrays@gmail.com

    Not convinced yet?

    Magnetic Movement Trays FOR FREE!!!

    I offer 3 samples of my trays for free (only shipping costs) 5x2 models 20 mm

    1) Magnetic movement tray with edges (metal+plywood+magnetic foil) 5x2
    2) Magnetic movement tray (metal+plywood+magnetic foil) 5x2
    3) Magnetic movement tray (metal+plywood) 5x2

    If you are interested please contact with me by PM or e-mail magnetictrays@gmail.com

    You can also write a comment in this thread.

    Lizards Please make orders [​IMG]


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