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Question about stripping

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by Teheloqtec, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Lord-Marcus

    Lord-Marcus Sixth Spawning

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    I reccomrec LA's totally awesome
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  2. Sephalo

    Sephalo New Member

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    In my opinion the best for the job is "Biostrip20", in case you want to try something new.

    It's not harmful for the environment (!), doesn't leave a horrible smell (like dettol), works fast and easy and it doesn't damage the models.

    What I do:
    - I put enough in a cup so that the model I want to strip fits in perfectly.
    - I let it in for ~30min.
    - I bring the model to the sink, turn on comfortably warm water and hold it under the water while brushing the paint away with a toothbrush.
    - Done in 2min.

    This works perfectly on any metal or plastic figure. But finecast could have issues.

    Some things to watch out for:
    - If you leave a finecast model in it for too long it will start damaging the material. For some reason finecast is fragile for this stuff. I still use it on finecast but only soak for like 15min and then see if the paint comes off already. I once left a model in it for 2 hours because I forgot about it. After that the plastic became flexible. After a week (!!!) in the fridge it became stiff again and luckily the model was saved, but it was a close call. ;)
    - You could reuse the same stuff over and over again if you pour it in a bottle and safe it. The liquid will become dirty but can sometimes work for like 3 'runs' in a row. I personally am a lazy guy and never reuse it, but many people do.

    Only problem is that I don't know if it's available all over the world, but perhaps through eBay there's an easy chance to get it.
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