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KoW Sallies vs Ratkin w/ Abyss [Ransack! - 2000pts]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by BAE, Mar 31, 2017.

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    Got in a practice game of Ransack with Ian before we head up to Stockport for Fools of War all weekend. As usual I'm not going to do a turn by turn explanation as I prefer to focus on analysis. Anyway, the armies were:

    Clan Lord w/ Firebolts & Wings of Honeymaze
    Mage Priest w/ Surge & Inspiring
    Mage Priest w/ Surge & Mounted
    Herald w/ Boomstick
    2 x Lekelidon
    2 x FE Horde
    Primes Horde w/ Brew of Haste
    Ghekkotah Warrior Regiment
    Kaisenor Lancer Regiment
    2 x Unblooded Troop

    Swarm-Crier w/ Lute of Insatiable Darkness
    Mutant Rat-fiend
    Brutes w/ The Fog
    2 x Vermintide Reg
    2 x Scurriers Troops w/ Bows
    Blight Regiment
    Spear Warriors Horde w/ Shield of Dragonsomething (or whatever it is)
    2 x Succubi Troop
    Lower Abyssals Regiment


    Tokens are the green disks. There were two 1 point tokens on my far right (one either side of halfway), one 2 point token on my near right (my side of halfway), a three point token in the centre, and two 2 point tokens on my left (one either side of half way).

    After setup:

    After 1st turn:

    After 2nd turn:

    After 3rd turn:

    After end game:

    Left flank - I hid my Ghekkotah Reg behind a hill, forcing some of his units to come quite far to deal with them. He couldn't ignore them as they can be quite nasty in the rear / flank. He probably committed more than he needed to - one Vermintide Reg & one Lower Abyssals Reg - but not excessively so. The Ghekkos killed the Vermintide and died from the Abyssals, but did what they needed to by providing distraction and keeping a few units out of the game.

    Right flank - I overcommitted here, sending an Unblooded Troop, Lekelidon and Kaisenor Regiment against a Succubi Troop & Vermintide reg. Still, with the two 1 point tokens on the right flank I was happy to overcommit as I could then use these units to move back and capture objectives. He played coy with his units and I also screwed up a post-charge by not moving my lancers on to the hill to see the second unit. This meant they didn't die quick enough and I could only capture one point by the end.

    Centre - As always I deployed centre to near flank (I never deploy dead centre), with Primes acting as a pivot in the centre for the GFEs and FEs to swing round. This worked an absolutely treat, and it was the ability to double surge each turn that won me the game. On an open field my kill rate would have been incredibly high, but there a *lot* of obstacles in the centre so I played pretty much the whole game hitting on -1s for everything in the centre. It started with the Blight regiment, who received a 6" move + 10" surge into the flank, wiping them out in one turn, leaving his Spear horde flank open. He decided to pivot these to face and took a charge from the FEs, but with -1s to hit didn't do much. He didn't counter-charge, wanting me to get -1s to hit again as if tied the FEs up it would give him more time to get the upper hand in the centre. The following turn he halted and activated the Shield (so De6+ for a turn!). FEs charged back in, and the GFE double-surged into their flank. The Spear horde did not survive. In the dead centre he charged my Prime Horde front and flank with Brutes and Succubi, routing them, but by the time they had died my GFE / FEs had slowly ground their way through his units (-1s to hit remember!) to the point that he couldn't really come back.

    All in all I got a single one point on the far right, the 2 point on my near right and the 3 in the centre while he got two 2 points on my left, giving me the game.

    The main point to take away is that FEs/GFEs are the absolute dogs doo dahs if you can use them properly, and double-surge is a game-winner. The *average* move+double-surge w/ Elite is 15", and this can be in any direction within the front 180 degrees of any of the three units. Having one Mage mounted allows the M-Ps to get where they need. Most opponents really aren't expecting epic charges like that from Elementals (and you can often get a flank), and after wiping out the first unit you often open up some more flanks and put your opponent on the back foot. My concerns are that a. I may struggle against fast armies as they'll be able to kill off my pivot (Primes) very quickly,and the FEs need this unit to hold up the enemy and b. that my opponents might choose to pick off my M-Ps first, which leaves me pretty much dead in the water. Having two Ne10/12 units as the lynchpin of my entire battle strategy is extremely risky. Here's to hoping no-one realises that!
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    Uploading images finally worked! :smug:
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