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AoS Selling my whole Collection :'(

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Flo, May 18, 2019 at 6:00 AM.

  1. Flo
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    Flo Active Member

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    Hey guys, its been a while since i showed up here, things are really busy at the moment long story short:

    I really need to sell my beloved Seraphon

    Here is a list of whats ging for sale:

    80 warriors with spears (almost all painted)
    20 warriors with Clubs(started to paint)
    100 skinks with blowpipe and shield - painted
    2 bastiladons with laserbeam, painted
    1 eotg painted
    2 eotg primed
    1 eternity warden primed
    1 FW slann painted
    12 Ripperdactyls primed
    1 astroloth bearer convertion painted (scarvet on foot and astrolith banner)
    2 carnosaurs primed
    9 Flyers in sprues
    2 stegadons in sprues
    2 carnosaurs/troglodons in sprues
    Some starpriests (painted, primed, in sprues)
    1 kroak primed
    About 15? (Not sure) Saurus Knights - with original Cold ones and Dark Aelf Cold ones, started to Paint, Dark Aelf ones still not build, there are enough Cold ones of both variations to build all 15 of them( 15 original, 15 Dark Elve)

    Lots of additional bits (there is even a Half built basti which can be finished)

    Thats a complete list, saurus got all shields painted but still not Glued to them if you want to do an easier repaint

    Price of all the stuff on the GW Website is about ~1500€

    I want to sell the whole package as once to a beloved owner and would be thinking about something beten 700 and 800 € (depending on where on this earth you live, shipping and so on)

    If anyone is interested in a whole army just tell me here or via PM

    Cya guys

    ILKAIN Well-Known Member

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    :( always sorry to see a player leave. all the best in the future, and maybe some day you can return. I have sent you a PM about your army.

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