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AoS Thunderquake tips n tricks

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by Xasto, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Xasto

    Xasto Well-Known Member

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    Hey y'all!

    Looking to build soon a Thunderquake list, got any advice on what to go for besides the units required in the batallion? I'd be going Engine of the gods, razordons route and defenitely would be picking a Slann. Any tips/experiences to share? :p
  2. Canas

    Canas Well-Known Member

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    Engine is a hero, so it can actually take a artifact unlike the troglodon. Also, an engine ups the healing ,especially when combined with a slann (or potentially the mortal wounds)

    On the other hand a Troglodon is significantly cheaper, and it's bloodroat ability is quite good.

    Beyond that, it'l depend on what you fase I guess.. not like bastillidons are Always better or like an ark Always beats a solar engine...
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