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KoW Undead vs Salamanders [LOOT - 2000 points]

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Itepixcauh, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    Well, It finally happened. After a wait of almost a year I could play a 2k game in real anger.

    This was a game against the same opponent as HERE. Needless to say I was eager to fight him again and correct all the mistakes I made back then.

    So this time we got to play LOOT, and this the lists we took:

    - Horde of Zombies
    - Horde of Werewolves with Strength
    - Regiment of Revenant Cavalry
    - 2 Troops of Wraiths
    - 2 Troops of Ghouls
    - Revenant King on Winged Wyrm with Diadem of Dragon-Kind
    - Necromancer with Bane-Chant, Lightning Bolt and Inspiring Talisman
    - 2 Regiments of Revenants
    - Bone Giant

    Very interesting list and in my eyes quite balanced. This is the list I settled with in the end:

    - Horde of Fire Elementals
    - Horde of Fire Elementals with Nimble
    - Horde of Ghekkotah Warriors with Strength
    - Horde of Ancients on Rhinosaurs
    - Horde of Skyriders with Jar of the Four Winds
    - Regiment of Kaisenor Lancers
    - 2 Lekelidons
    - Skylord with Blade of the Beast Slayer
    - Mounted Battle-Captain
    - Mage-Priest with Martyr's Prayer, Surge and Inspiring
    - Mounted Herald




    He deployed his two Ghouls units to capture objectives, I was planning to shoot them down early on but the way he placed his big monsters meant I had to place my counters on that side, Anyway I had enough speed to deal with them in the late game I hoped. My plan was to hit on the left as hard as I could, hold the centre in the terrain while my hitting left side came to the rescue. I was hoping the two FE hordes on the right was enough to make the two troops of wraiths to come in that side and pin them down for as long as possible.


    we rolled for first turn, I won it and without even a trace of hesitation I gave it to him, first I wanted the last turn and secondly I know he hates to start.


    He moves forwards with everything, taking both objectives on the sides with his Ghouls as I expected. He makes sure his Werewolves are in range of my Lancers while the lancers are out, his King is also out of the range of the Ancients. The rest just goes at full chat forwards.



    In my turn I realised that, intentionally or not, he left the King in range of my best disruptor and I took it, the plan was obvious, ground the King and charge him next turn with the Ancients, that would be one less thing to worry about . The rest of my army advances with caution, with the Skylord hiding behind the house waiting for a chance to leap into his backfield and the Lancers backing up out of range of his Werewolves.

    The shooting phase comes and my Skyraiders take down the troop of Ghouls holding the token with ease. Both Lekelidons are in range of the Werewolves and being them the biggest threat by a mile they took it. Three wounds and a double six later they are wavered!, how I wish I advanced my Lancers now.

    The trusty Battle-Captain does his magic and the King is grounded next turn.



    Wavering his Werewolves seems to have a devastating effect on his judgement, for some reason he decides to charge his Bone Giant into the Battle-Captain but not the King who just stays there. The Cavalry stays still while the zombies and revenants advance.

    He moves the Wraiths on the left outside the FE line of sight (not remembering they are Shambling apparently. He had a copy of the list and even went unit by unit with me at the start) while the Ghouls start the slow march backwards into his deployment zone.

    The Bone Giant is not enough to kill the Battle-Captain who gets wavered instead, and now the Rhinosaurs have a very juicy flank charge on the Giant.



    First thing I do is turn my blue FE right and move to be an inch away from those wraiths, the I charge the Ancients into the flank of the Bone-Giant. Reviewing the pictures now I think I might have had a charge on the King but due to his huge Nerve I'm not sure that would have been a wise idea. I cannot move the Battle-Captain so he stays there while the Skylord and Skyriders move to the flank to shoot on the King and get a good position for later turns.

    The centre is pretty much static with just the FE advancing a little to bait the Wraiths into charging them un-hindered, I don't want them flying around everywhere.

    The shooting goes well, put some wounds into the King but again the HUGE Nerve he has prevents any effect and the Lekelidons open again on the Werewolves doing one point of damage this time, I roll the Nerve and an 11 shows up, just enough again to waver them!

    Combats go as expected and both units are destroyed. I reposition to face the incoming pain.



    This is the turn he unleashes everything on me. The Revenants on the right multicharge the Blue FE, the Wraiths take the bait and charge the FE, the Lykanis goes for a Lekelidon to avenge his brethren, the King flies away into the Lancers and the Revenant Cavalry charges into the battered Battle-Captain hoping to overrun into the Ancients.

    The Cavalry does their thing killing the Captain and hitting the front of the Ancients doing some decent damage but the Ancients are a hard nut to crack and they hold. The King rolls really well and he rolls even better on the Nerve killing the Lancers in one go (OUCH), the Lykanis on the other hand realises the Lekelidon is not as easy to kill as he thought and only manages to waver it.

    Both regiments of Revenants and the wraiths do well leaving the FEs wounded but not killing them.



    Now it's my time to bring some pain in the form of countercharges, the Ghekkotah can see the Lykanis Flank and go for it (after I moved the wavered Lekelidon backwards) the FE countercharge as do the Ancients with the help of the Skylord on the flank.

    Skyriders and the other lekelidon reposition to shoot. The Skyriders target the Werewolves doing very little damage this time and not wavering them. The Lekelidon does damage on the King but again not enough. The Mage uses Martyr's Prayer on the blue FE taking all 5 wounds out of them!

    Combats go far better. The Ancients prove what a beast of a unit they are and completely obliterate the Cavalry, the FE fighting the Wraiths do the same, with CS(2) their massive defence is useless and the low Nerve makes them perish, finally the Ghekkotah eat the poor Lykanis alive and reposition to face both the Zombies and King on the front. The other FE can't rout the Revenants though and are now in a very bad position.


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  2. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Well-Known Member

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    The now fresh blue FE get charged again, this time in the front AND flank, the Zombies charge the Ghekkotah and the King and Werewolves decide to reposition for a better chance at killing something next turn. Meanwhile those lonely Ghouls are slowly but surely securing the Loot on the far right.

    He uses the Kings breath on the wounded Lekelidon but being in cover is too much and he don't even waver it. The Necromancer successfully Bane-Chants the Zombies.

    Thanks to the Mages Prayer the blue FE hold strong again as do the Ghekkotah.



    My Skylord cackles with enjoyment when he realises he can charge the Zombies on the rear and his Warriors jump on them in the front. Both Lekelidons turn to face the King and the Nimble FE do their thing and prepare themselves to be surged into the back of the Revenants while the others countercharge the wounded Regiment on the front.

    Skyriders and Ancients advance to take the centre. The Skyriders shoot the Werewolves again, doing quite well and Wavering the poor wolves yet again. The Lekelidons keep on building up the wounds on the King.

    The Zombies perish into dust with the mighty destructive power of both ghekkotah units and with the werewolves wavered they both turn to face the King. The blue FE perform flawlessly killing the Revenants with ease and reforming to face the middle. The other FE horde do a TON of wounds to the Revenants BUT the dreaded double one appears and I didn't realised but they could charge the flank of the blue FE again due to my bad positioning.



    That double one comes to bite me in the ass hard, as we use the forests as height 3 the King can see the rear of the FE and takes it while the Revenants go into the flank of the blue FE AGAIN and the Werewolves turn to face the incoming wall of pure destruction that is coming.

    The king in the back is just too much for the poor FE and they die, BUT the blue FE hold again!



    That damn King has been a real pain in the buttocks the whole game and I plan to kill him this turn with as many shooting as I can pile onto him, so I turn my Lekelidons yet again and move the Skylord into a better firing position. The Ancients charge the Wolves, the FE countercharge the battered Revenants and the Skyriders realising that scenario wise we are actually loosing move into position to shoot those damn Ghouls next turn, please don't let me roll another double one that time...

    The sheer amount of firepower that is put into the King from the two lekelidons, the Skylord and the Mage-Priest is more than enough to kill him for good. The combat goes as planned and the wolves get into double one figures, then the plans go to hell when I roll ANOTHER double one. Finally the last revenants are destroyed.




    There is not much he can do right now apart from dying killing and praying that I roll terribly bad in my shooting (something completely plausible) so he charges the Ancients with the Wolves and kills them.



    Ok, now it's time to panic a bit, foolishly I couldn't care to pick the Loot token in the left in previous turns (My thinking was to use the Skyriders to grab it last turn but now they have to shoot down those pesky Ghouls) so I charge the Ghekkotah Warriors into the Necromancer and just in case I roll a double one or something preposterous like that, I jump the Skylord onto the objective in the centre to secure it. I have enough shooting to deal with the Werewolves so the Skyriders move a bit to have the clearest of shots into those Ghouls.

    The time of rolling begins and the werewolves perish, then I roll for the Ghouls and they suffer a ton of wounds and then I roll for the Nerve test that will determine the whole game, and for once Sotek was on my side and they die.




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