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Wargames Atlantic dark age Irish review

Discussion in 'General Hobby/Tabletop Chat' started by Lord-Marcus, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. Lord-Marcus

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    I recieved a free review sprues of Wargames Atlantic's upcoming Dark Age era Irish today.

    The sprue comes with parts to build 6 warriors, and 2 hounds. Based on the estimates stated by Wargames Atlantic here on Facebook, a full box should come to 30/10, for an overall 40 Miniatures.

    The sprue is absolutely packed with options, and I am particularly excited with having already thought up possible uses for the cloaks and some of the buckler sized shields.

    Pose variety is good. My one criticism of the kit is I prefer both arms to be separate from the torso, but these already have torso and left arm as one. Personally I feel having both arms separate allows for a wider variety of poses, but I guess with a saw nothing's impossible.

    The shield types differ, but to be honest the clothing and wargear these gents are armed with lends themselves to possible uses from early ancients to the middle of the period the were designed for in the dark ages. I could easily see these with shield swaps from other kits being used as pictish warbands or even just generic Celtic tribesmen.

    However,my personal favorite part of the kit is the dogs. While uses in wargaming are relatively limited, thier including highlights Wargames Atlantic's attention to fine detail and added value. From a new company I see that as a very good thing.

    received_1210408865826725.jpeg received_799360557195442.jpeg IMG_20200109_011839.jpg IMG_20200109_011844.jpg IMG_20200109_011848.jpg IMG_20200109_011858.jpg
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  2. Warden

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    Hey those look pretty good! Fairly standard, I could see them with a wide array of uses. And I like the inclusion of the dogs too.

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