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8th Ed. What to buy next

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Army Lists' started by alex_brown92, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. alex_brown92

    alex_brown92 New Member

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    Heya all,

    I am wondering what to purchase next for my lizardman army. I try not to purchase anything until I am sure I want to include it so let me know what you guys would do please :D

    So far I have:

    Tetto eko
    Scar vet Cold one
    Skink Preist

    24 x saurus warriors
    10 x skink skirmishers
    10 x skink cohort (mage bunker)

    5 x chameleon skinks
    3 x ripperdactyls
    1 x stegadon

    I think I have a pretty versatile army so far. There's enough for classic anvil and hammer with plenty of other options for redirects/war machine hunting. I am thinking I probably either need another hard hitting unit or more skink skirmishers.

    Maybe I should buy a unit of temple guard in preparation for when my army is big enough for a slann? Or maybe another stegadon for extra punch? I don't know!:eek:
  2. Lord_Itzi-Bitzi

    Lord_Itzi-Bitzi Active Member

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    That's a very good balanced army for the beginning. Personally I always use one unit of Saurus Warriors and two units of Skink Skirmishers as basement for my army...so well done sir :pompus:. If you use Tetto'eko you should probably make his mage bunker more powerful to save his life also in closecombat... I would at least use 20 Skinks and maybe 2 Kroxigors as his bodyguards. If you want another good closecombat unit I would probably take another unit of Saurus Warriors or maybe Temple guards and later when your army is bigger a second Stegadon (because even if our monsters are awesome they can die very quickly from warmachines and spells (I hate you purple sun :bored:) which could be a problem for the beginning)

    Good luck in your battle for the great plan ;)
    -Lord Itzi-Bitzi
  3. skink chief

    skink chief Active Member

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    Yeah a box o skinks and saurus is probably the best way to expand. Also cold one riders wouldnt be to bad so you can get a cowboy in the mix.

    Come to think about it the army bundle for us contains a box of skinks/cold one riders/saurus and 10 temple guard...
  4. Angaturama

    Angaturama Member

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    Buy Temple guards!!!! And a lot of them!

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