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What's your Zodiac Personality Type?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl, Jun 28, 2020.

  1. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl

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    Now before anyone starts to think 'Oh no, Agragax has really gone off his rocker this time', on the contrary, I have had my mind opened in a way that I would never have thought possible.

    For a long time I was a big sceptic of Astrology, partly because my pharmacist mother was always especially quick to dismiss it as superstitious nonsense, and partly because I had the feeling that it was biased against people like me (in popular culture, people with my zodiac sign, Virgo, can often be portrayed as either unattractive or isolationistic celibates).

    However, in recent times my viewpoint has changed somewhat after a period of enlightenment. I was cruising the Internet about a week or so back searching for answers to the many different worries I have stuffed away inside the depths of my psyche, when I was led to an Astrology site describing compatibility between people of different zodiac signs in relationships. Out of curiosity I looked up the typical Virgo personality traits, and I was honestly amazed at how similar they are to my own! It was literally as if somebody scuba-dived into my mind and came to the surface with pretty much all my collected personality traits inside their cupped hands. What's more, I started to recognise personality traits in my family and friends that were analogous to their zodiac signs. From then on, I was a changed man. I am still sceptical of the usage of Astrology to predict the future, because humans have never been gifted with the power of foresight, and frankly I don't think our species ever will be. On the other hand, as a method of categorising the different personalities of people and establishing the most compatible partners and most suitable careers for them (like the Myers-Briggs personality types @DeathBringer125 advocated in his thread here), I really do wonder if it has a basis in truth.

    Now as @Aginor said in another thread, when it comes to relevance to the actual stars, Astrology suffers pretty badly, because the times of year at which the constellations appear in the night sky have shifted forward from their allocated periods in the zodiac. However, I imagine that in antiquity when the constellations were first noted, I wouldn't be surprised that these constellations did appear at the periods attributed to them in the zodiac. Furthermore, I believe that is where the connection between the zodiac and the stars ends. Far from being a device used for hokey fortune-telling rituals, I have theorised that the zodiac was orginally a form of calendar (probably developed by the Ancient Greeks given the signs all have connotations with Greek Mythology) and that the constellations were always merely a naming convention, nothing more, as those who developed it in antiquity couldn't think of any other standardised set of names for the twelve periods within it and because at that time, as mentioned earlier, it is certainly possible that each of the constellations originally did appear at its alotted time in the zodiac (otherwise, why would each period in the zodiac have been named after its constellation?). What's more, each 'month' of this calendar could easily have been used to categorise the people born in that month because it was discovered that they all had some shared similar traits. I say this, because in at least some cases the traits of people born in particular star signs would have made them very useful at helping their community or tribe at that time of year. For instance, the Virgo period (late August to early September) is the period of transition between summer and autumn, and historically the period when the harvest would begin - at this time Virgo's meticulousness, attention to detail and perfectionism would have been very useful in making sure every single scrap of edible crop would have been gathered. Similarly, Capricorn's very high willpower and determination would have made them especially useful at the heart of winter around the time they would have been born, as it would have helped to avoid the temptation of eating all the gathered food at once and would have gone the extra mile to topping up those stores with the little remaining food to be found outside (though in modern times it translates to the unbelievably amazing amounts of work @Scalenex puts out on his fantasy RPG world, the Lustriapedia and various metadata threads, not to mention the Short Story Contests every few months and the biennial Poetry Contests - I salute you sir! :)).

    Despite all of humanity's advancements and technologies, at our core we still aren't really that much different to the humans of antiquity who first devised this zodiac system, or even the very first humans to exist. It could easily be possible that the air pressure and temperature of the particular time period in which we are born could help to awaken particular primal traits and instincts within us that are associated with that particular time of year so that we would have been most useful to our tribe or community at that point in time, like other animals instinctively know when seasons are changing without the need to describe them in a language or to analyse the physical signs of change in season in their mind as we do. Perhaps the zodiac was always a method developed by the Ancient Greeks specifically to categorise and analyse this phenomenon, i.e. it was the very first set of personality types. True, genetics and upbringing also have definite influences upon our personalities, and any aspects of your personality that are contrary to your signs are probably due to these factors, but I'm still confident that this is why our personalities are so uncannily similar to the typical personalities of our zodiac signs.

    Similarly, the so-called 'planets' are used to describe different aspects of a person's thinking and feeling, so in actual fact these could allude to the way different parts of said person's brain work, once again using the same 12 core personalities to derive them - Mercury representing how you communicate, Venus representing how you love someone, Mars representing our drive in the intimacy department and how we handle aggression, Jupiter representing your aspirations and what makes you more successful, Saturn representing your fears and how you discipline yourself, Uranus representing how we handle change and solve problems, Neptune representing our dreams and ideas and Pluto representing the nature of our bad habits and secrets that we keep from others.

    Indeed I believe that it must have been only many years later, at a time period like the Middle Ages when people were much more superstitious, that it would have been believed that the zodiac was influenced by the actual constellations its months were named after and people would have coined the term Astrology to mean 'the study of the stars' to acknowledge that, when in fact it has very little to do with it at all (studying the stars themselves is Astronomy's department). Add to that centuries of paranoia surrounding divination and the occult that came with Christianity, and dabblings in said divination and the occult that came with cults created to rebel against Christianity, and we find the zodiac is now wreathed in superstition. It is fortunate that the one purpose of it that does show concrete signs of truth, personality analysis, has also managed to survive relatively intact.

    Therefore, I have set up this thread to discuss what is actually an extremely interesting and in-depth way of analysing and evaluating one's personality.

    I'll start off with yours truly - as a Virgo Sun I am perfectionistic, meticulous, discerning and orderly (indeed you've probably seen how I take up the role of Order in debates against NIGHTBRINGER's Chaos). I'm especially discerning about what I eat and drink and the sorts of girls I'm attracted to, and when I was very little I used to be fussy about all sorts of other things (the colours of things, e.t.c). Outwardly I appear shy, I don't always disclose my emotions, and can't get my head around small talk, but when someone mentions something I'm interested in and/or something I've thought a lot about I ramble on for ages (rather like I'm doing here now) as I unload everything I've thought about and mulled over ever since I started studying whatever it was onto everyone. I do like to think I'm pretty darn good at communicating with the written word (because I have all the time in the world to think about what I want to say) but still need to work on communicating verbally because whenever I try to get what I'm thinking of saying past the gulf between the physical world and my mental world, it often comes out very hesitantly. I do work hard, but if my mind isn't properly motivated enough I have a tendency to get distracted by something else more inspiring (generally something Warhammer-related :D). As a result I tend to take quite a while to do something, but I do put my all into whatever task I do and most of the time it turns out well because of quality prevailing over quantity. I'm actually one of the more diplomatic of my kind as I think before I say anything and though I can quite often think of something to criticise someone that doesn't meet up to my expectations of respectability, it most often stays in my mind. I dislike anything that is chaotic, disorganised, crude or noisy. I always do all I can to help and support my friends and family in anything and if I'm not doing anything to help I worry if I'm being lazy (in fact I worry about all sorts of things, most specifically my future in terms of romance, e.t.c).

    Famous Virgos include H.G. Wells and George R.R. Martin (which explains why the latter is taking forever to finish the Game of Thrones books :rolleyes:).

    Of course, there is more to someone's personality to their Sun Sign - everyone also has a Moon Sign, and one's personality is mostly divided between your Sun and Moon Signs. While Astrology sites advocate that your Moon signs are an equal part of your personality makeup as your Sun Sign, indicating how you perceive emotions, I have theorised that the ratio of one's personality dedicated to each of your Sun and Moon signs must vary, because I myself have very few traits of my Moon Sign (Sagittarius). Probably the only trait vaguely Sagittarian I can think of off the top of my head is that while I don't mind a routine of some sort, I do get fed up if my family and I go to the same place every week (which we actually often used to do before lockdown, a town near me that has a decent bookshop and WHSmiths but no model shop at all and the last toy shop closed ages ago) - I like a bit of variation on where I go out. I don't mind going to the same place once every few weeks or so but once a week is too often and my interest starts to wane. I'm thinking that the ratio is dependent upon whether you are born closer to midday (when the Sun is ascendant and your Sun Sign could be most prominent) or to midnight (when the Moon is ascendant and you could display more affinity toward your Moon Sign). Certainly I was born only an hour after midday, so I would believe that is why I feel a lot greater affinity toward my Virgo Sun than my Saggittarius Moon. Conversely I have met people who have shown a lot more traits akin to their Moon Sign, such as a friend of mine who had a Cancerian Sun but was not very emotional and was much more hardworking and ambitious like her Capricorn Moon.

    On top of this, you have your Ascendant Sign, which depends upon the hour at which you were born (so you'll need to know the time at which you arrived into the world) and adds an extra layer to your personality. My Ascendant is Scorpio, and while I am normally quite calm, logical, helpful and caring as per my Virgo Sun, if something gets on my wick or my logic fails me I do feel my Scorpio side trying to break through to show some emotion (including in some angry posts on here, sorry chaps, I do try to keep it under control, honest :oops:). I also feel more confident in doing things when I allow my instincts to guide me, and I am fiercely protective of people and values that are dear to me (which you've probably seen whenever I defend the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and Rogue One :D). I am extremely loyal, cannot stand betrayal, and tend to remember affronts that I have yet to forgive. I also highly value my privacy, like to be in control and have quite a strategical mind.

    As for my planets, they are:
    Mercury, Venus and Mars - Leo (When I overcome my initial hesitancy I can be quite a strong communicator, especially if I have sufficient time to think about how to voice my views and responses. Additionally I do tend to have very passionate and devoted feelings towards any young lady I develop an attraction to, which would manifest themselves quite openly if I were granted the privilege of being in a relatonship with said lady)
    Jupiter - Pisces (I generally tend to be very successful in helping other people, which is currently true at the moment as I've been doing well helping some of my elderly relatives with gardening and housework during lockdown)
    Saturn - Taurus (I don't like to see anyone be greedy or wasteful, and try to avoid looking greedy or wasteful myself)
    Uranus - Aquarius (I'm quite adaptable to change, even though it takes me a while to get used to it, and am quite inventive at solving problems)
    Neptune - Capricorn (I like to think quietly, slowly and by myself when deciding upon new ideas and often muse about how I can improve my standing in society)
    Pluto - Saggitarius (Sometimes I feel bad about replying upon others for assistance, and I often stick too rigidly to my principles)

    So I pose to you the question - what are your Sun, Moon and Ascendant signs and your planets, and the personality that comes with them? I'm very curious to see what you all are.

    It's easy to determine your Sun Sign (little more than a Google search with your birth date will do it), but Moon, Ascendant and Planet signs require the use of calculators - here are Moon and Ascendant Sign calculators to get you started:
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  2. Paradoxical Pacifism

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    I'm some Leo, but i couldn't be any further away from such a description.
  3. Erta Wanderer

    Erta Wanderer Well-Known Member

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    well lets try this out i used 3 calculators to find my signs lets see how well they tie into each other and whether they match me

    MOON sign 3 calculators 1st aquarius 2nd aquarius 3rd aries(huh might have punched in my numbers wrong)
    Aquarius is one of the air signs, signs of the mind and communication.(neat) With the Moon in this sign, your primary need is to make sense of the world!(true!) You respond to life in a cool, somewhat detached manner.(not true) \With a naturally easy and genuine friendliness(definitely not true), you feel equally at home with the dustman and the queen and can move comfortably between many different social worlds and circles(definitely not true). You see and respect everyone’s uniqueness(true!) and demand that everyone does the same for you.(not true) Not one to follow the herd, you need to live by your own rules in a way that makes sense to you(not true i am religious following rules i don't like is kinda important) though the strength of your carefully thought out opinions and stubbornness in defending them can alienate you from those whose values are more conventional.(true!) You’re happiest when you can find a group of kindred spirits who share your attitudes and interests and with whom you can work collectively to promote your shared ideals.(isn't this true of every one?)

    The world of technology, of science and pure mathematics are not threatening to one of your temperament(true! thats why in doing this) and you’re likely to have the latest electronic gadgets before anyone else in the gang.(nope) You are a surfer of webs (yes almost every one my age is), a creator of theories and a natural political animal(HAHAHA oh lord no). With an instinctive grasp of how the parts interweave to make a whole you find emotional safety in understanding that pattern(true), in knowing what’s going on, in staying clear of emotional messiness and in retaining control.(true) Cramped and cluttered spaces suffocate you(nope the oposit really i like small living places) whilst the claustrophobia induced by emotional demands and blackmail makes you run for the hills!(... uh ya that should be every ones reaction to blackmail) Above all you need an unusually large amount of personal and physical space(nope see above and doesn't this conflict with the above soshal aspect?), so that you can think things through and make your own choices – with everyone’s best interest in mind, of course!
    8/17 right
    Moon in Aquarius people are extremely observant(i wish). They are lifetime students of human nature(true), loving to analyze why people do what they do(true). This often stems from a detached—even shy—personality(yes but wasn't i supposed to be easily friendly?), especially in youth.(no i was a extrovert when young and very much grew out of it) Whether due to character or conditioning, Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling “different”(nope 10 siblings very much part of a groop). Although rather sociable, they are often loners at heart(yes). Many have strong egos, or at least powerful defense mechanisms(this is vague also no), and most Lunar Aquarians will do their best to be the most unique and unusual person they can be(HA no). Their inner feeling of loneliness—that they don’t quite fit in—puts them on the outside, looking in.(no i am content no loneliness)

    There is a very idealistic and progressive streak in Lunar Aquarians that is admirable indeed(half true idealistic sure but not progressive). However, when the Moon is in Aquarius, natives often will deny the more irrational qualities of emotions—such as jealousy, possessiveness, and fear(always)—in an effort to be “above” what they consider “pettiness”(no). When this goes too far, Lunar Aquarians can be emotionally blocked, distant, and detached.(nope)

    Lunar Aquarians can be very willful, especially in childhood(no i never had a rebellious phase). With age, these natives generally learn to handle their strong needs(? yes it's called self control and is a part of growing up). Their desire for independence is powerful indeed, no matter what their age.(nope 10 siblings) With a quiet Sun and/or Ascendant, their desire to “shock” others is not always apparent until a relationship becomes comfortable.(nope) They are generally proud of their family members, boasting just how unique they are(yes very talented family but not unique). When their families are ultra-conservative(YES), the boast will be that they rebelled against all of that!(NO)

    Although given to temper tantrums and willful behavior in youth(no), Moon in Aquarius people often grow up feeling that messy emotions are unappealing.(yes) They often pride themselves for being cool-headed(yes), detached, and “above” what they consider the more base emotions(no just better at dealing with my self). In the process, they can end up alienating others—and themselves(nope). Although Lunar Aquarians can be especially adept at understanding others’ behavior and motivations(i try but am not very good at it), they can lose touch with their own—simply because they have identified too strongly with what they aspire to be (and these aspirations are often super-human).(no i have a good grasp of my self)

    The Aquarian tendency to be humanitarian shows up powerfully in Moon in Aquarius. However, their kindness and concern for others is generally more a broad philosophy of life(yes if religions count). With people close to them, Moon in Aquarius natives can seemingly lack compassion(nope opposite), as they often fully expect others to be as independent and detached as they are!(might be nice but no) In close, personal relationships, however, Lunar Aquarians generally give others a lot of personal freedom(N/A), and they will tolerate and enjoy all kinds of idiosyncrasies in people around them.(yes)

    Moon in Aquarius people are rarely flighty people, but they can be unreliable when it concerns the little things in life.(nope im about as dependable as you can get) Often, this is simply an assertion of their independence.(this keeps comeing up no) In the long haul, however, they are rather constant(yes), as Aquarius is a fixed sign. As long as they have their own space and the freedom to be themselves, however kooky that may be, they are trustworthy and loyal.(yes)

    Lunar Aquarians generally make wonderful friends.(aw) They’ll make a point of leaving nobody on the outside. Many will fight for others’ rights and crusade for equality.(yes but probably not in the way this means)

    What may be surprising is that Moon in Aquarius people have a lot of pride(HA no). In fact, when they’ve been attacked in any way (especially regarding their character), they can become very inflexible and cool(yes but thats fairly normal). It can be difficult to know just how sensitive to criticism Lunar Aquarians are(not very), simply because they hide it so well(yes)! When their character or behavior has been criticized, they tend to dig in their heels and keep right on doing it(yes humans in general are like that). They fully expect others to accept them exactly as they are(yes again fairly normal reaction), or they don’t have much use for them in their lives.(wow thats cold no)
    18/40 right
    Born with the Moon in the sign of Aries, you are likely to have a pronounced need for independence(hmm independence again no), as well as an assertive streak.(yes at times) Aries is a Fire sign, governing impulses, initiative and action. Accordingly, you are likely to feel at your best when you involved with exciting, challenging or new experiences – anything that lets you express your pioneering side.(no not realy)

    Aries is also a Cardinal sign, highlighting the need to act. You may experience yourself as a dynamic, pioneering individual, and enjoy getting things started – lifting them off the ground.(yes) Your need for independence suggests you may be happiest when left to do your own thing, and will detest being told what to do.(detest is to strong a word but yes)

    This is a sign of emotional independence. You are likely to give, and expect, much stimulation, vibrancy and freedom from the people in your life(no). You may be quick to react(yes), ready to forgive(yes) and but also easily hurt(no i have a thick hide). You are likely to enjoy the space to be your own person, and will feel trapped if others try to limit you.(this is a human thing so yes)

    You may also be uncomfortable with sentimental displays,(depends) or what you may deem as ‘weak’ expressions of emotion.(no) You have an innate warrior-like quality which means you will prefer to deal directly with what is(yes). Social niceties or protocols that mask the truth are usually not your cup of tea. You are likely to call ‘a spade a spade’, and be largely self-sufficient on an emotional level.(yes)

    You have the capacity to endure hardship and negation when it will suit your purposes, and usually expect others to do the same.(yes)
    9/14 right

    so over all it doesn't seem to work for me the one that got the most right was the one that isn't my moon sign. i also don't think that all the people that share the same birth minute are the same personality i think that people are far more complicated then that. i also have enough family members that we could compare sith the ones that got the same results and not much correlated
    oh well be leave what you want if it makes you happy but i think im going to leave this in the bin
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  4. Aginor

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    Sorry but that is confirmation bias at its best.

    There is absolutely no proof for pretty much everything you wrote. The premises are wrong, the system is not even consistent in itself, there is no reproducibility and so on. As soon as you look at a significant number of persons it breaks down.

    Funny thing: other Astrology systems (Chinese for example) define vastly different personality traits for the same months.

    Scientific tests have been carried out, and the result was that Zodiac signs / planets / ascendants and all of the rest are BS.
    People have tried to prove it quite a few times since they believe in it, but that was the result every single time. If you assign the signs randomly you get same quality of results.

    If you believe in it that's OK, but it is a belief system, nothing more.

    NIGHTBRINGER Second Spawning

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    Unless of course we're talking about a few billion years from now when our sun heats up and expands to a point where life on earth becomes impossible.
  6. Scalenex

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    I find zodiacs and astrology very entertaining but I do not believe in their validity for predicting personalities or events. I'm a Capricorn, and as you know, Capricorns are very skeptical....

    If my aforementioned RPG world, I get to make the laws of the universe, so I'm including a zodiac that actually matters, at least a little bit. Each of my nine gods has a zodiac year and a zodiac month (months are 40 days). People born have traits determined by their zodiac year and their zodiac month. If a character is born during the zodiac year and month of the same deity they get a double dose of the traits. If a character is born in the zodiac year and month of two deities who are fierce rivals they are likely to have interesting personalities to say the least. I'm tempted to add a third dimension with the phase of the moon having some impact as well given that I am a big fan of Werewolf: the Apocalypse, but I don't want to over complicate things needlessly

    I really like the Onion's horoscopes. I also really like this one \/. My horoscope is actually appropriate for coping with the CCP virus. It was recommended that I lock my doors and windows and never ever ever leave my house again.

  7. LizardWizard
    Skink Priest

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    I don't put any weight in Astrology. Like @Aginor said, it is confirmation bias.I think personality test or other psychological and cognitive evaluations produce better results.

    I do agree with your assessment that Astrology originated as a means of tracking seasons. It was in a way the first science.

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