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9th Age Wizkids and GW

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by Chicken Lips, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Chicken Lips

    Chicken Lips Well-Known Member

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    So have you guys seen this? I don't know about you, but I'm not impressed. I used to collect Heroclix figures and have thousands and thousands of them. They are cheap, plastic, POORLY painted sad excuses for miniatures. Now GW has allowed them into their universe. OMG. I'm sure that GW will still expect to put their price tags on this stuff though.

    What do you guys think?
  2. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning

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    Actually I don't mind.
    We don't know what exactly that partnership means, it could just be outsourced production with GW's molds or something. I guess we'll see.
    The other is: You can still paint those miniatures better. If they are cheap it might still be worth it.

    I looked at a few of their minis and IMO they aren't too bad.

    ...but then I don't play 40K so I really don't mind much even if they suck I guess....
  3. hardyworld
    Temple Guard

    hardyworld Active Member

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    I'm only interested in the Warhammer Fantasy setting (not 40k, not AoS, etc.); so I doubt I'll be interested in anything this partnership will produce. In addition, I already have Fury of Dracula (3rd. Ed.), I have no need for another version.
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  4. Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl
    Skink Chief

    Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl Well-Known Member

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    It looks promising - Wizkids' Heroclix may not be up to much, but their Star Trek a Attack Wing minis are excellent, especially the newest ones that have been given a brand new paint scheme in celebration of Star Trek's 50th Anniversary.

    Of course since GW's partnership with FFG has been dissolved, they've now been looking for someone else to produce more 40K stuff. Shame that there won't be any more Warhammer invasion though... :(

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