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Would like some tips.

Discussion in 'Painting and Converting' started by Varamil, May 6, 2012.

  1. Varamil
    Jungle Swarm

    Varamil New Member

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    Hey everyone I just got into playing warhammer and chose lizard men since they looked fun to paint, so I'd like some feedback to what you think of my color scheme and some tips on how i could improve them. Currently i'm switching back between black ink and flesh wash to shade with as I don't know which looks better but a better shader paint would be welcomed as well.

    Also I'm painting them piece by piece instead of putting them together first then painting is there a big difference between the two?
  2. elmoheadbutt
    Cold One

    elmoheadbutt New Member

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    I prefer the more orange coloured saurus. The difference between painting per piece vs whole model is that you often don't get the washes, shading and blending right if you do it per piece. The result, however, is generally neater.
  3. strewart

    strewart New Member

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    Yeah I prefer the orange as well. Pretty nice colours, the purple could use a drybrush/highlight and a bit of wash though to make the scales stand out a bit more.

    As for painting in pieces, up to you. Be aware that if you glue a painted piece to a painted piece, the bond won't be quite as strong since its essentially held together by the paint not the plastic. Also super glue has the potential to melt/discolour paint, so you need to be careful to not let any spill out of the joint. It also means more work if you want to go the extra step of gap filling, which can usually be done just with paint on plastic models.

    Every model is really a case by case basis for me. I'm painting saurus with the shields not attached, then attaching shields after painting because that would be a hard area to reach with the brush. The stegadon should also be painted with crew and howdah seperate, and TG with shield arms off. But up to you. If painting completely in pieces, you might want to consider painting while they are still on the sprues as well. Will require small patch ups later when you clip them off, but easier to hold the pieces.

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