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6th Ed. 2000 Points vs Tomb Kings

Discussion in 'Battle Reports' started by Gary_M, May 14, 2019.

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    AKA I finally did it!

    Played my game against a very good player using Tomb Kings. Played him a few times over the years, but never managed to beat him at WHFB.

    I took the following:

    Slann, 4th Gen, Dispel Scroll, Plaque of Tepok (know 1 extra spell) and Plaque of Dominion (1 extra power
    dice for casting and dispelling)
    Scar Vet, LA, Buring Blade of Chotec (-2 to A/S and flaming attacks), Glyph Necklace (5+ ward), Spawning of Itzl, Cold One, Shield
    Skink Priest, level 2, dispel scroll

    24 Temple Guard, shields, full command
    2 x 10 skink skirmishers

    2 x 5 Cold One Cav, unit champions for both

    5 Chamo skinks

    3 salamanders

    I forgot to get an exact list from my oppo, but he had 2 screaming skull catapults, 8 cavalry, 2 units of 4(?) light(?) chariots, 2 units of 10(?) archers, 1 unit of a lot of skeletons (24ish), Tomb King, Liche Priest and two other characters who could cast magic (one of which was mounted on a horse and was with his cavalry).

    Table was interspersed with LOS blocking terrain.

    I deployed weighted to my right flank, with the two units of cold one cav on the far right, a unit of skinks, then the TG/Slann in the middle, unit of skinks then last on the left the 3 salamanders. The chamo skinks deployed on the right behind a wood ready to move to his left flank to shoot stuff.

    His deployment was a unit of four chariots facing the cold ones (his Tomb King was in one of the chariots), then in front of a hill in the middle were a unit of skeleton archers, one the hill were the second unit and a catapult. To the other side of the hill were another unit of 4 chariots, in front of the skeleton warrior block. Over on the far side (his right) were the cavalry and the second catapult.

    Turn 1 we both moved up. My cold ones were in a position that his King could charge one unit (which assuming it held) would mean the other would flank charge the chariots. One unit of skinks was supporting, but from a distance as I didn't want them charged. He moved his chariots up a little. Out of my charge range, but possibility within his.
    The chamo skinks moved up and with a brilliant volley of shooting managed to kill on of the chariots in the Kings unit.
    On the other side of the table, the second skinks and sallies moved up, while he moved the other chariot unit and the cavalry up. The cavalry were faced with a decision to either go round a wood or contract their line if they wanted to face the sallies/skinks along with the chariots.

    Turn 2
    I moved the cold ones forward a little again - Definitely in his charge range, but with the number reduced to three, I thought I could hold when he charged.
    He reduced the line of the cavalry and moved to support the chariots.
    Tomb King unit charged the cold ones without the scar vet.
    I dispelled the magic to get them to fight in the magic phase.
    In the fight phase he whiffed quite badly, not killing anything. In return I killed two of the chariots. Just the king to go. King takes a wound due to combat res.
    A couple of chamo skinks were shot.

    The scar vets unit charged to tomb king in the flank. He made a challenge, which I accepted with the scar vet (I hoped that the burning blade would useful here). Unfortunately it was my turn to whiff. Only one hit which didn't wound. I took a wound in return. Despite getting the wound, the flank charge meant he lost by one. Another wound on him.
    Skinks and salamanders moved up and shot / flamed the other unit of chariots. Unfortunately I got one misfire and a lone skink was gobbled up by a hungry salamander. This left one chariot remaining and on one wound.

    He charged with both cavalry and the last chariot (which he had healed with some magic). The former at the sallies (who fled), the latter at the skinks (who held). The sallies just got away. Skinks lost 4 and ran away and were run down.
    In shooting one of his archer units finished off the chamo skinks.
    In combat his king killed the scar vet. which had failed to get any wounds onto the king!

    The tomb king issues another challenge, I accept with a champion, who manages to get a wound through, but dies in the process. However this means the TK loses by one and he takes his final wound via combat res, dies (can the undead die?). However the two units had to take a leadership test, which they passed. I understand it could have been a bit nasty if they failed.
    I rallied the salamanders, and via magic killed the last chariot on that side.
    In his turn he charged the salamanders with his cavalry, plus character.
    The outcome was not what we were expecting. The salamanders took 1 wound. In return the salamanders om nom nommed on the dead horsies, killing 5. After crumbling, only 2 were left.

    Failed a stupidity test, and one unit of cold ones trundled forward directly infront of the other one, blocking their movement.
    The salamanders finished off the cavalry.
    I think one of his catapults misfired in T5, and was destroyed.

    Was a non-event.
    The salamanders, the last skink unit and one cold one cav unit hid.
    The TG (who had been slowly advancing all game) were whittled down below half strength, but were never going to rout.

    We added up the points and my margin of victory was 754. A solid victory!
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    Nice work and victory against the tomb kings!
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