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Discussion in 'Other Armies Discussion' started by Lizards of Renown, Sep 16, 2020.

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    So after a major delay I wanna talk about the cluster that was my 3k skaven v ogre game. We rolled up meeting engagement.

    skaven had a unit of slaves and a doom wheel delayed. Ogres had iron guts and lead belchers delayed.

    I went second, I had a good defensive magic phase and he didn’t get anything off first turn. The shooting phase was not so kind. With 4 cannons he killed 3 mournfang and half of my stone horn.

    My first turn started with a bang, my slaughtermaster miscast on my first spell and lost 3 levels. When I went to shoot my cannon it blew up. My stone horn charged his doom wheel and the hunter was just able to kill it after it ground my stone horn to death.


    now I only have one more picture. Spoiler alert things did not improve much. Highlights are my hunter killing an entire unit of slaves by himself after 3 turns in combat, my slaughter master charged his grey seer on bell and killed it by himself, my gorger came on turn two and took out 2 cannons before being mobbed by rats.

    His second doom wheel took out an ogre bull unit and my BSB I’m one round of combat, then rolled on to my thunder tusk killing it, then prepped to take out my lead belchers but the game ended.

    Skaven won 2324 to 2190. Even with some crazy missteps it was quite a close fun game. If anything looks off or if you see any obviously wrong let me know!
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