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AoS Draft AoS Jungle Swarm Tactica

Discussion in 'Seraphon Tactics' started by spawning of Bob, Jul 6, 2015.

  1. spawning of Bob

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    AoS is stupid. But a swarm only army might be a winner.

    If you field 3 swarm bases as an amorphous 15 wound sink, the super fighty character will allocate all 10 attacks at you, do 6 wounds on the unit, which COULD then pop an extra 2 in battleshock phase. You lose a base plus 2 wounds. In the next round you attack with 10 attacks (swarms attack 5 times regardless of wounds - unlike TG, skinks etc)

    If, instead, you attack with three separate bases in the same combat he will obliterate one unit entirely or spread his attacks and risk eliminating none of them. You might be down to two bases, but you have no extra wounds lost to soften you up for the next melee. You then survive that melee with one (or possibly two) bases left

    3rd round anyone?

    3 swarms vs Saurus Old-Blood with celestite warblade (most attacks and weakest wounding attacks)(apologies about vague maths)
    Round 1 (initiative irrelevant in first round)

    Swarms 15 attacks - 0.83 mortal wounds / base = 2.49, 0.42 regular wounds beat Old Blood's save. 2.91 wounds on Old Blood.
    Old Blood 5 attacks - does 3.14 wounds (no saves). No pop possible on bravery 10. No bases lost.
    Round 2 (with initiative)
    Swarms 15 attacks. 2.91 wounds (without initiative, swarms do 1.94 wounds)
    Old Blood 5 attacks. 3.14 wounds. Removes a base.
    Round 3 (initiative irrelevant)
    Swarms 10 attacks. 1.93 Wounds
    Old Blood. 3.14 wounds. No swarm bases lost. Old Blood has taken 7.75 wounds. Battle over in 1.5 game turns. He wishes he had attacked a low attack output monster or shrinkable horde instead.
    • Bravery 10 makes good tarpits, even with no saves at all. Any undead horde will be a horrible tarpit even with pop. You can still remove heaps of models every turn for that minor victory. Just you won't be doing anything else all game.
    • 5 attacks per base is good, even if the to hit rolls are poor. Add venomous teeth and the potential to regen D3 per base every round and then make gravy.
    • Losing 4 wounds and being pop-proof without losing damage output is a good commodity.
    • Initiative order only matters if you are going to lose damage output to wounds OR you can reduce opponenet damage output by wounding.. I'm looking at you, Kroq-gar. In this instance, at the end of both player turns the outcome will be the same (unless you can reduce their attack potential)
    • I bet losing an eight wound daemon prince to 4 swarms in two game turns would be annoying.
    • Place a nice squishy 2 swarm combo (can survive up to 6 wounds AND maximum pop) where it is the only viable charge for flying death lord of killy death. Preferably beside some terrain.
    • Get charged. Survive combat.
    • On your turn, charge in with another 1, 2, 3 swarms from anything out to 17 inches away (13 inches for a 50/50 charge, 8 inches for a sure thing)
    • Play out rounds 1-3 as above. Tie up flying death lord until he either retreats (only a great eagle or similar can get out of the swarm's possible threat range) or diverts other models to support him, and they will probably not be in contact with all of your swarm bases, so he will still take a while to extract.
    Sudden Death Victory?
    For Endure or Seize Ground Conditions, defensively parking all of your regenerating swarm bases in terrain for the old cover save would be super annoying. AoS Meta-Mission accomplished.
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  2. n810

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    add Arc of Sotec, for some more free swarms and snake attacks. ;)
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