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KoW Dual greater fire elemental and priest?

Discussion in 'Salamanders Tactics' started by Negator, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. Negator

    Negator Member

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    I don't have my desired fire elemental models yet, but can run GFEs. Is the flexibility afforded by surge, relatively high nerve, and raw CS worth trading in 3x lekelidon and a clan Lord?

    I figured the small based would make flanks easier to pull off while supporting primes on the front line.
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  2. BAE

    BAE Well-Known Member

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    It really depends on how you are looking to use them, and what sized battles you are playing. If you've read any battle analyses I've written you'll know I'm a bit of a fan of FEs / GFE, and I've got a bit of experience using them, so here would be my thoughts:

    1. When using FEs/GFEs/M-Ps as a 'battle group' (i.e. the intention is for them to stick together and work with each other to achieve what you are aiming for), it is the symbiosis of FEs and GFEs that gives it real kick. For high Def opponents, the FEs charge the front while the the GFE surge the flank to maximise the number of CS(4) hits. For low Def opponents, the GFE charges the front and the FEs surge the flank to increase the sheer number of hits. Running two GFEs would damage this ability as you will always just have 24 CS(4) attacks. I'm not saying that is bad, but it provides less flexibility to suit requirements.

    2. GFEs really, really need flank attacks to be useful - 8 attacks just don't do much. You'll hit 4 times per turn and cause 3 maybe 4 damage. A charge like that might, *might* worry a troop of enemy chaff. (Indeed, I've got experience of this a few hours ago when my GFE charged the front of a regiment of Vermintide, with my Sprites charging their flank, and took two turns to rout them!) Suddenly with 16, particularly against heavier armoured targets, you're getting somewhere. With one M-P and two GFEs you'll only have one flank per turn max, with the other only hitting the front.

    They are great units, and the lack of a waver value is brilliant. You'll no doubt be able to do well with a 2 x GFE, 1 x M-P setup, but I'd be sceptical about how well this would maximise the value of points spent. In friendly games that isn't so much a concern, but from watching / reading up on the tournament scene it seems that eking out the most you can from your points is a necessity. At the end of the day, run it for a few games, see how it goes, and write up your thoughts on here! Hopefully I am proved wrong!
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  3. Itepixcauh

    Itepixcauh Stranded Ghekkotah Staff Member

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    I think that running just two GFE with a M-P is a bit lacking, you are putting too many points on CS4 and they need flanks to be any good.

    I dont think I will trade 3 lekelidons and one clan lord for that combo. Anyway it depends on your playstyle and enemy. Please give it a go and tell us how it went.
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