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Index Glossary of Age of Sigmar Abbreviations and Forum Jargon

Discussion in 'Seraphon Discussion' started by Scalenex, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Here is a copy thread of the old Glossary adapted for Age of Sigmar. Again feel free to make suggestions for what to add or change be it as exciting as a new term or as minor as correcting one of Scalenex's many typos.

    A = Attacks

    All-comers List = An army list designed without knowledge of what armies or builds it will be facing off against. Most tournaments use all-comers lists.

    Anvil = An elite unit geared for defense with the primary purpose of holding an enemy unit in place to hit them with a Hammer.

    AoS = Age of Sigmar

    Bastie: Bastiladon.

    BCR: Beastclaw Raiders.

    BoC = Common abbreviation for Beasts of Chaos.

    BT or BTome = Battletome.

    Buff = Any spell or effect that makes another unit stronger.

    Buff Wagon = A unit that buffs all nearby friendly units. Most buff wagons are chariots though Buff Wagon can refer to Monsters as well.

    Carno: Carnosaur, with OB- or Scar- prefixes, depending on the rider.

    Chaff = Small units intended to run general interference, usually considered expendable.

    Can Opener = A character or unit intended to put the hurting on well armored foes.

    Cav = Cavalry. Usually used with a descriptor, Saurus Cav, Fast Cav, Monstrous Cav, etc

    CC =Close Combat

    CD = Common abbreviation for Chaos Dwarfs. Unclear whether they will receive new Age of Sigmar rules from Forge World or whether the Chaos Dwarf community will create an unofficial list. It's almost certain they are coming back.

    Chamo = Chameleon Skink

    Cheese = An army list or part of an army list that is considered very competitive. "Cheese" carries vague connotations of poor sportsmanship.

    Conga Line = A unit deployed in ranks only a single model wide (or less commonly two), generally stretching back noticeably though they can go sideways or even diagonal in Age of Sigmar.

    Conversion = A model made by cutting or altering parts parts of an existing model kit.

    CoR = Cold One Riders (also SCoR)

    Crumble = When a unit dies off in pieces from losing combat, now almost universally applied to all units in Age of Sigmar.

    Crunch = The game mechanics parts of a Warhammer book or army list. The opposite of Fluff.

    DE = Common abbreviation for Dark Elves

    DoC = Common abbreviation for Daemons of Chaos

    DOW = Referring to the Dogs of War army which Games Workshop dropped but kept alive with a widely accepted unofficial list. Unclear whether or not they will receive a new unofficial list for Age of Sigmar.

    DP = Daemon Prince, a powerful Lord option for Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos

    EOTG = Engine of the Gods

    ETC = A set of comp rules used frequently in Europe for official tournaments, it is currently unclear what their plan is for Age of Sigmar.

    FEC = Flesh Eater Courts.

    Filth = A a list or combo so cheesy it is widely considered unsportsman-like.

    Floorhammer = Playing a minis game without a table.

    Fluff = Army background and fiction stories. The opposite of Crunch.

    Fluffy = Adjective describing an army list or model collection built around fluff rather than competitiveness. Can also refer to a GW book that is mostly narrative with relatively few rules.

    Flying Circus = An army list composed of as many flying units as possible (not unique to LM).

    FW = Forge World, a company that makes premium models and books for Games Workshop. Generally high quality but expensive

    GloomG or Gitz: Gloomspite Gitz.

    GW = Games Workshop

    Hammer = An elite unit (usually infantry or cavalry) intended to do a substantial amount of an army’s killing. Often used with an Anvil

    HE = Common abbreviation for High Elves.

    Herohammer = Slang term for a Warhammer Fantasy game decided primarily by the fight between both side's characters. Commonly associated with editions before 8th edition or with End Times scenarios in 8th edition.

    House Rule = A change or alteration on official RAW agreed on by both/all players.

    IJ = Ironjawz.

    Kitbash = A model made by combining bits from different kits not normally designed to go together. Unlike a conversion, the pieces are rarely altered, just switched around.

    Krox = Kroxigors.

    LM = Common abbreviation for Lizardmen

    L-O = Abbreviation for Lustria-Online

    Meta, local = Local meta refers to tactics, armies, units, rules interpretations, and the like commonly favored in one's local gaming community.

    Metaplot = A fluff term for fluff events that affect the universe. The main driver of the metaplot for Warhammer both before and after Age of Sigmar is essentially "Order versus Chaos".

    Mathhammer = Using statistical averages and probability to derive an expected value of doing something in Warhammer. Who will win close combat, how many poisoned shots will it take to kill _____, what are your odds of a miscast with five dice, etc. If you see something like the Saurus Warriors will inflict 2.4 wounds per round and the enemy will inflict 3.6 wounds it's mathhammer at it's purest.

    Maz = Short form for Mazdamundi

    Mahrlect = Curse word that Lizardmen use among themselves. Bob and I hope this will catch on to wider use.

    Monster Mash = A Lizardmen army with as many dinosaurs as possible. Occasionally other armies can run Monster Mash lists with whatever large beasties they wield.

    NH = Nighthaunts.

    OB = Saurus Old Blood

    OG/O&G/ONG = Common abbreviations for Orcs and Goblins

    OK = Common abbreviation for Ogre Kingdoms

    Oldhammer = Playing an older edition of Warhammer than the current one. Not everyone considers 8th edition Oldhammer yet, but 7th and earlier are universally called Oldhammer.

    Ossy/Ossies = Ossiarch Bonereapers.

    Passive Buff = A buff effect that cannot be dispelled or blocked, as long as the unit which produces the buff remains alive.

    Proxy = Using models to stand in for another kind of model, the opposite of WYSIWYG

    RAI = Rules as Intended (using this phrase will usually start an argument)

    RAW = Rules as Written

    Redirector = A unit that is small and mobile (and usually expendable), intended to pull a much more dangerous unit out of position.

    Ripper = Ripperdactyl

    Ripper Chief = Skink Chief on a Ripperdactyl

    S = Strength

    Sally/Sallies = Salamander(s)

    SC = Special Character

    Scar Vet = Scar Veteran

    SCE/Sigmarines = Stormcast Eternals

    SCOR = Saurus Cold One Riders, generally used less often than "COR".

    Scratch Built = A model with no components from manufactured by miniature companies. Occasionally used to refer to conversions with few manufactured components, but this is properly called "mostly scratch".

    Solordon = Bastiladon with Solar Engine

    Splitterz = Bonesplitters.

    Swedish Comp = A set of rules for Swedish Tournaments with an viral popularity that spread far beyond Sweden's borders in 8th edition. People are curious what they are planning to do with Age of Sigmar.

    STANK = Empire Steam Tank

    Steg or Steggie = Stegadon

    Stegageddon as a specific Monster Mash made out of almost purely Steggies.

    Tactica = A forum thread focusing on a specific aspect of tactics for Warhammer Fantasy.

    Target Saturation = Strategy of taking multiple large dinosaurs, so the enemy artillery can't take out all of your heavy hitters such as cannons or rock lobbers.

    Tarpit = A large unit of non-elite infantry with deep ranks whose primary purpose is to tie up a stronger more expensive unit through the ability to maintain steadfast.

    Terras = Terradons.

    Tet = Tetto’eko, our beloved palanquin riding Heavens Skink

    Theoryhammer = Educated guesses on what constitutes optimal responses to various situations without playtesting it first.

    TG = Temple Guard, on other forums this is used for the Vampire Count's Terrorgheist

    TK = Common abbreviation for Tomb Kings

    Traditional Army = A default balanced Lizardmen/Seraphon army using a combined arms approach.

    Trogs = Troglodons

    Unit Filler = A model or small diorama used to stand in for normal troopers. Nearly always in the back ranks and usually on a bigger base than the normal trooper size. For instance, most 20 mm troop unit fillers are on 40 mm square bases and most 25 mm troop unit fillers use 50 mm square bases. Hard to use with Age of Sigmar rules.

    VC = Common abbreviation for Vampire Counts, now part of the Death faction

    W = Wounds

    WE = Common abbreviation for Wood Elves

    WHF = Warhammer Fantasy

    WoC = Common abbreviation for Warriors of Chaos

    WS = Weapon skill, sometimes Ward Save

    WYSIWYG = Pronounced Wizziewig. This stands for “what you see is what you get.” It means your models are equipped with what your army list gives them. The opposite of proxy.

    40K = Warhammer 40K
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  2. discomute

    discomute Well-Known Member

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    can we add serephon to this list?

    (sorry i couldnt help myself)
  3. StealthKnightSteg

    StealthKnightSteg Well-Known Member

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    fixed that for you :)
  4. discomute

    discomute Well-Known Member

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    At first I thought GW were knicks fans but then I remembered he was seraphin
  5. Christopher

    Christopher Well-Known Member

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    What do people mean when they use the term "meta" here?
  6. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Oh-oh, here we go! :D
    (there are several pages of discussion in tabletop forums concerning the term "meta").

    Here is my definition: The way it is mostly used it means "how the game is played in the community you take part in".
    It is shortened from "metagaming (environment)". Example:
    "My local meta has a lot of Tzeentch". It means that in the area you play (hence the "local" part) there are for some reason a lot of Tzeentch players. That might have several reasons, one of them of course being that Tzeentch armies are quite strong. That will influence your tactics, you will probably want to play lists that are good agaisnt Tzeentch (and suck against, say, Ironjawz) because you know that you will very likely meet lots of Tzeentch players and probably no Ironjawz at all.

    Metagaming means to take a look at the bigger picture, things that happen outside of the actual game you play on the table. That also means taking into account how the game mechanics work ("mortal wound spam" and "ward saves", terms related to the ruleset itself, are also an important part of metagaming.)

    So a definition could probably be "playing the system and the community, instead of only playing the game itself".
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  7. Lord-Marcus

    Lord-Marcus Sixth Spawning

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    OMG thank you for this!
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  8. Paradoxical Pacifism
    Skink Chief

    Paradoxical Pacifism Well-Known Member

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    lol, for tankers, HE = High Explosive :D
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  9. Cristhian MLR

    Cristhian MLR Well-Known Member

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    Can we add?:
    • SCE/Sigmarines: Stormcast Eternals.
    • Krox: Kroxigors.
    • Trogs: Troglodon (I encourage you this because the strong buff it just got).
    • Bastie: Bastiladon.
    • Stegageddon as a specific Monster Mash made out of almost purely Steggies.
    • Carno: Carnosaur, with OB- or Scar- prefixes, depending on the rider.
    • Terras for Terradons.
    • Since we have conflicts using "TG" with FEC players, how about calling them "SG" for "Saurus Guard"?
    • Oh, by the by, ad FEC: Fleash Eater Courts.
    • NH: Nighthaunts.
    • GG: Good game, as a sportmanish (is that correct? sorry, spanish is my mother language) way to thank and acknowledge your opponent/s for the game, either you won or lose.
    • GloomG or Gitz: Gloomspite Gitz.
    • IJ: Ironjawz.
    • Splitterz: Bonesplitters.
    • BCR: Beastclaw Raiders.
    • Ossy/Ossies: Ossiarch Bonereapers.
    • SC!: Start Collecting kits in general.
    • BT or BTome: Battletome.
  10. Aginor

    Aginor Fifth Spawning Staff Member

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    Also known as OBR
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  11. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    I belatedly added MOST of these.

    We have too many SCs already.

    That is something you should say to your opponent in person. People don't generally play actual games on this forums. Since it's verbal, we don't need to abbreviate it.

    Nope, they should adapt to us. We (and by we I mean Scalenex) are too used to TG for it to be anything else than Temple Guard. If abbreviations are ever too confusing, than it is necessary to dispense with abbreviations and write out the whole word.

    Also, as been pointed out by wise commentators, abbreviation is such a long word, what is up with that?
  12. regnirbthgin
    Jungle Swarm

    regnirbthgin New Member

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    Thanks for putting all of this together. It is very helpful for us new guys.
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