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Tutorial Glossary of Terms and Acronyms used with 8th edition

Discussion in 'Lizardmen & Saurian Ancients Discussion' started by Scalenex, May 10, 2014.

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    Decided the old glossary could use an update. This one is updated for 8th edition and in alphabetical order. Let me know via a reply or PM if you want me to add something or if I made a typo.

    A = Attacks

    All-comers List = An army list designed without knowledge of what armies or builds it will be facing off against. Most tournaments use all-comers lists.

    Anvil = An elite unit geared for defense with the primary purpose of holding an enemy unit in place to hit them with a Hammer.

    AoS = Age of Sigmar

    AP = Armor Piercing

    AS = Armor Save

    ASF = Always Strikes First

    ASL = Always Strikes Last

    Baby Steg = Special slot Stegadon (as opposed to the Ancient Stegadon)

    BoC = Common abbreviation for Beasts of Chaos.

    BP*= Blowpipe

    BRB = Big Red Book, aka the main rulebook. Note the BRB has the same basic rules as the
    smaller rule book on the same page number, the big book just as extra scenarios and fluffy stuff.

    BS = Ballistic skill

    BSB = Battle Standard Bearer

    Buff = Any spell or effect that makes another unit stronger.

    Buff Wagon = A unit that buffs all nearby friendly units. Most buff wagons are chariots though Buff Wagon can refer to Monsters as well.

    Bunker = A unit joined by a wizard or other support character. A bunker unit might be intended to take hits for the wizard and do little else or it can double as a Deathstar if the unit is large and potent enough.

    Bus = A unit of cavalry (or rarely Monstrous Cavalry) with a tooled up fighting character leading them. The character is expected to do most of the unit's killing and the unit is mostly there as a protection against magic and shooting.

    B2B = Base-to-base contact

    Chaff = Small units intended to run general interference, usually considered expendable.

    Caco Bomb = Strategy when a Daemons or Warriors of Chaos player takes a Level 4 Slaanesh caster just to cast the augmented version of Cacophonic Choir which obliterates several units at once.

    Caddy = A low level wizard primarily taken to carry an arcane item, usually a Dispel Scroll or similar item such as a Cube of Darkness.

    Can Opener = A character or unit intended to put the hurting on well armored foes.

    Cav = Cavalry. Usually used with a descriptor, Saurus Cav, Fast Cav, Monstrous Cav, etc

    CC =Close Combat

    CD = Common abbreviation for Chaos Dwarfs. An army that is officially playable if you buy
    the Forge World book Tamurkahn

    Chamo = Chameleon Skink

    Cheese = An army list or part of an army list that is considered very competitive. "Cheese" carries vague connotations of poor sportsmanship.

    Comet = Comet of Cassandora, what other comet would be talking about?

    Conga Line = A unit deployed in ranks only a single model wide (or less commonly two), generally stretching back noticeably.

    Conversion = A model made by cutting or altering parts directly.

    Core Tax = View that the 25% Core requirement is a burden. As in you have to pay your Core Tax but you shouldn't go much above it.

    Cowboy = A Saurus Scar Veteran or Oldblood on a Cold One. Frequently, but not always deployed solo.

    CoR = Cold One Riders (also SCoR)

    CR = Combat Resolution

    Crumble = The requirement that Vampire Counts or Tomb Kings make leadership tests to avoid taking wounds when they lose their general or hierophant respectively.

    Crunch = The game mechanics parts of a Warhammer book or army list. The opposite of Fluff.

    DD = Dispel Dice

    DE = Common abbreviation for Dark Elves

    Dart = a cheap unit of 5 or 6 models (usually warbeasts) fielded three wide deployed as a roadblock, warmachine hunter and/or assassin of infantry wizard. Usually referred to with component creature ("rat dart", "wolf dart", etc.)

    Death Star = A large elite infantry unit joined by potent characters intended to be strong on offense and defense. Often, but not always, including a powerful spellcaster.

    DoC = Common abbreviation for Daemons of Chaos

    DOW = Referring to the Dogs of War army which Games Workshop dropped but also has frequent use with a widely accepted unofficial list. Occasionally refers to mercenary units taken in Triumph and Treachery.

    DP = Daemon Prince, a powerful Lord option for Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos

    EOTG = Engine of the Gods

    ETC = A set of comp rules used frequently in Europe for official tournaments, sometimes for unofficial games. Most armies have their most powerful units limited.

    FC = Full Command (Standard Bearer, Musician, and Champion)

    Filth = Read the entry for "Cheese" then double everything.

    Floorhammer = Playing a minis game without a table.

    Fluff = Army background and fiction stories. The opposite of Crunch.

    Fluffy = Adjective describing an army list or model collection built around fluff rather than competitiveness. Can also refer to a GW book that is mostly narrative with relatively few rules.

    FLU* = Few Large Units, the opposite of MSU. FLU is so commonly used it's rarely referred to as such. It's considered a normal army.

    Flying Circus = An army list composed of as many flying units as possible (not unique to LM).

    FSOD = Flying Skink of Death/Doom, A Skink character (usually a priest) with the Cloak of
    Feathers). See Kroak Bomb. Also sometimes refers to Skink Chiefs on Terradons or RIpperdactyls.

    FW = Forge World, a company that makes premium models and books for Games Workshop. Generally high quality but expensive

    GW = Games Workshop, or great weapon depending on context

    Hammer = An elite unit (usually infantry or cavalry) intended to do a substantial amount of an army’s killing. Often used with an Anvil

    HA = Heavy Amour

    HE = Common abbreviation for High Elves.

    Herohammer = Slang term for a Warhammer Fantasy game decided primarily by the fight between both side's characters. Commonly associated with earlier editions.

    HW = Hand Weapon

    HWS or HW+S = Hand Weapon and Shield.

    I = Initiative

    IF = Irresistible Force triggering a miscast

    Javs* = Javelins

    Kitbash = A model made by combining bits from different kits not normally designed to go together.

    Kroak Bomb = The tactic of using a Skink Vassal with Lord Kroak, moving the Skink into the middle of the enemy lines and casting Kroak’s spell over and over again.

    LA = Light Armour

    Ld = Leadership

    LM = Common abbreviation for Lizardmen

    LoC = Legions of Chaos, End Times army allowing general to use Beasts of Chaos, Warriors of Chaos and/or Daemons of Chaos in one army.

    L-O = Abbreviation for Lustria-Online

    M = Movement value

    MA =Monstrous Arcanum. A Forge World book with new Scroll of Binding Monster options and scenario options (that happen to involve large Monsters).

    Mathhammer: Using statistical averages and probability to derive an expected value of doing something in Warhammer. Who will win close combat, how many poisoned shots will it take to kill _____, what are your odds of a miscast with five dice, etc. If you see something like the Saurus Warriors will inflict 2.4 wounds per round and the enemy will inflict 3.6 wounds it's mathhammer at it's purest.

    Maz = Short form for Mazdamundi

    Mahrlect = Curse word that Lizardmen use among themselves. Bob and I hope this will catch on to wider use.

    Monster Mash = A Lizardmen army with as many dinosaurs as possible. Occasionally other armies can run Monster Mash lists with whatever large beasties they wield.

    MSU = Many Small Units or Multiple Small Units, refers to an army building style.

    Naked character = A character without any magical items or upgrades, sometimes a "naked" character can have mundane weapon and shield upgrades.apart from things like armor and shield).

    Naked Unit = A unit with command models or upgrades of any kind. This term is rarely applied to units that don't have lots of options or very commonly options. No one calls Skink Skirmishers naked because they only have one option (unit champion) and it's fairly unpopular. Conversely, a unit of Chaos Warriors with no command, Marks or weapon upgrades will raise eyebrows.

    Nuke = A spell that inflicts lots of damage (or has a huge augmenting effect) but is generally hard to cast. Most nuke spells are the number 6 spot of their lore.

    OB = Saurus Old Blood

    OG/O&G/ONG = Common abbreviations for Orcs and Goblins

    OK = Common abbreviation for Ogre Kingdoms

    Oldhammer = Playing an older edition of Warhammer than the current one.

    Olladdin = Saurus Oldblood riding on an Arabyan Carpet.

    OTS = Other Trickster's Shard

    Passive Buff = A buff effect that cannot be dispelled or blocked, like the +1 Initiative bonus Solar Engines bestow to friendly units nearby.

    PD = Power Dice

    PF = Predatory Fighter

    Predatory Army = A Lizarden army where most of the units have Predatory Fighter

    Proxy = Using models to stand in for another kind of model, the opposite of WYSIWYG

    RAI = Rules as Intended (using this phrase will usually start an argument)

    RAW = Rules as Written

    Regadon = Usually refers to a Special slot taking Stegadon. Sometimes refers to a Stegadon without any upgrades.

    Redirector = A unit that is small and mobile (and usually expendable), intended to pull a much more dangerous unit out of position. For Lizardmen this usually refers to small Skink units.

    RIP = Remains in Play spells

    Ripper = Ripperdactyl

    Ripper Chief = Skink Chief on a Ripperdactyl

    Rubber Lance Syndrome* = When a cavalry unit whiffs their charge round with bad rolls.

    R&F* = Rank and File troops

    S = Strength

    Sally/Sallies = Salamander(s)

    SB = Standard Bearer

    SC = Special Character

    Scarnosaur = Scar Veteran on a Carnosaur

    Scar Vet = Scar Veteran

    SCoR* = Saurus Cold One Riders (also CoR)

    SCR* = Static Combat Resolution, combat resolution you get without killing anything.

    Scratch Built = A model with no components from manufactured by miniature companies. Occasionally used to refer to conversions with few manufactured components, but this is properly called "mostly scratch".

    Scream Attacks = Vampire Count army ranged attack that uses leadership instead of Toughness to determine wounds. Terrorgheists or less commonly banshees

    Siege Game: A game where one side is attacking a castle and the other one is defending it. The rules are in the (sadly) limited edition book Blood in the Badlands.

    Sig: Signature spell of a lore of magic.

    Skink Cloud = A Lizardmen army where most of the units have Skirmish.

    Skrox or Skroxigor = A mixed unit of Cohort Skinks and Kroxigor.

    Slann and Slaanesh = Slann are toad-like aesthetic wizards who rule the Lizardmen. Slaanesh is the sensation starved Chaos god. Slann has one “a” and two “n”s. Slaanesh has two “a”s and one “n.”

    Snack = An extra handler for a Salamander or Razordon.

    Snakes or Snake Eyes = Rolling a double 1 with two dice. Normally used in context of break tests. "They lost by a bunch but I rolled snakes, so they held." Note, even though it's not literally snake eyes, most LM players still call it snakes if we roll three dice for a leadership test and end up with two ones after removing the third die.

    Spam = (1) Strategy of using lots of low casting cost spells in lieu of a few powerful spells in order to make dispel decisions hard for the opponent (2) Strategy of taking several relatively weak units, usually with few if any upgrades. Skink Chief spam, Night Goblin spam, etc. (3) Unwanted off-topic threads or posts that solicit a product, usually but not always from computer programs. (4) an inexpensive processed meat product

    Solardon = A Bastiladon equipped with the Solar Engine. (The Ark of Sotek is used so seldom it does not have a shorthand form)

    SOM = Storm of Magic, a magic heavy and monster heavy supplement for 8th edition with new scenario rules

    SoC* = Storm of Chaos, a campaign book that has not been used in a while but is still referenced.

    Solo Slann = A Slann not joining a unit, often but not always with the ethereal upgrade.

    SS = Skaven Slaves. Games Workshop doesn’t like points values being listed on forums, so points are often listed in terms of Skaven Slaves. For example, one Kroxigor costs 25 ss.

    Swedish Comp = A set of rules for Swedish Tournaments with an viral popularity that focuses on addressing Games Workshop's numerous shortcomings with recent FAQs and takes a stab at army balance. Found here.

    Sword and Board = Hand Weapon and Shield

    SRB* = Small Red Book = the mini-rule book. Note the BRB has the same basic rules as the smaller rule book on the same page number, the big book just as extra scenarios and fluffy stuff.

    STANK = Empire Steam Tank

    Static Combat Resolution = combat resolution you get without killing anything (from ranks and banners, etc).

    Steg or Steggie = Stegadon

    T = Toughness

    Tactica = A forum thread focusing on a specific aspect of tactics for Warhammer Fantasy.

    Target Saturation = Strategy of taking multiple large dinosaurs, so the enemy artillery can't take out all of your heavy hitters such as cannons or rock lobbers.

    Tarpit = A large unit of non-elite infantry with deep ranks whose primary purpose is to tie up a stronger more expensive unit through the ability to maintain steadfast after taking heavy losses.

    Tet = Tetto’eko, our beloved palanquin riding Heavens Skink

    Terrie* = Terradon

    Theoryhammer = Educated guesses on what constitutes optimal responses to various situations without playtesting it first.

    TG = Temple Guard, on other forums this is used for the Vampire Count's Terrorgheist

    TK = Common abbreviation for Tomb Kings

    ToP = Talisman of Protection.

    Traditional Army = A default balanced Lizardmen army using a combined arms approach.

    T&T = Triumph and Treachery, a supplement for 8th edition with new rules for games of more than two player as well as the ability to add mercenary units.

    UD = Lore of Undeath, now available to most armies in the End Times rules set.

    Unit Filler = A model or small diorama used to stand in for normal troopers. Nearly always in the back ranks and usually on a bigger base than the normal trooper size. For instance, most 20 mm troop unit fillers are on 40 mm square bases and most 25 mm troop unit fillers use 50 mm square bases.

    UL = Undead Legions. End Times army made up of all units in the Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings books plus Morghasts and many special characters from the book Nagash.

    VC = Common abbreviation for Vampire Counts

    VP = Victory Point(s)

    W = Wounds

    WD Slann = A Slann with Wandering Deliberations

    WE = Common abbreviation for Wood Elves

    WHF = Warhammer Fantasy

    WoC = Common abbreviation for Warriors of Chaos

    Wraith Wall = Vampire Counts tactic of filling the front rank of a Core infantry unit mostly or entirely with ethereal characters.

    WS = Weapon skill, sometimes Ward Save

    WYSIWYG = Pronounced Wizziewig. This stands for “what you see is what you get.” It means your models are equipped with what your army list gives them. The opposite of proxy. Some tournaments and game environments require Wysiwyg, some do not.

    40K = Warhammer 40K

    An asterisk (*) means this term is rarely used any more.
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    Scarnosaur is a thing? :D


    May I be a nitpicker and say "Congaline" is worth a mention? :)
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    Yes you did.

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    If Phatmofo gets scarnosaur, we need "regadon" as well.
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    I was hoping that "Blastadon" would catch on... oh well. :D
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    I don't think it has, but I think Solardon has, thanks for reminding me.

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    I laughed so hard at this!!! :happy:

    Great list! I am a bit surprised that skrox didn't make the list though. You have Skroxigor listed, but I find skrox more commonly used.
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    Is Conga Line an actual, legal..thing? I thought all units had to be at least x5 wide...

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    The conga line is a real thing. Units need to be at least 5 models wide (3 wide for monstrous stuff) to receive a rank bonus and to claim/determine steadfast. Other than that, you are under absolutely no obligation to go 5 wide. You can make a unit as wide or as narrow as you want.
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    Well it was very easy to change the entry to say "Skrox or Skroxigor".

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