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Discussion Lizardmen/Seraphon in 40k

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Krai’kotak, Jun 30, 2020.

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    aye fellow defenders of the great plan how are you doing……….ok ok i know its a very old theme i know its been discused thousands of times but here is it AGAIN. lizardmen/seraphon in 40k theres been Lots and lots of people who did this before but i want to do it myself so if your free and don’thave nothing to do sit down and hear my story…. i have done little changes here and there to the original seraphon/lizardmen lore and this is only the first part of a long series of article dos of this same theme,feel Free to ask and give my your opinion

    Planet 555-678-123
    oficial name:batarion 8
    Planet Type:
    habitable / deathwolrd
    Minerals,vegetables and gases
    mainly reptiles
    partially colonized
    danger level:
    89% of 100%
    strategic value absolute

    —ooohh omnishia thank you for let me leave that Planet alivie,the savages those reptialian savages so many precious machines destroyed event the migthy baneblade fall to The jaws of that lizards how these can be posible the flesh is weak the machine is strong the flesh is weak the machine is strong.....—
    Extrac of the diary of techpriest valerius

    —-bzzzzt—....they .....are.............—-
    overwhelming us ....we lost—bzzttt— the comander is dead ...repeat—bzztt—mander is dead and 57 men *screams in the Back they are Everywhere they are....coming out of the trees—bzztt—.......no —bzzt—no no ..,,please ¡¡¡AAAAaaAaaaAAARGH!!!— end of the tranmsision
    Last Vox mesage of the 571th regiment of Tanks

    Seraphon prime thats its name a planet almost complete covered in jungles and swamps. with strange and mysterious piramids and edifications emerging from the trees with imposible tall towers and fallen monoliths rising in the horizon.The species that call this place home are nearly all reptiles the imperium wants this planet for two reasons fertile ground and gas,under the planet surface a maze of caves and tunels are flooded with a gas used to create fuel to the ships of the imperium that gas is created by a fungus,this fungus grows under ground and grows in the roots of the trees so yes the exterminatus is inviable if there is no trees, there is no fungus and without fungus there is no gas is more economic to constantly figth over the planet for the control of the extraction posts and refinery
    so each day hundreds of soldiers march into the jungle and each days hundreds of soldiers die under the claws fangs and weapons of the seraphon.

    Well that s all folks theres a lot of thing that i didn’t cover like ¿why the imperium donsen’t send the “big guys” like titans and space marines? and ¿where is the old ones? i will answer all that Stuff in my next posts well i will love to hear your tougths and opinions well thats all of my part.
    See ya in the forums

    PostScript:I am new to this ok i recently arriba to lustria,you know I just emerge from my spawnig pool have mercy on me guys. : )

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