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8th Ed. Merging Regiment of Renown with normal battles

Discussion in 'House Rules' started by Trociu, Aug 2, 2015.


What do you think about Regiment of Renown?


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  2. It is very good idea for quick fight

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  3. Meh, only when I don't have time for normal game of Warhammer

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  4. Every other skirmish game is better than that piece of doodoo

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  5. Could someone tell me what it is?

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  1. Trociu
    Chameleon Skink

    Trociu Active Member

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    I know everyone is busy with making new rules, reading new rules, hating new rules etc. but maybe someone will have time to say something about this idea:

    Me and my friends are making escalation campaing, from 500 to 2250 with 250p steps. We also want to try Regiment of Renown, and we thought that every battle should be preluded by this skirmish fights. But what if skirmish gave something to the winner? The idea is that at the beggining we put 4+2D6 terrain piecies, roll of to see who picks the table half (cause RoR is played on 4x4), the other one picks deployment zone. After RoR we have too much terrains, so we take of the table number of terrains equal to the bigger D6 of the 4+2D6 roll. That's were we will play our normal battle.

    The winner of skirmish can choose one thing. My ideas for now are:

    1. Winner can choose scenario, and decides who starts battle (before 1500p there is only battle line and the one with seizing standards),
    2. Winner decides which terrains will leave the table (still equal to the bigger D6). Probably we will play without magic terrains, at least till 1500p,
    3. Winner can make one of his core units bigger. The amount of points added is 5% of army cost (so 50p in 1000 points battle)
    4. Winner can give vanguard to one of his units.

    I want this bonuses to be balanced. I think that 5% to core unit is too small bonus, but when I think of 10% it looks like too much. Especially in 2000 point battles. What do you think? Do you have other ideas?
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  2. Bowser

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    We did a sort of campaign where you would build an army up and have a regiment of renown on the side if you rolled a skirmish battle. The bonuses for wins were buffs to your characters for next game (roll for them) and on a 6 you got an extra 150 points. Worked out pretty well. 150 points can be quite devastating if used correctly!
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