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Army Fluff Personal army fluff: Kragga-Tuk and Wolo

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Chico, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Hey all, a few forewords..
    So, back when I started on Age of Sigmar about a year ago, I decided to go with Seraphon.
    I had som units lying around from when I was younger and played Lizardmen back in WHFB.
    I quicly learned that in AoS, all but the slann had died, and everybody else was just solidified starlight created by his memories (well, sort of..).

    I had a hard time coming to terms with this lore, but I ultimately embraced it. What else could I do? :p

    So, I wrote som fluff for my army a while ago. I lost most "chapters", having it saved on a work PC that died, but I recently found the first part on a USB-stick. I decided to post it here, as I enjoy other peoples lore on Lustria-Online :)

    (It might not be very accurate lore-wise though, I'm not the biggest Warhammer nerd out there.)


    The Amazing Adventures of Kragga-Tuk and Wolo

    First Entry — Cinnamon Rolls and Filthy Rats!

    Lightning crackled and everything in the vicinity seemed to distort and swirl. With an audible snap and a flash of bluish light, it all ended as soon as it had begun. In the center of it all, a slann star-master had materialized. Huge and froglike, Kragga-Tuk sat upon his golden throne, a large floating disc. On his left armrest slept the miniscule skink Wolo, completely undisturbed by the fact that Kragga-Tuk had just shifted them to a new realm.

    The slann let out a weary sigh through his amphibious lips, and let his arms slump to his lap. It always taxed him so, travelling between the realms. Not that the magic needed was anything to speak of, but the waving of his arms and muttering of the incantations needed was just so very bothersome. Like all slanns, he was adept at magic on a level almost unmatched, but their physical prowess lacked severely. Preferring to sit on their thrones and contemplate the grand scheme of things, relying mostly on telepathy and telekinesis to complete mundane tasks, they rarely had to move at all. They controlled their thrones with their minds and could manifest seraphon armies from High Azyr, to do battle within a moments notice.

    Kragga-Tuks mind had a tendency to wander, though. First and foremost, his thoughts was reserved to the plan he and his fellow slanns had deviced, to end the tide of chaos overwhelming the world. But he was no mere mortal, he was a slann! As such, he had his thought divided on numerous things at once. For instance, a considerable chunk of his mind was focused on some cinnamon rolls he had tasted millennia before, back before chaos had destroyed the old world. He had come upon them in a human city he had helped take back from an undead army. He vividly remembered how he stumpled upon them. He had glided through the main street of the city of Miniash, after having killed...

    A sudden presence disturbed his thoughts. A vast quantity of lesser beings was nearby. He was on his way to destroy a beastman clan on the grassy planes of Fjorri, and he was not supposed to meet anyone on his way there. He recognized the presence as skavens. How he loathed those filthy rats! According to the slanns master plan, Vaa-Zok was supposed to handle the skavens of this world, engaging them underground at key strategic points. But even the most careful laid out plans, laid out by some of the most adept minds in existence, would have a few flaws her and there. Especially when dealing with the forces of chaos, that, as the name implies, relies on chaos to operate..

    Just over the next ridge, thousands of the filthy things was spilling from the rocky grounds. Judging by the smell, these specific vermin was of the Clan Pestilence. Kragga-Tuk let out another sigh. His right elbow was still sore from the recent, strenuous effort of shifting realms. There was no way around it though, and he lifted his arms above his head and started chanting. The constellations on the starry night above seemed to shimmer and realign in certain places, and with a blinding flash that illuminated the entire sky, an army of seraphons materialized within the blink of an eye. Small Skinks darted across the ground towards the enemy. Saurus warriors marched in rank and file, and riders atop cold-ones charged those stinking rats. The ground trembled and shook, as huge hulking Kroxigors trampled any terrain features between them and the enemy. Before the skaven even realized they were under attack, they were already swarmed.

    Kragge-Tuk kept his distance. He disliked participating in battles directly. He cast his presence closer to the battle, surmised that the brute force of his troops would suffice in defeating the skaven, and no further spellcasting would be necessary. To his left, Wolo the skink stirred in his sleep. Strictly speaking, having the skink at his side at all times was a waste of effort. He had summoned it a few years back, out of boredom, when he needed to retrieve something from the ground. He could have used telekinesis to pick it up, but at a whim, had decided to summon a skink instead. He felt that he rather enjoyed its presence, and found that he did not want to dismiss it again. As so, he named the creature Wolo, and kept it at his side for company.

    The battle raged on in the distance and Kragga-tuks mind wandered again. He had had quite a few run-ins with the skaven in his time. In fact, in the final days of the old world, before the forces of chaos destroyed what he and his kin had so valiantly fought to protect, he had actually been pitched in battle against skaven forces. The battle had been at a stalemate, neither side could gain any ground. Then, out of nowhere, the cliffs behind him had crumbled. The filthy, disgusting rats had managed to sneak behind him and caused a landslide. Within short order, his guards had been crushed by boulders, and he had to divert attention from the nearby battle, to avoid being struck himself. In the meantime, the skaven wizards took advantage of his distraction, and managed to gain the advantage against him, forcing him to withdraw in defeat. Those filthy, stinking, sneaky little fur balls!

    Kragga-Tuk smacked his lips in annoyance from the memory. His forces seemed to be victorious by now, with only small pockets of resistance remaining. Filthy, filthy rats! Joint-pains be damned, he lifted his arms again, waved them in intricate patterns, and muttered a series of incantations. The remaining seraphons was dismissed in a flash of light, returning to High Azyr among the stars. Moments later the ground started to tremble, then shake violently. An earthquake erupted beneath the skavens, dead bodies and the remaining forces alike, toppled into the ground as the earth shook and split. None of them would survive that carnage and any tunnels they had underground would have caved in. Satisfied with his work, he dropped his arms again, exhausted both physically and mentally by now. He started drifting away on his throne, back on his track towards the beastmen that was his original objective.

    He briefly wondered if it would be worth the trouble to conjure a few of those cinnamon rolls...

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