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Fiction Song of the Old Ones, my attempt at fake religious poetry

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by Scalenex, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. Scalenex

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    Song of the Old Ones

    Song of the Old Ones
    Slann Chapter

    Praise be the Old Ones and all they devise

    First of the First all hail the mighty Slann

    Mighty in Magic, powerful and wise

    Upon their minds rests the Old Ones’ Great Plan

    Earth, sea, flame, sky, over all they tower

    Cold blood and warm blood, all life shall serve

    Light, shadow, death yield high magic power

    All praises and honors the Slann deserve

    Five Spawnings will oversee the world sphere

    Eternally, they serve their divine roles

    Preserved in death, maintain their bodies here

    Great Rituals preserve their mighty souls

    Just below the Old Ones, the Slann stand tall

    Strong and wise, with dominion over all

    Song of the Old Ones
    Saurus Chapter

    Praise be the Old Ones and all that they spawn

    Praise be the Saurus second of the First

    Warring till all Anathema are gone

    Destroying the Old Foes, Fallen and cursed

    They serve as fang and talon of the Slann

    Hides and scale of their masters faithfully

    Safeguard the Wise Ones serving the Great Plan

    For the Slann they battle endlessly

    Age and sickness the Saurus will not know

    Only through battle may Saurus find death

    Each scar endured the Saurus shall grow

    Stronger and stronger till their final breath

    Strong for all First, they help all the others

    Standing strong with their spawning brothers

    Song of the Old Ones
    Skink Chapter

    Praise be the Old Ones and all that they make

    Praise be the Skinks, Third spawning of the First

    Tasks too small for Slann the Skinks undertake

    The First’s vital tasks between Skinks disbursed

    What Saurus cannot destroy, skinks shall waylay

    When Saurus rage grows too strong, Skinks restrain

    Through cunning and poison, foes they shall slay

    Outside of war, the cities they maintain

    From many spawnings the Skinks are amassed

    Workers, warriors, masters of the beast

    Each Skink spawned with his own preordained caste

    All serve the Great Plan both greatest and least

    Their vital tasks are many and varied

    Upon their backs, other First carried

    Song of the Old Ones
    Third Race

    Praise to the Old Ones and all that they birth

    Third of their creations, brave, strong, and stern

    Stone and metal they will work from the earth

    Metal talons and fangs might they can earn

    Runic power, mightiest of the Third

    Bind Chaos power in metal in stone

    Use of symbol, glyph, and powerful word

    Harness the power for Order alone

    The mountains and hills the Third will defend

    Like the mountains that sustain them they stand

    Anathema and Old Foes they shall rend

    Their strength and courage meets every demand

    Beware the Third Race’s greed; take them to task

    Should the Third’s reach exceed their grasp

    Song of the Old Ones
    Fifth Race

    Praise to the Old Ones and all they beget

    Their Fifth undertaking, sadly is crude

    Their incomplete state, the Old Ones regret

    Their drives are set for obtaining of food

    Almost giant size or small like a runt

    Food fuels their bodies, hunger fuels their deeds

    Achieving success, their methods are blunt

    Great resourcefulness, they meet all their needs

    The aura of Chaos, they shall resist

    Ultimate survivors when others fail

    Against all dangers the eaters persist

    Tenacity allows them to prevail

    Beware the Fifth Race’s hunger and lust

    They’re greedy and selfish, unworthy of trust
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  2. Scalenex

    Scalenex Keeper of the Indexes Staff Member

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    Well I'm not Bowser and I wrote this. I thought I gave it away with this. I was sketching a very rough draft for a long time. My goal was to come up with a stylized, rituatilized, but relatively simple description of how Skinks and Saurus are supposed to see themselves and the other Forces of Order, at least on paper.

    It was loosely based on Tolkien's poem that Treebeard sang about the Free people. I also toyed with basing the format on the Beatitudes to convey a religious aspect. Blessed are the Saurus...Blessed are the Skinks, but that would be an insult to the big JC. I don't have a problem with religious allegories in fiction. I like Aslan. The point of the Beatitudes was that they are counterintuitives. Blessed are the meek. Blessed are those who are persecuted. The Beatitudes challenged paradigms, and I'm not doing that. My poem is creating the Lizardmen's status quo, not challenging it.

    Then TD4 gave me this format and I opted to use it.

    Thank you to @thedarkfourth for the format advice. Thankyou to @pendrake and @spawning of Bob for proofreading assistance.

    I plan to tinker with this. I plan to write about Kroxigor, Elves, Humans, and Ogres/Halflings (the Eaters). I have at least a verse or two on everyone but the Eaters. Frankly, I think the Halflings and Ogres are very poorly written by GW writers and I wish they were not part of the setting.

    I haven't closed myself off to verses about topics other the races that compose the Forces of Order, but my ideas are less concrete.

    I also toyed with the idea of prefacing chapters of my fluff pieces with excerpts from the Song of the Old Ones if it can enhance the story.

    Anyone I'm open to suggestions and I will probably polish my poem in very slow increments.
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  3. pendrake
    Skink Priest

    pendrake Well-Known Member

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    In your epic: make the Ogres and Halflings the afterthoughts that they actually were. Just ignore the most recent official fluff.
  4. Killer Angel

    Killer Angel Prophet of the Stars Staff Member

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    Well, I have voted for your poem, so to me it works as it is. :D

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