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AoS Sue and the Seraphons! my first AoS short story!

Discussion in 'Fluff and Stories' started by samheim, Aug 20, 2019.

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    "Right you, bed time." Nil's put Falk in the comfortable bed, he made for him. Pulling the blanket Mrs Kurt had sewn for them.

    "Nil's, tell me the story, about the knight who faced the Orcs again."

    "Aye" Nil's, sensing he was all out of tears for one day agreed.

    "That was te, village, not three day march from ere. It were having these bad problems. Very bad problems. Orcs as big as the tree's ya saw
    in the woods today. They had been, stealin cow and pig. They been eating folk as well. "

    Nil's watched the mesmerised boy, as he continued.

    "So, the village, they sent a lad to Hamborgen, they did. And he say, bloody orcs been eating all our cows and pig!"

    The boy laughed at Nil's gruff expression.

    "Well then, Prince Eugene, he say, we gonna send some of our soldatens to see off the Orcs for you."

    "And so they sent, a great army. Aye it were great ti't was. It number five hundred men and dwarfs. And they march for three day, until they get to
    the bloody village."

    "Well, the village, it were burning ti't were. And all the folk were screaming. And, huge orcs were riding, great big smelly, hairy pig."

    The boy laughed again, at Nil's, as he made his digit fingers into some tusks.

    "So, what were we gonna do like? because they were about to eat some women and children, hiding in there house.

    Well, one of the knights. He broke the rules he did. And he ran into the battle on his own. He were, right hero. And he fight like a maniac.
    He had this great big hammer, and he swung it, bloody, left an right, up and down." Nil's animated the scene by swinging an imagery hammer.

    "And then one of the dwarfs, he say, look out mate, because he were great friends, with the knight. He knew his grand da too ya see. And the dwarf say,
    wait for me like. But the bloody, knight, he didn't care, he did." Nil's watched as the boy fell asleep, as he always did around this point.

    He continued the story, as if practising for the time, when he would have to tell the boy.

    "And then, the dirty orcs, had a great flying snake, and it grab the knight from his horse. Oh his mate the dwarf, had to watch, his oath to tha knights
    father be broken. The bloody snake thing tore out his back it did. Well the dwarf, he was so fookin angry, he took his hammer and smash that fookin
    coot's ed in, he did" spittle flew from Nil's mouth in rage.

    "An tha coon't riding it. The dwarf, he bash his fooking hammer to hard against its head, he brake it's andle he did."

    "Then the dwarf, he walk ova to the dyin knight, an he take his hand he did, he look into his eyes he did. And he say's to the knight, that was dead
    selfish of you, you dick head, you got a wee bairn. And the knight he look back at him, and he says, I'm sorry Nil's, I can't stand to go on, please take care of my son."

    "Well the dwarf, bein a soft coont that he is, took his boy, and raise him he did. Wasted a fortune in buyin bread for bloody ducks he did.

    You see, the boy, his ma, had died of consumption, she had. So the boy had no one else. Except the dwarf."

    Nil's said, as he looked over the sleeping boy.

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    Dear Mr Bergstorm,

    After reviewing your claim, we find you ineligible for claiming the bereavement pension, of Jonas Zimmerman. If you have any issue with this decision,
    please feel good, to write to us again. We take all your concerns seriously.

    signed, Gabriela

    Nils, laid the letter down, on the kitchen table. He stood up and went to his room in the small cottage.

    Falk, watched as he emerged a few moments later.

    "Da, you goin to tha mine today than?"

    "Nah son, I got a special duty to perform today. We gone ave to drop you off at Mrs Kurt's."


    "Yes, yes that's fine Nils, we love having him. What are you doing in town anyway?"

    "Aye, well ya know. Just some bit's and bob's really."

    Mrs Kurt, watched unconvinced, as the heavily armour clad dwarf, set off, in the direction of Hamborgen main.


    Nils's, stepped off the stage coach, and on to the cobbled square, of Hamborgen Central Coach Station. He began to make his way to the west station exit.

    He noted, the city had changed somewhat, since the last time he had been here, Some years ago. The city was full of humans, dwarfs and elves, going about their daily routines.

    In the distance, he could see, the tall spires of the city centre. He was not going that way today however. He walked on to Hafenstra├če, and followed the long street to it's duration.

    He finally arrived at Hamborgen Taxation and Redistribution's Office.

    There was a long queue, that lead from the offices steps, and down to the street below . Nils's walked straight towards the doors of the building.

    "Sir! you will need to take your place at the end of the queue." A ceremonial guardsman barked at Nils.

    "Look!, i'm on official business." Nils replied as he pushed his way through the line of people.

    "Very good, Sir, Make way for the dwarf!" Said one of the guards, noticing the crest on Nils's arm.


    "So which, one of you COONTS is Gabriela?"

    The noisy, overcrowded office, turned dead silent, as Nils brought his hammer over his head, and down on to the marble floor, smashing one of the tiles to pieces.

    "Se├▒or, you, have to leave now. This is a public office, property of the Prince of Hamborgen."

    "Guards, guards?"

    The middle aged dark haired woman, looked around desperately for the guards, who had seemed, to have all taken their pipe brake at the same time.

    "Its you then, ya fat stoopid bitch!" Nils said, wearing a spiteful face, as if spitting out the words.

    He walked over to her desk. She could only see his helmet from the visor upwards, bobbing up and down, on the other side of her desk, as the angry dwarf cursed.

    "Look, you have to calm down, or I not help you!" Gabriela said.

    "Calm down? calm down? you fookin, coont. How dare you tell me, to calm down? After you send this coontish letter to me, this morning. Aye, first
    thing in the fookin, morning. On ma fookin day oof. Ya, fat stoopid bitch."

    "Look, I don't make the rules, I just..."

    "No, but ya choose to work err, you fookin coont!" Nils shouted, angrily.

    "Plonk Snap Crash!" The wooden table that the woman had been sitting at, flew into tiny splinters, as Nils's hammer stuck it.

    "Vhat's the hell is going on in here!?" A pompously dressed man, emerged from a private office, towards the rear of the building, and walked towards where Gabriela had been sitting at her desk.

    "Look!, look at this fookin letter, this complete coont, sent me this morning!" Nils, handed over the letter to the office manager.

    "He called, me a fat! and a stoopid. And a coont as well!" Gabriela, said angrily.

    The office managers eyes, wondered over Nils's mighty hammer, the ruins glowing, a ghostly blue colour.

    "Vell, can't you see, you stupid vamen! you are a fat, stoopid coont!" The office manager, scolded his staff vigorously.

    "Aye, that's what I though too." Nil's agreed, nodding his head.

    "I am, zo sorry. You know, I never see this before, Mr Bergstorm. The stupid woman, is too stupid to know you are war hero of Hamborgen!"

    "Please come through to my office."


    "Oh Nil's! why didn't you ride him home!"

    Mrs Kurt, called out to the swaggering dwarf, who was leading a beautiful black stallion by some rope, tied around its neck.

    "Ya know, Mrs Kurt, dwarf'is and horses." Nils said sneezing.

    "Nils, what did you do in town today?"

    "Well, I had a letter, about young Falk's, da, burp, and there was a small error. So anyway I went up there, and I got to see the taxation officer for the entire district of Hamborgen South!"


    "Aye, he was really great bloke! I told him about, hows, I were, looking after young Falk. And he said. Well, let's say, he wrote some numbers on a piece of parchment."

    "Oh really?"

    "Ohhh aye! and I said, with this amount of money each month, I will be able to give, Jonas's son the best life he deserves.

    And then, to celebrate, he got these fancy, peach snaps drinks. And long thin fancy cigars. He even said, I didn't need to go to the office each month, to collect Jonas's pension. He gonna deliver it by courier, right to mi house!"

    "That's great news Nils!"

    "Aye!, he back dated it as well!, so I bought ma boy, his first horse!, aye, he is a great horse!, he stood outside the Tipsy Coo for hours. No problem at all! fantastic horse!"

    "Nils, I have make chicken and vegetables pie, with potatoes. Are you hungry?"

    The dwarf, raised an open hand in the air. "Mrs Kurt, legends have been committed to song, about your chicken and vegetables pie."

    "Nil's you flatter me."

    Mrs Kurt said, with a funny smile.
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