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8th Ed. The Great Library of Lunaxoatl: Lord Agragax’s Unofficial Army Book Index

Discussion in 'House Rules' started by Lord Agragax of Lunaxoatl, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Greetings Lizards,

    Welcome to my Library where in coming years I will attach PDF copies of all the unofficial army books I will come to produce (Hope this is OK @Scalenex ). This thread has been set up to keep track of all the Unoffical Army Books I will create and to allow all users to view them and enjoy them.

    Any of you can have a look at any of my army books and download copies if you wish, but I have to mention the rules of the Library:
    1. No selling copies of the PDFs or anything like that (I know you’re all good folk, but I have to warn you all the same). Firstly the lore and rules are my or GW’s work and secondly the images have been borrowed from Google images and belong to all sorts of other people. I’m using to create unofficial books for domestic use, so that is OK but it can never be commercial.
    2. GW will never let any of my works be used for tournament play I don’t expect because they are completely unofficial (although I don’t expect they do fantasy tournaments anymore anyway :(), and most likely other wargames clubs with stricter rules won’t allow them either - stick to using them in friendly play.
    3. For privacy reasons I will not be including my real name as an author of these works, so nobody is allowed to claim my stuff as their own. If anyone does, I will close the library permanently (although I don’t expect anyone will - we’re all friends here).
    4. All of my works aren’t the most amazing army books in the world - they were all created using Microsoft Word, my imagination and stuff on Google images, so please don’t criticise the appearance of my works. I’ve tried to make them as close to the real thing as possible.

    Other than that, you are free to browse and generally go where you will around this thread. Initially there will be no links because I haven’t yet completed any of my army books (they take ages to do) but I can list all those I have in current production and when they are finished I will provide links to them.

    Warhammer: Cult of Grimnir - The Slayers are at the forefront of this book as I provide rules for Slayer armies, something that hasn’t been seen in Dwarf collections since early 6th Edition with the rules for Karak Kadrin army selections. Within I have attempted to make Slayers much more viable than they have been in recent years, including making ordinary Slayers cheaper and including new units such as Magma Dragons, separate units of Giant Slayers, Doomseekers and Magma Dragon Hatchling packs.

    Warhammer: Cult of Sotek - I imagine this one will be especially popular on a Lizardmen forum. This book will be examining the little Skinks and their hulking Kroxigor cousins in greater detail than in Warhammer: Lizardmen, which supports Skink armies but doesn’t make them that viable. Within this tome I will not only improve the power of Skink armies but will also be bringing back lost units like Skink bowmen and the legendary Horned One Riders, along with formidable characters like Nakai the Wanderer and Itzi-Bitzi the Piranha Warrior!

    Warhammer: Tilea - Although many fantasy players like the idea of 16th Century Italian mercenaries, to me they appear to be a rubbish theme for a fully-fledged army. In this work I am changing the forces of the Tilean city states to become an army truly worthy of Warhammer, where I will be including soldiers and creatures based upon a new theme - a fantastical parody of the mighty Roman Empire, with disciplined Legionaries at the fore, supported by Scorpion batteries and cavalry formations and the more unusual, in the form of Cyclopes, Cerberi, human Centaurs and other previously unknown creatures. And nobody fear - I’m not going to do a Matt Ward and completely retcon GW’s Tilea lore - instead I am keeping the so-called Merchant Princes not as the rulers of the states but as petty gypsy leaders who believe they are the true rulers of Tilea (but aren’t) who are accompanied by wandering bands of sell-swords. They will be largely the same in style for those who wish to continue to use Warhammer: Dogs of War.

    Warhammer: Albion - One Matthias Eliasson has already written an Albion army book, but to me they looked too Scottish - I’m going to be bringing the Albionese into a more Celtic setting, based upon the warriors and faiths of the Ancient Britons rather than the Picts who occupied Scotland at the time (despite the claims of the Scots, the English are more Celtic than the Scots are). I plan Albion to be the second Warhammer force to be able to use units of chariots (after the almighty Tomb Kings of Nehekhara), along with fearsome warrior warbands led by noble tribal chieftains and the other mysterious inhabitants of their Misty isle.

    Warhammer: Sea Elves -

    Warhammer: Orcs and Goblins (Unofficial Update) - To coincide with the influx of new Greenskin miniatures released for the AoS ironjaw faction, I am compiling an update to the Orcs and Goblins book in the style of the free White Dwarf army book updates that should give Greenskin players more choice and more fearsome units, such as Black Orc Boar Boyz, Black Orc Brutes and Maw-Krushas.

    Warhammer: Skaven (8th Edition) - Being a Skaven player myself as well as Dwarfs and Lizardmen, I was disappointed when GW dropped Fantasy and didn’t give the ratmen a full-colour 8th book, so I’ll be giving the rats an update they deserve, combining the units released in the End Times with the units from the 7th Edition book and updating rules such as Magic Items and Magic Lores to suit the new 8th Edition.

    Warhammer: Cult of Smednir - I feel that the Kharadron Overlords would look great in fantasy, so I imagined them to be a cult of Dwarfs who principally worship Smednir, Dwarf God of the Forge, who especially revel in making the finest machines they can to bring ruin to the enemies of the Dwarfs, so Dwarf players everywhere will, I imagine, be pleased to see the long-awaited introduction of Airships and giant mechanical Dwarfs into the game.

    Warhammer: Swarms of the Hive Mind - Tyranids in Fantasy basically. Well, if Daemons can travel to the Warhammer World, I don’t see why Tyranids can’t. After all, they are one of the most fantastical of the 40K factions and would be one of the most likely to be able to visit the Warhammer world. Alternatively the Swarms could be an insectoid race related to Tyranids, perhaps a Tyranid swarm that remained dormant for many thousands of years after the Old Ones’ conquest of the Warhammer world. It will be very interesting to see them against Lizardmen or Daemons of Chaos in Fantasy, and also to model characters like the Swarmlord and Deathleaper.

    Warhammer: Bretonnia (8th Edition) -

    Keep watching this space as I will be updating with links to these and more unofficial army books in the Great Library!

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